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Put Spirit back into Spiritualism

Medium Marilyn Whitestar argues that many people are treating Spiritualism as a business

As some of you already know I have been getting very upset with so called mediums on platform who do not connect with Spirit.  Finding Spirituality is the true mission of the human experience and that is why we come here to this planet.

I went to my local church and spent an evening watching a well known medium not connecting with spirit once, giving readings on a psychic level and also faking it.  She got loads wrong and had an excuse for everything she got wrong.

I was working at a fair recently.  Another medium had large poster outside the entrance, her table was full of posters of her newspaper cuttings about herself.  She stated she was an international medium! What is an international medium?  People who work in other countries occasionally?  I don't think so.

Let me prove my point.  Film stars like Brad Pitt - now that is an internationally famous person.  None of these mediums sitting in local fairs come anywhere close to it.  At this particular fair I only took my cloth and a candle - no advertising.  Yes, I have many newspaper cuttings for things I have done over the years, none of which are even on display in my home.  The point is I had the best day ever working in a quiet manner giving people the help they needed.

My next point is certificates.  Would Moses have led his people out of Egypt if he had to wait and earn his certificate to prove he had contact with the Spirit world?  This also goes for Jesus, and John the Baptist may not have lost his head if he had only worked for his certificate.  If these people had certificates that would have meant they were approved by people who set themselves up as judges on behalf of the Spirit world and society so they could exercise control of others and say what is deemed the right way to work by other people and society, and not by Spirit.

It should be up to the individual churches not to ask these people back who do not connect to Spirit, and not worry about whether they have a certificate, rather than just booking anyone so that they can provide any class of mediumship every week to keep their congregations happy.  People would be happy seeing and receiving first class messages occasionally than sitting bored through some cringe-worthy performances. 

Spiritualism is not a religion but a belief that offers proof.  Genuine lightworkers stand up for your rights!  
From now on I only work for the love of the Spirit world.  It is my choice how I work, and I have to work the way I feel good inside. From now on I will live by my talk, so anyone can have a free reading from me, for just a donation that suits their pockets, or just bring a gift as an exchange of energies.  This applies to my circles and groups as well.  I have to trust that Spirit will provide what I need when I need it. 

I will also offer my services for charity work because it warms my heart, not because I want to be seen to be doing.  Unfortunately I do have a few commitments to fairs where I will charge a minimum to cover my expenses.  Then I will not do any more and will only work from home where possible, hence cutting out petrol money and wear and tear on my car.

I must state I do this for myself and do not expect others to follow, and I am not polishing any halos.  If people cannot understand this, my only comment is it says a lot about them. I have free will and choose how I work without the influence of others.  Those who try and influence others are only trying to justify their ways of working.

I have just started a group on facebook for lightworkers called Bring Spirit Back into Spiritualism, a group where there will be no ego or advertising for personal gain, but for people to recount their true Spiritual experiences of how Spirit has come to them or helped them.

It's a place where other can learn by each others' experiences and a place where beginners will receive help and advice from others.  We have a healing book and a remembrance book which is starting to grow.

Lightworkers, please join and let's help the genuine newbies along their paths for the sake of Spirit.

Let's start putting Spirit Back into Spiritualism.

Marilyn Whitestar

Alchemy - myth or science?

Wendy Stokes looks at whether it is true that gold can be created from chemicals
Certainly the greatest example of creativity is found in nature.  It is the creativity of the Supreme Intelligence that created the universe, the galaxies and our solar system - and the immensely amazing planet upon which we live. 

We can look around at the vast number of plants and animal species that live here, from the frozen tundra to the barren deserts and including the hot, wet rain forests and all that lies in-between. 

Many human inventions were inspired by studying other species, such as radar from bats and aerodynamics from birds. 

We need only think of the immense beauty of colour in a sunset and sunrise, the fish on a barrier reef and bird feathers, all of which delight with harmonies and contrasts and the richness of the sounds, of bird-song and whale-song and the hum of bees and the rustle of the wind in the trees. 

With seven billion people on our planet, none have, or have ever had, the same fingerprints, eye colours, DNA or personality.  Each of us is indeed unique and has an individual and eternal soul that is precious beyond price. 

I have always been fascinated by alchemy, a burdensome and secretive work over stills and furnaces, involving strange sequences of mystical arts which included a major science project featuring explosions - and this appealed to me as a young child. 

