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From Madam Jacqueline's postbag:

Dear Madam Jacqueline, Myself and my husband are considering adoption.  We have our first appointment this Tuesday.  Although very excited I am feeling really nervous and the age of 52 I wonder if we will be considered to old although I have cared for children through nursery work and child minding for the past 20 years so have plenty of experience with children, can you let me know if the process will be difficult, and if the outcome will be good or not. Susan

Dear Susan,  these are the cards drawn from the tarot to answer your question:- 9 of Wands, 10 of Swords, 6 of Swords, 4 of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles, King of Swords, The Devil.  9 Wands: 

This is something you have wanted to do for sometime but circumstances werenít right before.  10 Swords/6 Swords: Other people have also made you doubt you were doing the right thing. 4 Pentacles: The next four months are crucial and I feel you will be put through the vetting process.  3 Pentacles: The authorities see you have commitment and you have not entered this process lightly.  7 Pentacles: Youíre full of self-doubt about the process and if you will be able to cope with an adopted child.  Iím also getting a sense that fostering a child may be suggested to you.  2 Pentacles: This card indicates that fostering/adoption of older children maybe suggested rather than a baby.  10 Pentacles: Whether you adopt or foster a baby or child, the cards are saying you and your partner can make a real difference to the childís life.  Knight of Swords: Reaffirms you will make a difference to their lives.  The Devil:  This card is a timing card and is suggesting that by the end of year you are likely to have a child to foster/adopt.  Best wishes Susan.  Madam Jacqueline. 

Dear Madam Jacqueline, Iíve been internet dating for a couple of months now.  I donít feel I'm getting anywhere with it.  Men like me and I donít like them.  The ones I like donít reply to my messages.  Will I ever find a man for me on the dating site or am I wasting my time?  Julie

Cards dealt for you are the:- Ace of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles, 4 of Wands, 6 of Wands, King of Swords, 3 of Pentacles, Knight of Swords, The Devil, 7 of Pentacles, 7 of Wands, 3 of Wands, 5 of Cups.

Hello Julie, the Ace of Pentacles is showing me that the web site you are on didn't cost you any money to join and 10 of pentacles shows me the same applies to the men on this web site.  The 4 of wands says that although this isnít a bad thing in itself and there are a lot of lovely men on this web site, there are a few who are not who they say they are.  The 6 of wands and King of Swords say that wherever you meet men whether itís a club, bar or internet there are always going to be people you will not want to date and donít think that all the men on this site are not for you.

Through the 3 of pentacles I can see it can be hard work on a web site looking for that special guy as all you can go on is their profiles and some men will lie to make themselves look better and by the same token so do some women.  The Knight of Swords says you are becoming impatient to find a partner and The Devil tells me you feel you will never find the right man.  The 7 of pentacles) says there are some nice men on this site and the 7 of wands says to keep looking.

Also there is nothing to stop you from joining other internet dating sites and the 3 of wands tells you there are a lot of different web sites out there and maybe you need to check out what you are really looking for and join a more suitable site for you.

The 5 of cups is asking you a very important question - ĎAre you really ready to meet Mr Right?í  Are you holding on to past relationships, if so you need to let them go first and then Mr Right will come along.  Best wishes, Madam Jacqueline


Dear Madam Jacqueline, A friend of mine told me to join a certain dating website.  Iíve gone out with a few men as they asked me but I didnít fancy them in the first place and when I met them this confirmed it for me.  Iím frustrated and donít know what to do.  Sonia

Cards dealt for you are the:- The Lovers, Queen of Wands, Strength, The Hanged Man, The Empress, Death, The Queen of Cups, 4 of Wands, The Hermit, The Star, The World, King of Cups.

OK Sonia, first of all there are three strong willed ladies in these cards, The Queen of Wands, The Empress and The Queen of Cups coupled with Strength which shows me you are a very strong-willed lady indeed and you know what you want from a man and what you donít.  Youíre looking for a man who will be your lover, friend and has similar values to yourself.

So ask this question to yourself Ė ďWhy am I going out with men I am not interested in?Ē  If you met these guys away from the internet, you wouldnít give them a second look but you are going out with them because they have asked you out over the internet.

What you want and what youíre going out with are poles apart.  You donít need to be nasty, just say you feel you are not reading from the same page and wish them all the best and move on.

