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Shamanic practices in everyday life
by Marilyn Whitestar

SHAMANISM is probably the oldest religion in existence – or at least, one of the oldest.

When I first started following the ways officially it was not understood and the things I learned did not fit in with the spiritual circles.

For instance, soul retrieval was not something I could practice as it was never heard of outside shamanic circles so I could not become a practitioner in that field.  These days everyone is interested in working with the soul in some way or other.

There are a lot of so called Shamans around, but to be a true Shaman they would have to be born to do this work, learn all their lives from another Shaman to work with Spirit, walk in two worlds, learn the meaning and use of herbs and much more than any self proclaimed Shaman who came into the work later in life could ever learn.  To meet and work with the people you would have to travel to far away places. 

The ceremonies they perform, the healing they do, the calling in of spirit, are the nearest things to miracles. 

What we have to do is find a fine balance between the old ways and the new and do the best we can to live by these rules. They are quite simple, respect for Mother Earth and all life upon it, from human life down to the smallest insect and of course all plants.

Shamanic journeying is a very useful tool for accessing the different worlds  and also to enhance working with your Spirit guides.  Using your power animals in everyday life, it can also enhance your ability for working with trance if that is what you want to do.

A practical application of journeying is Shamanic Soul Retrieval in which the practitioner recovers soul parts for the person for whom they are journeying.  Sometimes these soul parts have been lost during their current life or it can be necessary to recover soul parts lost in past lives. 

These soul parts may have been lost through really traumatic events in this life, like being abused as a child, raped or in a bad car accident, or through other events that may seem to adults as minor happenings, such as being rejected by playmates at school, friends or family turning their backs, or not being heard when seeking help.

Soul loss in a person can make them feel incomplete although they may not know why. 

In these cases only someone who is trained can journey for the client and bring back the pieces of their soul that may be missing, allowing them to become a whole person again. 

Sometimes these changes can be amazing.  I was consulted by a lady who could not wear anything around her neck, so I went on a Shamanic journey for her to retrieve her soul parts.  I found that in a previous life she had been forced to wear a metal collar with a chain attached to it.  

I was able to bring back to her that part of her soul she had lost in those terrible circumstances and since I went on that journey for that person she is able to wear necklaces and now has many. 

The retrieval of a lost piece of a soul can change a person who is unhappy throughout their lives without realising why, and I could recall thousands of scenarios where a soul retrieval can change someone’s life.  Unlike past life regression, in which the client has to visit a past life, Shamanic journeying it is performed by the practitioner for the client.

This is just one of the benefits of Shamanic work and learning quick and easy ceremonies give you a structure and balance to work with that fits into your everyday lives but at the same time keeping you focused.

I am not a Shaman, but since learning about it, I do know that as I grew up I was doing certain things that have led me to this path.  It is the path of respecting all living things on this planet – the animal kingdom, Mother Earth, and to realise that there is life in all things. from the trees to the stones and rocks, which can all tell a story of their own.

Just remember that everything you do in this life results in some kind of chain reaction.  Pick up a large stone – think of all the living things that may live under that stone.  You are disturbing their lives and perhaps removing their shelter.  Because of your action will a snail be found by a bird?  Will its life then be ended?

I am not saying never pick up a stone, just think before you do so. Do I need to move that stone?  This is just one of many lessons I have learned following the ways of those who have gone before us.

I don’t think it is a bad way to live. 

Marilyn Taylor (Whitestar)

Healing power sounded out

Simon Heather tells SoulSeekers about the magnificent ways sound can help us

Most of us listen to music for relaxation but few people realise just how powerful sound and music can be for healing.  In ancient times, sound was used for healing body and mind.  Now scientific research is showing that sound and music may be an effective treatment for conditions as varied as heart disease, depression and stroke. 

Sound healing is the therapeutic use of sound and music for healing.  Sound healing offers the possibility of a drug free way of treating pain and illness.  Sound healing is simple to use and has no harmful side effects.
Sound healing involves vocal expression – toning, singing, chanting, laughing; using instruments such as crystal bowls, drums, gongs, Tibetan bowls or tuning forks.

Sound Healing Therapy is where a person receives a sound healing treatment from a sound healer.

It is possible to self-heal using sound healing exercises for self healing.  Music is used to relax, to reduce pain or assist before surgery.
Sound healing works through resonance, entrainment, harmonics and mathematical ratios. 