As a teenager, I visited the British Museum to read mediaeval texts pertaining to the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life and I saw illustrations of extraordinary monsters, crowned kings, wolves, lepers, marriages, peacocks, the slaughter of children, dragons, and other everyday - and less than everyday - matters.  Could base metals be turned into pure gold?  I was hooked!

It was many years before I read the works of the psychologist Carl Jung and realised base metal was a symbol for the lusts and greeds of humankind, death being a dissolving of attitudes, ideas and complexes. 

Self-questioning is placed in the fiery furnace to emerge as a new life in truth, peace and love, and pure gold emerges after a long, arduous process and this becomes a person of integrity, caring, and wise actions, as these are the final stages of the 'individuation' process. 

The word 'alchemical' originates, it is thought, from the root word 'Kham', a word used in ancient Egypt to describe the fertility of the flood plains around the Nile river and the people's knowledge of chemistry.

The alchemical arts evolved thousands of years ago in the preservation of mummies.  Egypt was called Khemia by the Greeks due to the country's knowledge of working with chemicals.  

Recently, I was speaking about my interest in alchemy to someone from Italy who told me a story about the manufacture of glass, known in Italy since Roman times.  

This was such an immensely valuable commodity, where common sand could be transformed into a vast solid through which light could pass and it kept out the wind and rain.  It could be mixed with colour to produce amazing beauty and became sheer magic when the sun shone through it.  

So important was this process that the knowledge was retained by one family who lived on the island of Murano and no-one was allowed to visit there in case the process was stolen.  

Later I was told that the Chinese used only a few guides through the silk route mountains, thereby protecting the knowledge of the method of the production of their beautiful silk and fine porcelain from those who were unable to produce even an inferior quality imitation substance. 

The mystical process of alchemy took place as the masters of times created immensely sought after items, such as glass, silk and Kaolin porcelain. 

I was recently reading a book on the Kabbalah, the mystical path of the Jews, known since very ancient times.  Though unexplainable to a large degree, the process of using the Kabbalah as a tool of self-development involves moving through levels of kindness, wisdom, forgiveness, understanding and other virtues to ascend to a more spiritual life path.  

This could be considered an alchemical spirituality, the transformation of an ordinary person into a person of great merit and renown.

Perhaps the greatest level of creativity is the creation of ourselves as a person of worth, a person who can think, act and possibly change the world.  Each moment we spend with others is a work of alchemy in progress, an offering of ourselves as seekers of a spiritual path of sincerity, caring and peace. 

For women, there is the possibility of motherhood, the bringing into the world of another life and this is perhaps the greatest creative moment in time, the miracle of life, an act only possible in nature and overseen by the Creative Intelligence that created our great universe.  

Wendy Stokes is the author of The Lightworkers Circle Guide: A Workbook for Spiritual Groups. It is the only book that explains how to facilitate a group for channelling, healing and divination.  Wendy has donated her royalties to The Durrell Wildlife Trust.  Visit: www.wendystokes.co.uk

Learning the stars

Astrologer Lynne Carter offers the first of a series of lessons.  Contact her at www.lynnecarter.co.uk

It seems appropriate for a magazine called SoulSeekers that a series of educational articles on astrology should appear.  They are designed for those who are curious but have no knowledge of the subject, and over time will build into an informative course for beginners. 

You may not be aware but something that belongs to you has been following you around all your life working quietly in the background and causing all the major events in your life, to which you have often said: "Why me?" "Why has this happened now?"  or "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time." 

None of this is co-incidental; your mystery friend just happens to be your birth chart.  Before we go any further, the chart you collected when you were born was the one you chose.  All the good things in life you experience, your talents, gifts, enjoyment and relationships were all pre-planned.  

This also goes for all the upsets, losses and changes that cause problems.  So why do we do it?  The answer lies in the area of soul development and where the planets fall in you chart will bring this to fruition.  The Sun sign you are used to is the journey you have chosen for this life time.  Your chart also holds the reason for your birth.

For a more detailed approach:

Aries is a Fire sign ruled by Mars.  On or around March 21 the Sun arrives at the ariesfirst degree of Aries which coincides with the spring Equinox.  This is the beginning of the astrological year.  Aries is a Fire sign; its all about action.  It doesn't hang around; it wants to get things moving but doesn't always stay to see the end result.

Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by Venus.  This sign is all about learning to love the earth you live on.  Taurus people are the ones who love gardening or may be involved in conservation projects.

Gemini is an Air sign ruled by Mercury and is signified by the twins.  People born under this sign are always looking for something to do.  They have active minds and they thrive on communication and gathering of knowledge.

Cancer is a Water sign ruled by the Moon.  This sign is all about emotions and moods.  It also deals with how you look after others, build a home and bring up children.  The house it rules in you chart shows the area of life where this can be expressed.  Cancer is a crab,  and when they get hurt, they retreat into their shells. 

Leo the lion is ruled by the Sun and is the second of the Fire signs.  Like the lion, Leo is proud, fond of children, entertainment, hobbies, creativity.  Leo people are outgoing, encouraging and full of fun.

Virgo is the second of the Earth signs and ruled by Mercury.  This sign is analytical, fussy, orderly.  Virgos make good secretaries, writers and accountants.  They are also concerned about health.  If things are not to their liking they can be very critical, and sometimes fail to see the bigger picture.

Libra is the second of the Air signs and ruled by Venus.  It is represented by the scales and justice is what Librans are about.  They will fight for the underdog and harmony in relationships is very important.   The downside of this sign is they try to be all things to all people and in doing so find themselves at the beck and call to all people to the point where their own health can suffer. The lesson here is balance.

Scorpio is the second of the Water signs and is ruled by Mars and Pluto.  This sign does get bad press because the scorpion has a sting in its tail.   However there is a spiritual depth to this sign.  People born under this sign are being asked to explore the deeper side of life.  Mediumship, spiritual healing and inspirational writing are just some of their activities.  The phoenix is also another symbol linked to Scorpio.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is the last of the Fire signs.  Sagittarius is half man, half horse and aims his arrow into the distance.  His mission is to broaden his horizons, to see the big picture.  Those born under this sign tend to be fun loving, happy go lucky, usually with a good sense of humour.  Sagittarians aim to develop higher spiritual principles. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the last of the Earth signs.  People born under this sign can be shy, may not feel they are good enough, and have an underlying vulnerability; their mission is to develop a sense of responsibility and authority.  Usually Capricorns end up running or being in charge of a group of people.   

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.  Many people assume that this  is a Water sign because it is pictured by water being poured from a vessel, but this is the last of the Air signs.  People born under this sign are learning about humanitarian skills but also about a new age activities such as astrology or one of the esoteric subjects.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.  The last of the Water signs is symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions.  This can lead to confusion or being unable to make a decision.  Piscean's mission is to open to a more spiritual way of life; mediumship is one of the talents of this sign.

In the next edition I shall be taking a look at the planets.

Lynne Carter

Fear of redemption

gail_peacock1Gail Peacock is a paranormal investigator and profiler, and has been involved with house clearances for almost 30 years.  
This is one of her case files.

I received a telephone enquiry from a lady called Jade.  She had got my name from a previous cleansing case and asked if I could assist in investigating some ghostly happenings, at her home in Hertfordshire.

She told me she had lived at this property for 14 months.  She went on to say that she has been visited constantly by spirits for as long as they have lived there.  It started only a few weeks after moving in.  Jade shares her home with her husband, a young daughter and son and two boisterous dogs.  It's a very ordinary loving family, living in an ordinary 70’s style home in an estate location.

The clients had asked mediums to investigate in the past.  A local priest was also asked to come and exorcise the house, which he did, but to no avail.  They were informed from the mediums that seven entities resided there with them and were not happy to share the dwelling.

I took up the case and accompanied by another medium, Philip, and several students who were studying mediumship at one of the classes I run, as we thought it would be a good opportunity for the advanced group to witness, see and feel for themselves how lower energies operate and can on occasion, cause disharmony and disruption to the residents.  This was all agreed by the client.

An appointment was made for my visit.  I prefer to work, not having any prior knowledge of the areas in the home that are being haunted, or of the full facts of whom it has targeted.  A clear page as such and in that way, no previous stories are conflicting to me.  Any messages or images that flood my mind are useful to my investigation.  Names, dates and emotional sensations start to immediately flood my mind prior to me even entering the location, or meeting with the client.  