The World and King of Cups tells me the man you are looking for is on this web site but you need to stop going out with men who you really have no interest in.  Itís not fair on them as they think they have a chance with you and itís not fair on you as youíre not excited about meeting them and you know there is no future in it.  Hold back a bit and wait for the kind of guy you want to go out with to come along. Best wishes, Madam Jacqueline


Dear Madam Jacqueline, I'm in a real panic.  I have to produce a 5,000 word essay by January and I can't seem to get started.  Iím feeling overwhelmed and I can't concentrate.  Please help.  Jo

Cards dealt for you are the:- Justice, The King of Pentacles, 5 of Wands, 3 of Swords, 7 of Swords, 7 of Cups, 6 of Cups, 2 of Swords, 6 of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, The World and 10 of Wands.

Hello Jo, I feel this essay is something to do with law and that you are studying law.  The King of Pentacles tells me that although you really want to get on and pass this exam and you need to complete the essay to do this.  There seems to be some obstacles in your way and Iím getting the feeling this is around a man in your life.  The 5 of wands, 3 of swords and the 7 of swords are telling me there has been an argument between you and he has walked away from the relationship and really this is what is on your mind, shown by the 7 of cups, and this is stopping you from getting on with your essay.

The 6 of cups shows me you want him back but I do feel it was quite an argument between you two, shown by the 2 of swords, 6 of pentacles and Ace of Swords, and you are worried he won't come back.  The World is showing me you need to get in touch with this man and clear the air as the 10 of wands is saying this is whatís stopping you from sitting down and getting on with your work.

Once you have cleared the air with this man you will be able to sit down, study and write your essay.  Best of luck, Madam Jacqueline


Dear Madam Jacqueline, my business has become very slow even though it's coming up to Xmas.  Will it pick up soon?  April

Cards dealt for you are the:- The Tower, 9 of Pentacles, The Chariot, The Emperor, The Moon, Wheel of Fortune, Queen of Swords, 9 of Cups, 10 of Cups, The Hierophant, King of Pentacles, 5 of Wands.

Hello April, The Tower is showing me that you are very stressed out at the moment and all you can think about is the money not coming in and this is blocking money coming in.   The 9 of pentacles, The Chariot and The Emperor show me that you need to stop thinking about lack of money and customers and think outside the box.  The Moon shows if you carry on as you are you are in for a bumpy ride, shown by The Wheel of Fortune, and The Queen of Swords suggests you may have to give up your business.

Now for the good news.  Tthe 9 cups, 10 of cups, The Hierophant and King of Pentacles are all about turning your business around and you can do this.  Thinking slightly outside the box will help you.  I feel you sell candles, bath bombs and essential oils to name but a few products.  At Christmas women and men like to buy box sets.  This takes the hard work out of shopping for them.  Creating set boxes or baskets would be ideal for your business.  Package them as relaxing, spa treatment, energising etc. and put the scents together that work for these packages.

You can always put posters in your windows and ask friends and family if they would like to hold a party before Xmas.  Yes it will be hard work but the 5 of wands says it will get you over this blip in the road and keep your business going.

In the New Year I feel if you can carry on with the box sets idea and changing with the seasons will give you an edge.

Also youíll get returning customers who have used your products and want to buy more of them.  Good luck, Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I have just completed a teacher training course and Iím waiting for the results.  The course was great but the homework and tutor were a complete nightmare.  Will I pass and what grade will I get?  Wendy

Dear Wendy, I have consulted the tarot cards and this is the insight I have for you: The Star, The Moon, The Hierophant, The Lovers, 8 of Cups, 8 of Swords, The Emperor, 9 of Wands, 6 of Wands and Page of Cups.

The Star tells me this course has been a dream of yours for the past few years and it took a lot of courage on your part to finally take this course.  People around you werenít very positive and didnít think you could handle this course or be accepted on it.  This is shown by The Moon. They didnít think you were clever enough but that is their view not yours.

The Hierophant shows me you are a teacher of life anyway.  Youíre always giving out advice and information to everyone you meet and this course has given you the opportunity to bring all your knowledge together.  The Lovers shows working with other people is very much you and you enjoyed every moment of the course and working with the other students.  You have learnt a lot from this course and a lot about yourself and how others perceive you, good or bad.

Now, the 8 of Cups and the 8 of Swords are showing me the stress you talked about with the tutor who is represented by The Emperor.  Unfortunately this tutor undid a lot of the good work you had achieved while you were on this course and the 8 of Cups shows me you wanted to walk away from the course and not complete it as the tutor literally wrapped you up in knots, as seen in the 8 of Swords.

The 9 of Wands shows me your tutor made you question your abilities but the 6 of Wands says you completed the course even though there was all this uncertainty and confusion around you, showing what a strong character you are, even if you didn't feel very strong at the time.

The Page of Cups tells me you are uncertain of your results and youíre asking yourself why you bothered to take the course in the first place as it has given you more questions about your future than answers.