Modern science now supports the ancient belief that all matter comes from vibration or sound. Physicists have found that the physical world is made up of vibrating energy. Everything in creation has a resonant frequency.  An opera singer can break a wineglass because she matches her voice to the resonant frequency of the glass. 

Recent scientific research has identified specific sound frequencies, which relate to different parts of the body.  Therapeutic application of the appropriate sound frequencies can help disorders in those parts of the body.  We see the principal of resonance in action in modern medicine.  Hospital doctors now use ultra sound to break up kidney stones and gallstones. 

Sheila Whittaker a tutor with the College of Sound Healing reports:  "I had an interesting experience with a man who had been diagnosed with kidney stones.  I gave him a gong bath, after which the aching pain in his kidney area all but disappeared and he started to feel much better.  At his next hospital appointment for a scan, he was told that they could not find the stone which had previously been seen in his right kidney."

Entrainment is the synchronisation of organisms to an external rhythm, usually produced by other organisms with whom they interact socially.  For instance crickets will chirp in unison and fireflies will flash at the same time.  We all know how listening to dance music will get our foot tapping! 

Entrainment happens all around us, all the time.  It occurs biologically when women who spend a lot of time together find their menstrual cycles synchronising.  It occurs sociologically when people in the same cliques or communities or social groups dress and think similarly.  It happens mechanically when after a few days all of the pendulums of grandfather clocks in a clock shop swing together in unison, even if they started off unsynchronised.

It can be found on emotional levels too, such as when you walk into a room full of people who are laughing and your mood magically lifts to match theirs.  When people listen to certain music/sounds their brain frequencies will change to calmer states.

Musical entrainment is the process in which we share the emotions and feelings conveyed in the music.  Music can be a powerful tool in both positive and negative ways for the listener.

Music is one of the few experiences that can touch a person on all levels of consciousness.  It is a powerful sensory stimulus that can work simultaneously on the body, mind, and spirit.

Scientists say that music effects the brain in similar ways to drugs.  Brain researchers are finding that music, like language, stimulates many areas of the brain involved in other kinds of thinking.

All natural sounds contain harmonics.  If a guitar string is plucked, as in the illustration below, the string divides into 2, 3, 4, etc., equal-sized sections resonating at increasingly higher frequencies. Harmonics are also formed in vibrating air columns in wind instruments.  

When we listen to music rich in harmonics it has a healing effect on the body and mind.   When we hear a choir singing in a church or cathedral the high harmonics produced in these places with good acoustics has a powerful effect on our consciousness.  We feel uplifted and inspired.

Dr Tomatis, a French pioneer of sound healing, says that high frequency sounds actually charge up the brain giving us energy.  He used violin concertos by Bach and Vivaldi in his sound therapy. (Tomatis, A.A (1991) – The Conscious Ear).

All music is made up of mathematical ratios.  When two notes are played together the frequencies of these two notes produce a ratio.  For example if we play C and C an octave above this creates the ratio 1:2.  If we play C and G in the same octave above we get the ratio 2:3. 

These ratios are found in nature, in the human body and in the greater cosmos.  The proportions of the human body conform to the whole number ratios found in the harmonic series.  In a person 170cm tall, the navel will lie at a height of 102cm.  The two measurements form the ratio 5:3, corresponding to the musical interval of the sixth.

When the height of the whole body is compared to the distance from the person's feet to their nipple, this will form the ratio of 4:3, corresponding to the musical interval of the fourth.  When the height at the navel is compared to the distance from the navel to the top of the head this will create the 3:2 ratio, the fifth.  Chinese acupuncture uses these proportions to determine the location of acupuncture points of the human body.

According to a study carried out in Helsinki, Finland, listening to music for a few hours every day can boost recovery in the early stages following a stroke.   It is thought that music may directly stimulate recovery in damaged areas of the brain.  Another theory is that the positive emotions elicited by music may result in more efficient brain neuronal signalling. (The Brain, 2008; 131: 866–76).
Hospitals are now using harpists to calm patients on the operating table after research found that the instrument eased pain.  The sound and vibrations have also been shown to lower the heart rate, decrease blood pressure and combat heart disease. 

Research in the United States found that the sounds of the harp strings affect the body's nervous system. (Clinical Research Study into Harp Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients – International Harp Therapy Journal, Fall 2007 Issue).