I ask my guides in the first instance, if I will be helpful in investigating the case.  I get my sign as a thumbs up, or down, a very simple process.  Then sitting quietly with pen and paper I start to write, best described as doodling.   These doodles come direct from my guides and the information received is significant to the case.  They generally reveal who it is I must concentrate on and why and also what rooms are being affected and if there are any portals (spiritual doorways) open and if so, where they are placed within the location.  Generally a name of a loved one of the client, who is in spirit, will be given and come forward validating their relationship to the client and assist me.  

What was revealed in my doodling was that both the children were being targeted.  It was physical in the fact they were being harmed and were somehow physically weakening.  

Jade confirmed this was indeed the case and that both her children had an impaired immune system and that doctors could not find out why or what was the cause.  Numerous tests had been carried out on them both, but to reveal nothing concrete.  

On one occasion whilst Jade was watching from her kitchen window as her children played in the garden, she witnessed them both swoop up in the air, levitating a few feet off the ground then be slapped back down, face forward. 

This was when she contacted a spiritual group for help, and then the priest to exorcise the home.  She had never encountered anything of this nature before and has never dabbled with it, in any manner.  She was fearful for her children’s safety and physical well being.  

As with any investigation I do, I prepare the night before, making sure all instruments are ready and charging, such as cameras, infrared video recorders and wav machines.

I asked my spirit guides to come in and work amongst us to assist in communicating with the troubled earth walker, to start up a form of communication, to identify with whom they are and what they want from the property, land or family. 

I asked that the father along with the children be removed from the house for the evening whilst I was there, which was done.  Jade had her sister stay with her for moral support and was witness to what transpired.

I needed to concentrate on both children’s rooms, but especially the daughter’s bedroom.  A portal (spiritual doorway) was identified as the attic. 

These portals are like worm-holes of energy, where a spirit can travel through into our dimension.  These portals are very often associated with cold shafts and strong vibrations.  

The attic entrance is in front of the daughter’s bedroom.  The air was quite suffocating in her room and very different to the rest of the house.  The client confirmed this room was the height of activity.

When I arrived Jade explained that all hell hit out the night before.  She and her husband were woken in the early hours of the morning to a loud scratching sound, increasing in noise.  The attic hatch door had flipped open at force.  The entity had jumped down through the attic in the hallway and shown himself to Jade and her husband.  He was very solid and clear, they said.  

They keep a mobile beside the bed and captured an image of him reflected in the mirror.  They went on to say the entity was angry and growled at them and then ran into their daughter’s room and showed himself to her.

It often happens that prior to my visit, the earth walker will increase in activity, almost as an awareness of my arrival.  

I had set up my machinery, but as on previous occasions the video recorder failed as batteries were drained, even though they were charged the night before.  The wav machine I use is a digital sonic frequency recorder.  It picks up on sonic waves, which is what animals hear and although we may not hear anything at the time of the recording, it picks up on a much higher frequency, which is how spirit voice EVP is recorded. 

I am happy to say the voice or should I say scream or growl of the ‘earth walker’ was captured.  This can be heard on my website www.spiritconnexions.co.uk He was very angry that we were able to identify him as a reverend who had lived in the home some years back.

It was confirmed he was a priest who had formerly resided there.  He told me that he wanted his book and letters, he was a very agitated.  It was confirmed by the client that post does still occasionally come to the house and that a letter had arrived only two days prior to my visit.  She had it in her car for re-posting.  The post mark on the letter was from India.  It was from other vicars and religious factions from India, working on a children’s home. 

The opening of the letter obviously sparked in him an anger so great the whole room actually blackened.  Jade had felt quite dizzy and sick.  The aroma in the room was vile to say the least.  Bad drains would not suffice to identify the smell.  The freezing cold atmosphere was felt by all.  I asked out loud for protection for us all and started to pray for the soul of the earth walker.

At this time my right arm was feeling as though someone was giving me a Chinese burn.  I felt pressure and pain and held it outstretched for the students to witness.  Fingertip bruising could be easily witnessed appearing, like a hand grip around my arm.  

I continued with my prayer, even louder and had noticed Jade had gone completely white; her face had drained of all colour.  I called her name to get her attention and her face had a glazed look on it.  Dark circles surrounded both her eyes and she looked straight at me but not focusing and I knew he was affecting her.  

I asked Philip to grab her as it was witnessed by all that she was levitating off the ground about two inches, at the same time as the back of her head was hitting the wall continuously.   She could not speak and had a fixed expression on her face.  