I then drew another card, the 9 of Pentacles, which tells me you will get an excellent grade for this teacher training course and people will start to see you in a different light (for the better).  You may not use the course in the way you originally thought of (teaching your subject matter) but the principles of the course will help you in your work and daily life much more than you realise. Madam Jacqueline


Dear Madam Jacqueline, I havenít dated for around a year now as I felt like I needed a rest from the dating scene but now I feel I want to start dating again.  I feel very nervous and Iím fed up with the same old same old Ė what does my love life look like?  Haley

Dear Haley, I have consulted the tarot cards and this is the insight I have for you.  The cards dealt for you are:  King of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, 9 of Wands, Temperance, Justice, 7 of Swords, 8 of Wands, 10 of Wands, The Chariot, and Judgment.

The King of Pentacles tells me that the last man you dated you thought was Ďthe oneí.  He seemed confident, real and laid back, but the Page of Pentacles shows he was very childish for his age and not a very responsible man at all.  Through the 9 of Wands you knew more or less after the first few dates that this man wasnít for you and he wasnít what you wanted but you hung in there and hoped he would change, but he got worse.  The Temperance card shows me your patience finally wore out around October last year and you walked away from this man, however, according to the 7 of Swords you didnít go quietly.  You told him a few home truths first which he really didn't like.  According to the 8 of Wands he really didnít expect you to do this; he thought he could carry on treating you in the same way for as long as the relationship suited him.  The 10 of Wands says you have from there taken charge and blocked any man from coming into your life.

The Chariot indicates you want to be more in control of the next relationship but you can never control another person, you canít stop them from being themselves.  Some are more aware of their actions than others and this time round youíre looking for a more like minded man.

Judgment is telling you to be more open in the first place of what you want in a relationship and not just what the man wants.  Your wants have got to match up for the two of you to have a chance of a happy relationship.

I drew an extra card, Death, but donít be worried about this card.  It simply means you must be yourself instead of trying to be someone the man will like and if you do this you will stand a much better chance of a real relationship.  Take this opportunity to be more honest about your feelings and what you want from a relationship and your life in general.  Madam Jacqueline 

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I want to move home next year and I would love to buy my own place as I rent at the moment.  Do you think I will be able to buy my own place as I have had enough of renting?  Pat

Dear Pat, I have consulted the tarot cards and this is the insight I have for you.  The cards dealt for you are:- Justice, The Hanged Man, Temperance, Judgment, The Star, 4 of Pentacles, 3 of Swords, King of Swords, Ace of Cups, The High Priestess.

The Justice card tells me you want more balance and calm in your life right now and renting seems to have you on edge all the time.  The Hanged Man tells me you have been waiting for some time, years I feel, to get the ball moving so to speak.  With the Temperance card I feel there has been a few times where it has been possible for you to buy your own property but for one reason or another it didnít quite work out for you.  Judgment and The Star cards say youíre more ready now to move and you are determined to make it this time.  The 4 of Pentacles indicates you need to get more money coming into your household first and foremost and you know how to do that already; itís just taking the first step.

Put the past behind you and look forward, says the 3 of Swords, donít think if only I had done this and this in the past.  You can and will do this, this time, according to the King of Swords, as long as you keep focused on your goals and your money.  You must be more in charge of your money and bills rather than the other way round. 

Next year, 2013, the Ace of Cups tells me, is the year for you to move and youíre going to love it, and the High Priestess indicates it will be somewhere peaceful and quiet but also not far from everything you need and want from a townís facilities.

The Chariot shot out of the pack while I was shuffling and this card is about taking control.  This house will not come to you; you have to go to it.  Start to clear your present property out, get rid of anything you do not wish to take with you.  Sort out your bills and debts, decide where you want to live and then you can calculate what sort of money you need to make this move (deposit, moving fees etc.).  Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I havenít spoken to a friend of mine for a year.  We had a bit of a failing out.  Now itís her daughterís 21st birthday and as godmother I feel I want to buy her a present.  How is this present going to be received?  Val

Dear Val, I have consulted the tarot cards and this is the insight I have for you.  The cards dealt for you are: The Queen of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, 5 of Pentacles, Queen of Wands, The Hierophant, 10 of Swords, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Cups, 4 of Swords and 6 of Cups.

Through the Queen of Pentacles, I feel you were good friends with this lady and helped each other out a lot in the past.  But the Ace of Wands tells me something happened between you that isnít necessary to discuss here but you know what caused the rift between you.  According to the 5 of Wands, you really didnít want to walk away from your friend and I get from The Queen of Wands and The Hierophant you tried several times to mend this rift but your friend feels more disappointed in you than you realise.  This is shown by the 10 of Swords.  The Knight of Pentacles tells me she introduced someone to you and feels she did you a big favour and you blew it.  The Page of Cups indicates she thinks you are in the wrong and the one to blame, but the 4 of Swords tells me her daughter isnít really interested in this rift at all and has been leading her own life and staying out of the politics between you.