Patients having chemotherapy experience less pain and discomfort when they listen to music during their treatment.  Patients at the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff are treated to live music with a professional harpist during their cancer treatments.  The soothing effects of the music have been shown to ease the side effects of chemotherapy.  (BBC News Thursday, 5 January 2006).

At the Department of Coronary Care at St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, music ranks high on the list of treatment for critical care patients.  Its relaxing properties enable patients to get well faster.  In a study of 59,000 patients 97% of them stated that music helped them to relax in the postoperative situation and during surgery with local anaesthesia.  "Half an hour of music produced the same effect as 10 milligrams of Valium," says Dr. Raymond Bahr, head of the coronary-care unit. (Arthur W. Harvey in Campbell, D. – ‘Music Physician for Times to Come’).

Professor Clive Holmes, from Southampton University, studied the effects of live music on dementia patients.  He says: "Suddenly they came alive; some hadn’t spoken for three years." (International Psychogeriatrics – Cambridge University Press – 2006).

Listening to music can reduce chronic pain by up to 21 per cent and depression by up to 25 per cent, according to a paper in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.  It can also make people feel more in control of their pain and less disabled by their condition.

"The people who took part in the music groups listened to music on a headset for an hour a day and everyone who took part, including the control group, kept a pain diary," explains nurse researcher Dr Sandra L Siedlecki from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio.  (The Effect of Music on Power, Pain, Depression and Disability – Journal of Advanced Nursing. 2005 Volume 54.5).

Sound Healing CDs are now widely used in Germany and Eastern Europe.  Patients report a reduction in headaches, better sleep patterns, improved memory and concentration.  Research found that sound healing increased the body’s production of beta-endorphin, a natural painkiller.  Web site –

A Sound healing treatment will generally involve the practitioner toning over the client's body.  The practitioner may also use musical instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, or tuning forks.  Most people feel deeply relaxed after a sound healing.  Sound healing treats the mind, body and spirit.  

The College of Sound Healing is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to promoting sound healing in the United Kingdom. The College runs training courses for people who wish to practice Sound healing. 

Most people who train with the College are already healers and therapists. College members work with children in schools, patients in hospitals and the dying in hospices. College members work with people with learning difficulties and people with severe mental and physical handicaps. Some members work with animals. For more information see the college web site – www.collegeofsoundhealing.co.uk

Simon Heather is an internationally known author, 
healer and workshop leader.  He is also the 
Principal of the College of Sound Healing.

Does your home feel good?

Terry Bowen introduces the good vibes of Feng Shui

Have you ever walked into a room, and it felt right, it felt good to be in that room?  Or have you ever walked into a room and found that you wanted to turn around and walk right back out again?  How do you feel about your own home? 
If you think about that question, the possibility could be that you don’t take much notice of how it feels – but maybe more on what it looks like.  In some cases you may be so used to how a room in your home feels, that you don’t notice whether it is working for you or not?

What do I mean working for you?  How can a room possibly work for you?  Well that is a good question, and it actually has a two word answer, Feng Shui!  Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of looking at the home and how it correlates to your life.  The actual translation of Feng Shui is 'Water – Air' but the Chinese were not talking about the two elements, they were actually talking about the 'seen' and the 'unseen'.  The 'seen' are the objects that you have in your room, and the 'unseen' is 'chi' or energy that comes into your home and moves around.  

When you have free flowing chi, and the energy is able to move around easily in your home, you will feel like things are moving and happening in your life.  However, if there isn't much room for energy to move around, then you may find yourself stuck or not able to move forward.

There are many schools of Feng Shui that have their own way of doing things – to enable you to live the life that you desire, or to bring the energy into certain areas of your life.  I trained in the Denise Linn School of Interior Alignment, which uses some of the traditional methods of Feng Shui, but also we use our intuition – and the method is called 'Instinctive Feng Shui'.  

Your life is different to that of your neighbour, and her life is different to her neighbour, and so some of the more traditional rules of Feng Shui cannot always apply, and you cannot always make the changes that the traditional rules dictate to you.  So in Instinctive Feng Shui, we would look at what changes you would like to make in your life, and how you can then make those changes in your home.

We use the Bagua, which is like a map that guides us to the nine different areas of life.  These are, Self Knowledge, Career, Helpful People and Travel, Children and Creativity, Relationships, Health and Spirituality, Family, Wealth and Fame.  I'm not talking about the celebrity type fame here, but more about how people see you in life!  