This was naturally frightening to witness for the first time by the students as well as her sister.  I demanded the earth walker release her, which he did and that’s when he recorded his anger, of which can be heard on my website under audio on the forum.

He said, through me clairvoyantly, that he wanted his book.  I relayed what I was hearing in my mind.  Jade was recovering from this shock, but was not aware of what had happened.  The earth walker, the reverend, wanted his book then he would be gone.  I felt an anger rising in me, and knew it was my guides working through me as such.  I stormed out of the daughter’s bedroom and into the son’s bedroom  Jade's sister in hot pursuit.  

He pointed to the boy's fitted wardrobe, to a top cupboard.  Jade and her sister had said there were no books or anything in there, only her son’s action men and Lego bricks etc.  

He was quite insistent, so a chair was brought in to reach to open the top cupboard.  The entity was talking so fast in my mind, he was getting very excited.  Jade had said that no items were left in the house prior to them moving in.  

A very large white ornate bible had been found.  It needed two hands to hold it.  Exactly where he had told us to look a book-mark had been placed in the book, at a passage marked ‘come unto thee little children’.  The book mark was a picture of their daughter’s latest school photo, taken a month previously.  They had not seen that photo for some time and didn’t even know of the existence of the bible in their son’s bedroom. 

Logic questions how can it be that a book so large should materialise in their son’s cupboard, which had not previously been there prior to their move and that a school photograph of their daughter find itself being used as a book mark, highlighting a children’s  passage?  Why? and how?

The investigation continued and whilst I had asked Philip to read the passage, I tore the letter up in shreds and asked for the reverend to reveal why he was angry and why he refused to enter the light.  

His answer was shocking as he revealed he was frightened of redemption.  He was guilty of wrong-doings to children and knew he would need to face the consequences.  He had been hiding behind the security and camouflage of his dog collar for many years allowing him safe passage for his addiction.  He knew this was wrong and that judgment day was beckoning and he preferred to stay in the grey matter, the in between realms rather then to face his sins.

I showed him the red card and asked the higher realms to collect and receive him, for him to start his journey for forgiveness and to move on and leave this family in peace.

A healing prayer was given to Jade and her family and I had blessed the home.  Immediately the smell had gone, the room had warm and all felt quite and peaceful.

I took the bible back to my home and burnt it, saying a prayer of forgiveness for him as I did so.  I instructed Jade on further protective measures and mind energy techniques.

Information that was revealed to the client has been validated.

l An update from the client is that they have not experienced any paranormal activity since, which is great, especially as it was a daily occurrence, and that they are all sleeping through the night and that both her son and daughter are getting well again. 

Please contact me if you are experiencing a haunting.  Maybe I can help.

Medium Gail Peacock

Currently Gail is being filmed for a six week web series entitled Haunted Personal Tales.  It is a 'fly on the wall' documentary of how ordinary people, in ordinary houses have experienced a haunting of one form or another.

Madam Jacqueline 
offers a three-month tarot reading for each astrological sign

From the cards, I can see a lot of movement for you in the next three months.  May is the time for Aries to step back and think before you react to situations that appear in front of you.  Before you take action, think about the long term effects rather than short term gains.  By taking your time to plan ahead, you are more likely to succeed in your endeavours.  Moving along into June your decisions made in May will materialise success.  I also see this time for celebrations including family and friends whether it be a birthday, wedding or birth.  July is a time for opportunities and new ventures.  It's time to look to your future, look at projects or enterprises you have been thinking about and start to sow your seeds now and push ahead.  You may feel you need extra support from friends and family at this time.

The cards are indicating that this period is a time of self-reflection for you.  May is the month to nurture yourself and focus on your own life rather than scattering your energies among your family and friends. The cards indicate you have been feeling swamped by other people's problems and now is the time to focus on your own rather than pushing them to one side.  Refusing to take control of your own life may manifest into disappointment at the end of this year.  June is the time to walk away from situations that do not concern you directly but are affecting your energies.  Endings of friendships are never easy but I feel some friendships are coming to an end.  July - although you will feel sad at some of the decisions you have had to make, it opens up new opportunities and friendships to appear in your life.  There will be someone in your life that will be put out, as you are beginning to look after yourself and move forward in your life.