Go ahead and give her the gift, says the 6 of Cups.  Donít punish her for something that has happened between you and her mother.  She will love the present you have in mind and will appreciate it.

The 8 of Swords fell out of the pack which tells me your friend wonít forgive you as she has been blinded by another personís opinion.  Send the gift and leave the mother to her own devices.  Madam Jacqueline


From Madam Jacqueline's previous postbags:

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I'm in debt up to my eye balls.  I hate to voice it but think I owe about £20,000.  My debts are under control and I'm paying them back on a monthly basis but at this rate it will take about 20 years!  Can you see any change for the better in this situation? Jackie

Dear Jackie, the cards I have dealt for you are:- Queen of cups, 5 of pentacles, Knight of wands, 5 of swords, Page of cups, 3 of cups, King of cups, 6 of cups, 8 of cups, 4 of pentacles, 9 of wands and Temperance.

The Queen of cups indicates you were in charge of your finances, but I feel several incidents came up for you and  the 5 of pentacles show circumstances beyond your control happened and you started to rob Peter to pay Paul.  The Knight of wands shows me that although this is what you were doing, you still felt you had some control over your money issues and that everything would work out in the end. The 5 of swords shows that there was a period of ill health and this made you really look at your finances, you reached crisis point, shown by the Page of cups, and you wondered how and when you would be able to get off this merry go round.  The 3 of cups tells me that as you recovered from your illness, you made plans for your future and how to pay back what you owed, and the King of cups and 6 of cups says you were confidence in your ideas and thought you would be able to pay back the money quicker but the 8 of cups says it hasn't quite worked out like that.  With the 4 of pentacles you're still in the same situation and progress is slow.  The 9 of wands tells me you are beginning to doubt yourself and your ability to pay off this large amount of debt.  You probably don't want to hear this but Temperance is asking you to be patient.  There will still be some juggling with money in the near future.  I have looked at the bottom card in this pack and it's the 7 of Pentacles which is showing me you have some brilliant ideas around making money and this card is telling you to go for it and money will start to come in shortly. - Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, six months ago I ended my relationship and now I have bumped into him, he wants us to try again.  In one way I would love to get back with him and give him a second chance and on the other hand, Iím not sure he really gets why I split up with him in the first place.  Please advise.  Joanna

Dear Joanna, these are the cards dealt for your reading:-  5 of cups, 10 of pentacles, 3 of wands, Queen of cups, 8 of wands, 3 of pentacles, 5 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, 4 of wands, 2 of pentacles, 10 of swords, 7 pentacles.

Looking at your overall spread, there are six cards with pentacles on them.  I feel that a lot of your problems were money related with this man.  The 5 of cups is showing me that you were badly let down by this man and to a certain extent you donít want to be hurt by him again.  The 10 of pentacles is an interesting card; there is a man and woman in the background which I feel is the two of you and in the forefront of this card is a man with two children.  The 3 of wands and the Queen of cups tell me that you felt excluded from his family and children and you were not integrated into all their lives.  The 8 of wands tells me that bumping into each other has taken both of you by surprise and the 3 of pentacles that he is trying to step up and show you he isn't the man you think he is.  The 5 of pentacles and the 8 of pentacles show me he is serious about your relationship and really would try hard to make you happy as the 4 of wands is showing me.  The 2 of pentacles and 10 of swords indicate that you are unsure of the relationship becoming serious as there are still issues around money and this will not be resolved for some time to come.  I feel he is careful with his money as he doesn't actually earn a great deal and although he would like to treat you more, he is embarrassed that he can't.  From the 7 of pentacles, the overall feeling I get from this reading is that on the whole you were a good match and it was mostly the money issue that concerned you and drove you apart.  He knows he will never be able to provide the standard of living you require and this is something you need to think about if you wish to have a long term relationship with him.   I feel you will earn the money in this relationship but it doesn't mean it can't work and you both need to sit down and have an honest discussion around money before deciding to give it another go. - Madam Jacqueline 

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I have just started a new job but my manager has already started to bully me.  She is trying to make me feel like I donít know the job at all.  I wouldnít have been taken on for this job if the owner of the company didnít think I was capable.  What can I do?  Joanne

Dear Joanne, the cards I have dealt for you are:- Wheel of Fortune, The Emperor, Ace of Wands, The Devil, The Magician, Ace of swords, Queen of Cups, The High Priestess, 9 of wands, 4 of pentacles, 6 of pentacles, 3 of cups.