When I begin to work with the Bagua, I look at the whole home, and within Interior Alignment, the goal is to align your goals and intentions with that of your home.  It may be that at the moment, your life is out of balance and all you are doing is work, work and more work.  So we would begin to look at the career aspect of your home and what you have there, and what needs to be changed.  

Alternatively, if you are looking for a relationship and nothing has happened for a while, we would look at what is happening in that area of the home, and then begin to make adjustments and changes to assist you in that area.  

From my own personal experience, it works!  My life was great, but I was missing someone to share life with.  I have to admit, the relationship area was actually more like a junk area!  I was having some pretty rubbish dates and meeting no-one that I could see myself spending more time with.  

So I began to make small changes in the relationship area of my home.  I made it a more inviting area for me to sit and read, or to just be.  I put an armchair in place of my junk and added two pillows there that for me symbolised a couple.  It took a couple of months, and a couple more bad dates before someone special did come into my life, and we are still together!

So how can you make changes within your life now?  The first thing that I always recommend is to clear out the old, with some basic clutter clearing.  This means going through the areas of your home where you have a lot of stuff and clearing it.  Imagine this, if you were to walk into a room that was full of things that it made it difficult for you to step inside, how do you think the 'chi' or energy can make its way in to help you in life?  Clutter clearing is easy.  Start small, and pick one area of your home that you know you have wanted to clear out, but have not had the chance to.  

That is the first place you can start, or if you are not sure which area within your life you would like to change, then you can use the Bagua to give you an idea on where to start.  The home is rarely divided nicely into square boxes, but using the Bagua, we would find out first where you front door is.  It would be on one of the bottom three areas.  

Once you have found that, you can then begin to find the area of your life that you would like to enhance, and begin to clear out what you no longer need and watch how things begin to change in your life!

Terry Bowen is an Advanced Interior Alignment Practitioner based in London, and through the wonders of the internet can offer consolations online.  For more details and to connect with Terry, please visit www.terrybowen.co.uk

Spirit of Newquay

Last Christmas, his first Christmas in residence, brought many problems as well as delights for Dennis Colley as president and owner of 80a Tower Road, Newquay, which is used as Newquay Christian Spiritualist Centre and Healing Sanctuary.  He gives a short history of the building and its previous uses

As early as 1841 the building was used as a domestic dwelling.  There is then a 100 year gap which I would love to fill with information, which I will try to find but failing that any information or little pieces of information would be useful.
In 1946, rights were granted by Conveyance and were given by Horace P. Clements to Mr. W. J Rogers for land on the east side and rear of Tower Road in 1946 for a store and workshop for his building business.

Two years later, Mr Rogers applied for a mortgage with a view to enlarge the premises for his expanding business.  In 1950 planning permission was given for the erection of a first floor to the building to be used as an office for the business.

In 1953 the business was sold by Mr W. T. Rogers to Mr Charles E Christian for £3000.  The business lasted for another nine years and was known as Rogers and Christian Ltd, until in 1962 it went into liquidation.

The property was then bought by Victor E. Richford, William F. Truscott and Ada L. Rowes as a place of worship for Jehovah’s Witnesses, but a few months later it was decided to sell the hall and in 1983 it was bought by Mr Charles John Brabin.
The hall was then used as a ballet school by Miss P. M. Riley, but that lasted only a short time when later that year the use changed to a studio and garage and the first floor offices and meeting rooms into a flat.

In 1984 Mr Brabin decided to sell and the purchaser was Beatrice Rosina May Goodchild.  In 1985 permission was granted for use as a church and the first floor as a flat for the caretaker.  Permission was granted for the flat in association with the ground floor use as church, for Mrs Betty Goodchild, as she was known, to be living in the flat with her husband. 

I have been told that the first ever service in Newquay on a Thursday evening was taken by two mediums, Mrs Freda Lodden Norton and Mrs Pat Williams.  Mrs Myrna Trudgeon played the organ and her husband George donated the hymn books on behalf of Falmouth church for the service, although there were no chairs to sit upon, so one presumes the mediums got a standing ovation.
So until 2001 it was used as a Christian Spiritualist Church with Sunday services and Thursday for clairvoyance evenings.  Then, in that year, Betty Goodchild sold it to Mrs Josephine Grant and Mr Roy Crookson and the hall was successfully run as a church.  However, in 2006 Mr Crookson passed away when I think it was put on the market and sold to me in 2009.
In the next four years or so I will be trying to establish, with the aid of all interested parties and any help  offered, the centre as a beacon in the West Country, bringing mediums of the highest quality that Cornwall and Devon can offer, also interlacing the programme with the best of available mediums from other parts of the country.  Also it is my hope to maybe bring the church back into the hands of the congregation, as was intended on the conception of this centre.