May is showing a time where you will be making changes to your home or looking at moving house.  It's a time of spring cleaning, clearing out stuff that you no longer require or use and possibly giving your home a lick of paint.  By clearing out the old, June will be the time to bring in the new.  But what do you want to do now?  It's a time for thinking ahead and setting goals.  July is a time to think about your goals and how you are going to achieve them rather than taking action.  By planning and using your intuition your goal is more likely to come to fruition.  Rushing into decisions in the month of July may cause you problems in the months ahead.

For people of the sign of Cancer I feel the next three months, the cards are saying it's a time of hard work, commitment and responsibility.  You will need to take control in May rather than let problems pile up on you.  By dealing with each issue as it presents itself, you will feel more in control of yourself and what is happening around you.  June - making decisions and sticking by them is required by you.  We all learn from our mistakes but fear can hold us back from not making any decisions and thus create more serious issues in the long run.  July - there will be people around you who may play devil's advocate in your decision making and make you question what you are doing.  The last card I dealt for you is The Empress who is the creator of her own life and therefore is showing you to be the creator of your own life, which will produce more happiness and contentment.

There is a younger person around you who will try to advise you but they do not have the knowledge to give you for you to make an informed choice.  You will need to research and ask for other people's expert advice.  As the saying goes 'fools rush in, where angels fear to tread'.  Remembering this saying will help you in the month of May.  June and July will be very similar for you and the cards are showing disagreements and arguments possibly connected to May.  Standing back and observing the situations and people around you will give you time to think about what you want to do if anything or remove yourself completely from the situation.  Really you just want a quiet life and may feel irritated that other people are trying to involve you in their disputes.  They have to take responsibly for their own actions and stepping back from them may be your only option for the moment.

May is going to be a good turning point for you this year.  It's a time for inner strength and improvements in general; a time to jump into spring and start to enjoy yourself; letting go of past worries.  The only way is forward for you now.  June will be a busy time as your be thinking about a change of direction and/or possibly taking a course.  I feel it's time for you to rise to the challenge and put yourself first.  July will be a time of rest and a holiday will be in the offering.  All in all these three months are a great period of positive change for you.

Money, money, money is your word for the months of May and June. Really it's how to make more money, save money and looking to reduce your outgoings.  You're not afraid of hard work and the next couple of months are going to centre on money and hard work.  Being a Libra you would prefer a more balanced financial situation and this is why the next few months will be an important time to look at your finances.  By changing your circumstances and your attitude to money will bring financial rewards later in the year.  In July money will still be the dominant factor in your life and the cards are encouraging you to change direction in some way.  This may be attitude or physically such as a change in your job.  By planning ahead it will stop you for feeling overwhelmed and that you have bitten off more than you can chew.  Never lose sign of your worth.

SCORPIO - DEATH (Scorpio is represented by the death card in the tarot pack.  Although it is associated with death, it doesn't mean this in an Astro Tarot reading)
Partnerships are highlighted this May and how you handle certain people around you including your partner.  It's a time to be supportive to yourself and your partner's needs. For single Scorpio people, new relationships are indicated in business, work or romantically.  Give these people a chance to shine rather than judge them immediately, although if someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, you have the ability to sniff these people out immediately.  The dynamics of certain relationships will begin to change in June, which in July will make you question some people's motives.  Are they really trying to assist you or is there something in it for them?  You will need to decide.

So far this year has been a bit of a roller coaster for Sagittarius people and in May you may doubt yourself and your abilities.  In fact you have come a long way since the beginning of the new year but your perception is that you have taken two steps forward and one back; making you more emotional than normal and ungrounded.  By following your intuition and trusting yourself you will move forward but it will still be slower than you wish.  June and July may be stressful for you as you seem to be taking on more projects than you can physically and mentally handle.  The trick is to write everything down and keep a list of daily chores.  This will help you to handle almost anything that comes your way in the next three months and by the end of July you will be in a much more balanced and stronger position.

CAPRICORN - THE DEVIL (The devil also just represents Capricorn and has no association with the devil in Astro Tarot)
You want to take the bull by the horns and try something different this month.  As the weather becomes warmer and the evenings lighter, you feel the need to get out and explore.  Meet new people and have new experiences such as a course, a new hobby or dancing such as salsa or possibly travel overseas. June you will still be spreading your wings and getting out there.  Some of your friends and family may not approve of this new you but it's something you need to do for yourself.  Be careful in July not to overdo things and you will be much happier in general and enjoy the sun shine.