The Wheel of Fortune shows you were excited to get this job.  Its like your dream job and the owner (The Emperor) was very happy to offer you this job.  The Ace of Wands tells me  this all happened very quickly and your manager has been taken aback by how quickly this process took and that you are very capable of doing the job.  The Devil represents your manager and that she feels jealous of you and very nervous about her own job.  The Magician tells me there is a lot more going on in this company behind the scenes that you are not aware of and was happening before you joined the company.  The Ace of swords and Queen of Cups show me you are a very strong lady and determined to be successful in any job you do, whereas the High Priestess says that you also use your intuition but can be sensitive to negative energy, which your manager is giving off at the moment.  The 9 of wands and the 4 of pentacles is your state of mind and whether you should leave this job before it gets any worse but the pentacles are saying to stay as in four months' time this situation with your manager will resolve itself.  The 6 of pentacles tells me your manager is her own worst enemy and I feel she may be made redundant and the 3 of cups confirms that in four months' time, you will be much happier in this company and even a promotion is in the offering.  - Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, about three months ago I saw my boyfriend walking down the street with his two kids and he ignored me.  I knew he had two children but I hadnít been introduced to them.  He didnít acknowledge me and he didnít call or text me later that day.  I was so angry and upset that three days later I wrote him a letter expressing my feelings about this situation and my feelings in general about our relationship.  He has not contacted me since.  I wrote him a text to hold out an olive branch but he hasnít made any effort to get in touch with me.  What should I do, is there any hope of him contacting me?  Amber

Dear Amber, after consulting the tarot, these are the cards dealt for your reading:-  7 of swords, 2 of swords, 8 of swords, Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, 6 of pentacles, 10 of swords, Page of Pentacles, 6 of swords, The World, The High Priestess, 3 of pentacles.


The first three cards are all swords (7, 2 and 8 of swords) and this is telling me this meeting was completely unexpected by both of you and I feel neither of you knew how to react to each other.  You felt hurt by his actions and he was unsure of what to say or do and therefore he did nothing.  I feel from the (8 of swords) he wasnít sure what your reaction would be after this event and how a text/call would be received and therefore he did nothing.  The Queen of Pentacles shows me he was waiting for you to contact him but he didnít expect such a strong reaction from you.  The Queen of Cups informs me you reacted very badly to this situation as you felt upset and angry being ignored and the letter you sent was totally out of the blue to him and out of character for you in his eyes.  The 6 of pentacles shows me he didnít have a clue how you felt before this incident and that really you were not happy in the relationship and never expressed your feelings to him.  With the 10 of swords, your boyfriend feels totally stabbed in the back by you and can't understand your reactions especially as I feel there was a lot more in the letter that this particular incident.  The Page of Pentacles tells me this man is so shocked by your anger and hurt that he hasnít replied to you even when you texted and held out an olive branch to him.  He is quite a sensitive man and doesnít know if he can handle what he sees as an outburst.  The 6 of swords says he isnít very good with emotions in general, he suppresses his own and he doesnít know how to handle anyone elseís, especially women.  The World is saying you need to make a new start for yourself and look forward and not backwards.  He wasnít ready to settle down with you although The High Priestess shows me he thought a lot of you but felt he wasnít in your league and would have found it very hard to keep up with you (3 of pentacles).  To complete this reading I have drawn an extra card which is the (7 of wands), this man has a lot of issues to sort out within himself and once he has dealt with these, he may try and get in contact with you but you will have to stay open minded to what he says.  In the mean time, this is a good year for you 2012 and the cards are saying to concentrate on your projects and yourself this year.  - Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I would love to get married and have children now I'm in my 30's but my former boyfriends have all told me, Iím too selfish and I want everything my own way, which is be fair is probably true.  How can I change, so I have a fulfilling relationship and marriage.  Lesley

Dear Lesley, the cards dealt for you are:- 4 of pentacles, 3 of cups, 3 of pentacles, 8 of cups, The High Priestess, 9 of wands, The Magician, 2 of pentacles, 10 of wands, 8 of swords, the Empress, 9 of pentacles.