My intention is to offer these visitors as comfortable accommodation as possible and to introduce these mediums into other centres, such as Falmouth, St Austell, Penzance, Camborne and other centres if required.  This will be established this coming year with all the centres mentioned booking the mediums available. 

One of my dreams is to see all the centres of Cornwall unite into a band of like-minded people all working for the love of Spirit.  After all we are not in competition but are a loving congregation serving our Maker in the only way we know how, with love, a very open mind and accepting heart.

If anyone reading this story has any further personal tales to tell or knows someone else who may be able to help please contact me so that the interesting accounts, no matter how insignificant you feel your memories are it, will all add to make a living picture of those early days and bringing yesterday into today.  

Dennis Colley

Is there anyone out there?

Angela Donovan gives us her insight into her meetings with beings from the fifth dimension

There is no doubt that we all have a deep-seated connection to the Universe, the Solar System and all that resonates within it.  It's everywhere and in every thing.  Yet time and time again when an individual soul-being chooses to enter into earth-life by taking on the physical form, it tends to forget the very essence of its previous existence, where it resided and where it came from, and indeed about all that had led it to the doorway to choose to enter and experience numerous physical lives here on earth.  

And for most this block on past memory is a safe-guard in order that they stay long enough to complete the experience of learning and not give up at the first hurdle and 'pop-off' at the very earliest opportunity!

Many reading this will have already journeyed a long way in numerous lives and be acknowledging the immense power that both resides out there and is accessible from within their heart centre. 

You begin to see just how much more there is to life when you affirm your readiness to consciously expand your awareness way beyond present constraints and restrictions.
So, when in a positive happy mood, give yourself a moment to sit quietly with no noise to disturb you, and then give thought to your wildest imaginings, those that transcend normal daily life – i.e. nothing emotional, material or physical. 

Once done, focus your thoughts on the vast network of vibrations surrounding you, together with all the waveforms and frequencies in their various shapes, colours and sounds. 
In the greater reality there is no space, time or distance to consider.   Everything pervades our surroundings, resonating and communicating back and forth constantly .... the effects are astounding as soon as you begin to tune-in and 'connect'. 

In the same way, when you have gone through the, in essence, very simple process to begin creating your own perfect world, it will stimulate and align the frequency in your body and bring it ever closer and closer in harmony.  And this is only the beginning, for progressively you will raise yourself onto your own perfect frequency to what some would call 'heightened awareness'. 

As this evolves you will most likely become more and more sensitive to denser or lower vibrations: they just won't suit you any more.

Then you will find yourself wanting to make adjustments in your lifestyle to accommodate this new sense of 'awareness'.  This can involve many things – diet, personal activities, friendships, the people you interact with, what you ultimately decide to do for a living, where you will live and so on, in order to furnish what you really want in your life.  

And all of it is extremely beneficial when you completely and wholeheartedly trust 'Self' in progressive, positive and greatly self-empowering ways.  Then you re-unite with the Universe itself, with your vibratory rate resonating in unison with the Earth's own frequency.

Planet Earth has always been recognised as female; a living breathing organism – her heart beats and she breathes. 
In many ancient studies she is deemed to have all of the major organs like a human body, and the universe is slowly being understood in the same way, with infinite light showering space.  

The last civilisation, possibly only 4,000 years ago, was highly advanced yet succeeded in causing its own demise.  But they left us what has now become (to my mind) vital information as to what happened, where they came from and where they returned to.  

In recent years I have had some exciting and extremely powerful communications from some of these Beings, certainly enough to know they are now residing on other planets in our solar system.  

And with their advanced technology of time-travelling vessels, they do indeed come back to earth and visit us!     

Everything on and in planet Earth resonates a field in unison with our universe.  It is all truly alive.  And there is a resonance which, when tapped, allows communication on various frequencies once the 'language' is recognised.  

earth_sYet thanks to a few controlling bodies this truth is restricted on a 'need to know' basis from the mass population of Earth. 
I say this because there is much use and abuse going on of the various waveforms, energy fields and frequencies in attempts to keep to the more 'human' desires for the ruling parties and its usage for what I call the 'dark rogue military'. 
These days scientists speak of 'multi-dimensions', 'wormholes', 'string theory' on the understanding that such things do exist, yet whilst they are experimenting and playing with methods to travel through space and make contact through these dimensions, very little is being shared openly in the public domain How does that expression go again – 'in the name of national security'!  