Where do you go from here?  The last few months have been interesting and surprising for you and now you have time to stop and think.  May is the time for you to decide, do you really want to channel your energy in the same way as before or do you want to explore over the next few months?  I feel there maybe someone in your life who may have been guiding you but doing what they want to do rather than the other way round.  You don't like to think someone else has been manipulating but this may be the case.  In June it will become clearer to you whether or not this is happening and you may need to speak up in a subtle way to remedy this situation.  July also brings up stressful situations for you that you have been ignoring for some time but this is the month once and for all to deal with them.

Love is in the air for you Pisces especially for you singletons out there.  A past relationship will return to you and give you the opportunity to readdress certain issues you once faced with this person.  Being sensitive to the other person will ensure a more positive outcome. Into June this relationship may be rekindled and become more open and honest than before, giving it a much better chance of succeeding this time around.  The Wheel of Fortune tells you that this relationship is in your hands and you will be responsible for the making or breaking of this partnership.  Making this relationship work will enhance your life three-fold and is worth the risk.  For Pisces already in a relationship, the next three months is the time to invest more deeply into your partner, making them happy will in turn make you happier and more content.

Madam Jacqueline

The Walking Runes

Andrew Joseph offers ancient guidance for modern times in the story of how he collected these runes

For many years I had led a safe life that gave me many great joys (my children for example) but I had always been aware of this nagging doubt that I was actually doing what I was supposed to be doing in this world.

The radical change came for me when I decided to walk the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.  This 500-mile pilgrimage along an ancient ley line had held a draw for me since I had read The Pilgrimage by the spiritual writer Paulo Coelho.   I had never had the space do take the journey until I found myself without excuse in the late Autumn of 2008 when I and two friends set off the walk the first 200 miles in two weeks.

In the end, it took me three years to complete my Camino, which was an incredible experience, powerfully transforming and healing.   As I walked I picked up stones along the way.  I had an idea about making the stones into a set of Runes with which I could make readings.  

I was inspired by the story of Odin who is credited with the creation of the first set of Runes after hanging upside down for three days and nights without food and water.
The first Rune I saw was the Fire stone and after I had picked that up it became clear to me that the stones would become Runes in their own right from this journey.  
Meanings came from the stones themselves, the experiences along the way and the people I met on my journey.

Stones like the Fire and Ice Runes came pretty much fully formed, helped by my knowledge of Tarot and the elemental forces around us.  

fireThe Fire stone symbolised the passion and energy of our true creativity and Ice Rune the deep well of emotion that can stop us in our tracks when we least expect it.  Other stones are deeply linked to people.  My friend found the Acceptance Stone and its meaning is taken in no small part from my experience of acceptance 'warts and all' by him.  

The 'Unusual' stone came to me by an unusual route.  It was given to me by a Hungarian traveller who insisted I take the crystal he had brought  all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to give to me.

Sometimes the journey itself would inform the meaning for example the 'Decision Stone' (or Switch Stone as it is sometimes called) came from the experience of wrestling with a difficult decision and realising there was no right answer other than to decide and, more importantly, to stick to the decision, as I reached this realisation I looked down at my feet and there lay the stone with its simple shape reflecting the clarity and direction I now felt, having decided what to do.

Other meanings came later.  As I sorted through the stones I had gathered each day gazing at the shapes and the patterns upon them, ideas and images formed and then welded to the stones, helped later by my partner, Hana, and her deep knowledge of folklore, stones like 'Dancing with Dragons' took on deeper meanings that describe complicated relationships and the ties that can bind us to others.

The stones that make up the Walking Runes are a gift from the earth; they have been waiting millions of years to be uncovered. My gratitude for finding them and the journey that led me to them is immense; they do not appeal to everyone but for a great many people their grounded , natural energy provides guidance and clarity at difficult times.

When giving a reading I use the Walking Runes and a rune board (created by Hana M Lee).  The different areas of the board are linked to different aspects of the person - for example: the past, relationships with others, future influences etc.

This enables the broad meanings of the stones to be  clearly defined when the stones fall.  I use their position on the board, how they fall (e.g. inverted, hidden, etc) and their relation to the other stones on the board to make the reading.  This makes the reading specific to the querent's circumstances rather than relying on rigid meanings.

For example: the Ice rune landing (or more interestingly, being placed) across the Sun rune could indicate old memories getting in the way of the person experiencing joy.

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Andrew Joseph

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