My first impression with these cards, is that money (seen in the 4 of pentacles) seems to be the main issue here and that you are worried a man will take your money and your home from you and therefore you like to control the relationship so he doesnít get his hands on your money. The 3 of cups tells me as long as you are in control you are happy in a relationship but the 3 of pentacles says you are hard work and men find it hard to relax and enjoy your company.  The 8 of cups shows the men walking away from you as they feel you do not trust them.  The High Priestess tells me you know what you are doing and the 9 of wands you donít know how to change your behaviour.  The Magician is telling you that this issue you have, can be resolved and it is in your hands alone.  The 2 of pentacles says you are going to have to start to trust men and not all men are after you for your money, they like you for yourself.  Although you are a confident person, I feel when it comes to the affairs of the heart, you donít feel so confident and it would be a good idea to look at this further, with a practitioner who could help you remove these blocks such as Emotional Code, Tapping or Theta to name a few.  The 10 of wands tells me that by thinking you only attract men who want you for your money, by the law of attraction, that is what you will attract into your life and the 8 of swords says you donít see past this issue and I feel you are very protective over your money and property.  By the Empress and 9 of pentacles I feel you have worked very hard for your money and home but there are ways of protecting these if you wish someone to move in with you or get married.  I would advise you to speak to a solicitor to give you the correct information of what someone would be entitled too, prenups before marriage or moving in, to put your mind at rest.  - Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, please can you give me some insight into a relationship issue I have?  I have been seeing someone for four months now but he doesnít seem to contact me very much any more.  I want a more committed relationship with him but he seems distant and I donít know where I stand.  Should I carry on as I am and see what happens or should I just leave him?  Please help.  Sally 

Dear Sally, I have consulted the tarot cards and this is the insight I have for you.  The cards dealt for you are the Ace of Cups, The Empress, 8 of Swords, The Hierophant, The Hanged Man, 5 of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups, 9 of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands.


The Ace of Cups and The Empress are telling me that you are looking for true love and you would really like this man to be the one for you.  I feel you both have a lot in common and get on very well with each other and then he began to withdrawn from you and the 8 of Swords is telling me you now; as you have stated in your letter Ė you donít know really if you are coming or going as you donít hear from him as much as you did.  The Hierophant is drawing my attention to this man and that the last relationship he was involved in affected him very much.  He doesnít have much trust in women any more as I feel there was a third party involved and the women had an affair which broke up the relationship (5 Pentacles, Queen of Cups).  Now although I can see he enjoys your company and would like to commit more to this relationship, at the moment he cant.  He wants to take things one step at a time and make sure he can trust you.  I feel it will take around 9 months (9 Pentacles) for him to completely trust you and be able to make the commitment to the relationship, in the meantime it is your choice (7 Cups) whether you wish to hang around and wait (4 Pentacles, The Hanged Man) for him or you may not, but this has to be your choice and no one else can decide for you.  The last two cards, Ace of Wands tells me, he will be in touch with you soon and the Ace of Cups tells me that if you take the relationship one step at a time and give him time, he will be a good match for you, he is a descent man and he will be able to make the commitment you desire.  - Madam Jacqueline


Dear Madam Jacqueline, my family are driving me mad.  They seem to interfere with my life all the time.  No one I go out with is good enough and they always want to meet them and then put them off me.  They accuse them all of wanting me for my money and that they donít really love me.  I feel they are ruining my love life and I donít want to date any more.  Iím I going to end up a lonely old maid?  Ruth

Dear Ruth, the cards I have dealt for you are as follows:- 8 of Wands, 9 of Cups, 6 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, The Hierophant, 3 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands, Knight of Wands, Knight of Swords, 9 of Cups.


The cards are telling me (8 of Wands and 9 of Cups) that your family are concerned about your welfare and they want to make sure that you make the right choice and do not marry someone who wants you for your money (6 of Pentacles).  They are aware you are easily blinded by love (2 of Swords) and will marry someone (The Hierophant) who really is after you for your money rather than love.  I feel you are considerably wealthy and will be coming into a great deal more money from a family inheritance shortly (3 and 9 of Pentacles).  The (Ace of Cups and Ace of Wands) are telling me that there will be love coming your way shortly, in fact there will be two suitors (Knight of Wands and Knight of Swords), both have completely different personalties but both would be suitable for you and you have the choice to which one to go out with.  I would also add that until you get to know these men a bit better, it is best not to tell them or show them how wealthy you are, and to keep the relationships under your hat where your family are concerned until you have decided who you like and that they are interested in you and not your money.  (9 of Cups) shows me that by holding back on this information while you are getting to know these men, that you can have love in your life and be happy.  - Madam Jacqueline


Dear Madam Jacqueline, I have just come back from signing on at the job centre and feel so depressed.  I want to start up my own business but do not know where to turn.  I asked the staff at the job centre if they could help me, but I just feel more frustrated now as their advice wasnít very encouraging.  I donít want to keep signing on and having no money, what does my future hold for me? Susan

Dear Susan, the cards dealt for you are as follows:- The Magician, Page of Pentacles, 5 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, The World, 7 of Cups, The Hanged Man, 6 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune, 9 of Pentacles.