Maybe they imagine you'll think that if you are kept forever busy you can't see it then it doesn't exist?  As a client of mine, one who had the analytical mind of a scientist, said to me recently: "I am searching for evidence but have seen nothing that proves it to me."  

Ah, so when you view the sky in daylight do you see the stars?  Yet you know they're there, but you have to wait for a different time to be able to see them for yourself.  When, through 'inner-knowing' you already believe such things, you will summon the situation that will guarantee the experience. 

So let me briefly share some of my own knowledge through self-evidence.  There are indeed multi-dimensions, and as far as life, death, before- and after-life are concerned, we are 5th dimensional - rather like a 5-D layer cake.  

For there are seven layers or levels connected to our planet that exist on a high frequency, and there are the same number on a lower and denser frequency as well, in order to suit every stage of development for souls, thereby allowing us to exist with our own 'kind' – like for like.  

This permits us to come and go through many lives, re-cycling and re-incarnating but always linked to Earth, the physical existence and experience.  To me, in comparison with other planets, planet Earth is a dense heavy dimension, more akin to a prison matrix for the soul!  

Once a soul has chosen to come to earth, take on a human body and start the living process, there is no 'get-out-of-jail-free card' until the completion of all that was agreed beforehand – i.e. to experience and learn through numerous experiences and many lives.  

Then finally, when all has been completed, the whole journey of spiritual integration can take place – the attainment of total and complete fulfilment, contentment, compassion and the true acknowledgement of all things, infinite wisdom and boundless love.  

Yes, eventually we do reach 'oneness' with our Creator, with our soul's journey complete and back home.

I can also confirm that when you create the true desire and send out the message telepathically to communicate with other Beings in the universe, they do respond.  

And I do not mean responding to any selfish desires or 'prove it to me' attitudes either.  All you need is the sincerest wish to be of service for the highest and greatest good of all, and I have found they are delighted to respond.

This is your journey and you can either love, enjoy and experience it to the full or live through it in denial and lose out mentally and physically. Either way it is your choosing to carry on in existence at whatever level you decide.   

With my love



Centre remembers Arthur Conan Doyle

New home for the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists is named after Sherlock Homes writer and spiritual pioneer

The Spiritualists' National Union Trust (SNU Trust) announced at its AGM in July that it had purchased a prestigious Victorian Townhouse in Edinburgh as an investment property with the view to it being used as a centre for Spiritualist worship and study.
stair_s_Last month the SNU Trust was proud to announce that the centre will be run by a new Scottish Charity called 'The Palmerston Trust' and  will bear the name of an esteemed Scottish Spiritualist pioneer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre is currently undergoing extensive renovation work and due to open to the public very soon.  The centre will also become the new home of Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists. 

John Blackwood OSNU, Chairman of the SNU Trust, told SoulSeekers: "The opening of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre heralds an exciting time for Spiritualism in the UK and in particular in Scotland, which we hope all Spiritualists will take pride in and enjoy. 

"The SNU Trust is delighted to be investing in property that not only will offer a financial return on our investment but also be a unique Centre for Spiritualist worship and study."
David Bruton OSNU, President of the Spiritualists' National Union added: "The interest within society in things spiritual is heightened as people seek to explore their own spirituality in order to make sense of the challenges of modern living in the twenty first century.

"Spiritualism can provide the answers to so many questions and it is gratifying to see the movement expanding through the opening of the new Edinburgh Centre. 

"The Scottish capital makes a fitting location for what promises to be a first rate centre of learning, which will facilitate a greater understanding of Spiritualism and related subjects in Scotland and beyond. 

"I salute the foresight of the SNU Trust for investing in this new centre of excellence which will also make a fitting new home for The Edinburgh Association.  I am looking forward immensely to visiting the new centre in Edinburgh to dedicate the Church and be part of this exciting new beginning."
An Open Day was held on Saturday 29 October with lectures and tutorials.  

The day concluded with an evening demonstration of mediumship by Minister Janet Parker, Bill Thomson OSNU and Thelma Francis CSNU.

The centre's website, which is just being finalised, is at www.25palmerstonplace.com

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