The Magician is telling me Susan that you already have an idea for a business and the Page of Pentacles says although you have this idea, you donít know where or how to get it moving forward into the right direction.  And I can see from the 5 of Swords that you are very frustrated with the job centre as they havenít been very encouraging.  The 7 of Pentacles and the Knight of Cups is saying to you not to be discouraged and to start looking for people who can help you in your new business venture.  The World is saying that there is so much information out there for new businesses and here are some suggestions, before you go any further, you need to sit down and write down exactly what you want to do,  costings and materials, and where you are going to place yourself in the market and where you are going to work from.  There are many networking events out there and I urge you to check them out on the internet for your area, they can be a good source of information, you will also  find people who can assist you with book keeping, web sites etc. and possibly bring in business for you.  Banks are very encouraging to new business ventures and it would be worth talking to your bank about your business.  Local libraryís normally have information as well and some local authorises have organisations that put on free seminars for setting up your own business.  The (7 of Cups and The Hanged Man) are letting you know to find out as much information as you can, so you can then make the right choices for you and your business and that this is the time for you to start moving forward with your ideas.  (6 of Pentacles and the Knight of Pentacles) Yes money is going to be an issue for you to begin with but there is also a lot of free help and advice out there especially on the internet.  Depending on what your business is and I feel it is a complimentary therapy, you could exchange your services for maybe another person expertise (web design) based on a barter system, where no money is exchanged.  The Wheel of Fortune and the 9 of Pentacles says you can really make a go of this venture if you put your mind to it and to stay focused on your goal.  I wish you the best of luck in your business.  - Madam Jacqueline

Here we look back at Madam Jacquelineís post bag and have included replies from her readers.

November 2011

Dear Madam Jacqueline, please can you give me some insight into a relationship issue I have?  I have been seeing someone for four months now but he doesnít seem to contact me very much any more.  I want a more committed relationship with him but he seems distant and I donít know where I stand.  Should I carry on as I am and see what happens or should I just leave him?  Please help. Sally

Dear Sally, the Ace of Cups and The Empress are telling me that you are looking for true love and you would really like this man to be the one for you.  I feel you both have a lot in common and get on very well with each other and then he began to withdraw from you and the 8 of Swords is telling me that now, as you have stated in your letter, you donít know really if you are coming or going as you donít hear from him as much as you did.  The Hierophant is drawing my attention to this man and that the last relationship he was involved in affected him very much.  He doesnít have much trust in women any more as I feel there was a third party involved and the woman had an affair which broke up the relationship (5 Pentacles, Queen of Cups).  Now although I can see he enjoys your company and would like to commit more to this relationship, at the moment he canít.  He wants to take things one step at a time and make sure he can trust you.  I feel it will take around 9 months (9 Pentacles) for him to completely trust you and be able to make the commitment to the relationship.  In the meantime it is your choice (7 Cups) whether you wish to hang around and wait (4 Pentacles, The Hanged Man) for him or you may not, but this has to be your choice and no one else can decide for you.  The last two cards, Ace of Wands and the Ace of Cups tell me he will be in touch with you soon and if you take the relationship one step at a time and give him time, he will be a good match for you.  He is a decent man and he will be able to make the commitment you desire. - Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, thank you so much for your reply to my letter.  Since I wrote to you, my boyfriend has indeed contacted me and opened up more about his last relationship and the woman did cheat on him.  I decided to give him the space he required and I have noticed over a period of months.  He contacts me more and wants to see me and I'm really enjoying seeing him.  Thank you for your guidance as I feel I would have left him last year and giving him a chance has been worth it.  Thank you.  Sally.

January 2012

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I havenít been able to work for the last four years due to illness but now Iím feeling much better and want to get back into a work environment.  However, Iím nervous and have lost my confidence plus what do I tell employers when they ask about why I havenít worked for so long? Jake

Dear Jake, the 4 of pentacles is confirming it has been a hard four years for you and your health (2 of pentacles) has been a roller coaster of a ride.  The Hanged Man and The Moon is to do with your thoughts and feeling of hopelessness of never recovering from your illness.  The Devil is a timing card and it's saying it's time in 2012 to get back to work and although it may seem an impossible task, you will be able to work again. The Hermit and Judgement shows you have a lot of work experience from the past and although you have lost your confidence, your skills are highly valued in the work place.  A refresher course would be a good way of brushing up your skills and getting your confidence back by mixing with other people, as Iím feeling you have isolated yourself due to your illness.  8 of cups and Wheel of Fortune are about letting go of the past and accepting what happened to you as part of your lifeís path.  You are through the worst and itís time to get out in the world again.  Socialising with friends and family will also boost your confidence.  8 of Swords, The High Priestess and the Magician are telling you to find a part time job to begin with to build up your strength and confidence in the work place.  You will know in yourself when you are ready to take on a full time position but donít push yourself too hard.  Remember you havenít worked for four years and the body will need time to adjust to working again.  There is a job out there waiting for you and you have all the skills they are looking for.  Iím feeling you work in IT and a small company would be glad to have you on board and by being honest about your illness and saying you have fully recovered now, the company will be only too happy to take you on, and I feel this company will be the one to take you on full time when you are ready.Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, wow, your reading really encouraged me to realise even though I have been ill I can work again and my skills are valued.  I saw a course at my local college which I have enrolled on and Iím enjoying getting out and meeting new people.  I'm updating my IT skills and feeling much more confident in myself.  The college also assists people to get back into the working environment and has contacts with local companies.  My course is coming to an end soon and the college feels they can help me to find work. Jake


March 2012

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I have been writing a book for the last four years and Iím now becoming extremely frustrated with it.  I thought I had finished it and I sent the book off to various publishers and agents but all of them have turned me down.  Iím rehashing the book to make it more interesting and adding illustrations but I feel completely overwhelmed and feel I will never finish this book or get it out there for the public to read.  Andrew

Dear Andrew, there are six cards with swords on them and I do feel this has caused you a lot of stress and frustration in the last three years. The ten of cups tells me you were happy to finish the book and although you were a bit anxious to send this to the publishers, the Page of Pentacles shows me you looked at the bigger picture and how this book would help other people as well as yourself and sent the book off anyway.  The 8 of swords and the 5 of swords tell me that although you know this is a worthy book, the publishers kept refusing to take this book on. With the Queen of Swords you pressed on regardless and your determination shows in this card.  The 3 of swords indicates more disappointment and giving up on this project.  The Knight of Swords and 2 of swords tells me youíre still determined to get this book out and have it recognised but the 2 of swords says you donít know where to go from here.   The 6 of cups is a life line and I feel someone you are going to meet by chance will be able to give you some guidance and the Justice card tells me this person also knows a publisher who may be interested in this book.  Ace of wands and the Knight of wands are telling you when you receive this information, do not delay.  Get in touch with the publisher even if you havenít finished the book as a chat with them will prove useful and inspire you to complete the book.  I do feel at the end of the day, this book will be published.  Good luck Andrew - Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, since I wrote to you, I have picked up the ball again so to speak and started to make some corrections on my book.  A friend of mine has volunteered to complete the illustrations for me.  A lady I met through a friend has suggested a publisher that may be interested in my book!  Now I feel Iím almost ready to approach this publisher.  Thank you for your encouragement.  Andrew.


March 2012

Dear Madam Jacqueline, at the moment, I live in rented accommodation and I hate it.  I have lived in this flat for 10 years now and I canít see a way of moving out to a better area and owning my own home seems impossible.  Please help.  Tracy

Dear Tracy, by the 6 of swords I feel itís been quite a journey for you over the past 10 years and there have been many circumstances that have stopped you for moving home including money, shown by the 7 of pentacles.  The High Priestess tells me you know that you have been living where you are for a reason, I feel you have learned a lot about living on your own, money, bills and all there is to running a home regardless of whether renting or buying, the same issues will show up. The Sun says that although you say you hate it, your accommodation isnít that bad and you live in a safe area.  Itís just your frustration of not owning your own home that is beginning to get to you.  The Devil is giving me a timing and I feel late 2012/beginning of 2013 you will be moving out of your present home.  The Page of swords tells me you need to be in a strong financial, physical, and mental state to move home and the Ace of wands and Strength are indicating that you will be in a better frame of mind at the end of the year as the 6 of wands shows you moving on.  The King of swords is showing a man in your life and although from the Hanged Man I donít think he is around you just yet, he soon will be and you will be moving in together.    With hard work on your part and this partner, The World shows a new life beginning for you and I get a sense of wherever you live you will have a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, which will make you feel happy and content. - Madam Jacqueline

Dear Madam Jacqueline, I just wanted to let you know that your response to my letter has given me hope and the strength to get myself together more.  I feel mentally and physically stronger in myself and now I am ready to focus on work and saving money to move on. I look forward to moving at the end of the year as I know Rome wasnít build in a day and it will take me to Xmas to save the money I need to move. Havenít met the man just yet but Iím now open to meeting someone. Thank you, Tracy.


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