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Messages from the beyond

Angela Donovan recalls stories of how spirits who have passed over have come back to visit

It is very human to question life and death – we all want our own evidence that we do go on and that there is meaning and purpose to it all, and this is especially the case when we lose someone we love dearly. 

And in this it would greatly assist if we could dismantle the barriers of our belief systems sufficiently to cast out once and for all what we’ve been told or led to believe, as all too often these solidify to become our unquestioned parameters for life. 

There are many who have lived and continue to live their lives on 'rails' so to speak, running on well-rehearsed scripts of continuum, doggedly keeping to the same habitual living and thinking practices day in, day out. 

Couple this with a reluctance to entertain the possibility (let alone the actuality) of life after death, and understandably it's a terrible shock for them to find out later that they still exist after passing over! 

Hence the vast number of 'ghosts' and 'hauntings', each one a disembodied soul stuck within the confines of their 'old haunts', pardon the pun, and their old memories, often confused and anxious in a time warp. 

Old Bob
Back in the 1950's, my stepfather Jack, a no-nonsense aviation engineer with a sceptical frame of mind, was working at a place called Ringway, an airport in the Midlands where the old pre-war buildings and hangers were then being demolished and the land cleared ready to begin the construction of what was later to become Manchester Airport. 

During this time the airport still had to remain fully operational, which became increasingly difficult for both the aircrews and the ground and administration personnel as the conditions became ever more messy, awkward and tricky to manage, with temporary accommodation and constant runway alterations and changes. 

As he said: "We had been running cargo in an old, careworn freighter, and on this particular night were overdue by many hours, eventually landing at the airport in heavy snow before making our way from the hanger to the crew-room over slushy, muddy and unlit ground. 

"We were using a hastily-erected wooden building as the crew-room temporarily, and it had become routine practice for an old employee, a delightful chap called Bob, to wait until our aircraft had arrived and then welcome us 'home' with a warm drink – we could always count on him to have the heating on and a pot of hot tea or coffee ready, maybe with a bottle of something even more warming!  

"Anyway, on this particular night it was two o'clock in the morning by the time we finally came out of the hanger.  We could see that the lights were already on in the crew-room, and as we got there I opened the door and felt the usual blast of warm air in welcome – the radiators were red hot and the electric kettle was already boiling away merrily. Everything in the crew-room was just as it always was. 

"Only this night it was different. Three days earlier Bob had died suddenly of a heart attack, and this was the first night since his death that we had come back so late after a pretty awful flight.  So when we later attended Bob's funeral, standing there in the church we silently thanked him for that particular hot drink and the warm crew-room on such a wet, cold and snowy night."

Bless him.  So early on, Bob had not yet come to terms with his death.  His thoughts were still towards doing his duty, and there is no question in my mind that is exactly what he did that night. 

When you die the true 'you', your soul, leaves your body yet still holds an impression of who you were and what you looked like. 

Then, after a period of time, that changes as you come to a realisation of what is 'real', your thoughts heal and (when you are ready) you can exist in the perfect realm to suit your every requirement.  You become what I call a 'spirit person' existing in the perfect dimension for your progress. 

To me, when I do my mediumship, spirit people are not 'dead' dead but 'alive' dead – they exist in full form, wearing clothes that are easily recognisable, and totally healed from their time in physical form – indeed looking the very peak of health and fitness. 

This means sometimes they have to shadow me with the health symptoms they had whilst 'living' to assist me give further evidence for their living relatives to acknowledge.

Even as I write I can feel a tremendous glow making me smile for them all.   It's difficult to explain but when you work for people in this way – whether they are living clients, or their nearest and dearest in the Spirit dimension – it is not only extremely personal, intimate and private, it is also a direct connection which creates the very closest of links possible for them in their ongoing lives. The deepest of bonds is created. 

Time, money and restricted belief systems are of little or no consequence when set against the rewards of love and warmth that can and will come through mediumship when I do my work to the very best of my ability.

Queen Victoria spent all those years in mourning for her beloved Albert.  Would she have done that I wonder had she realised she was able to continue communicating with him after his death?  I think not; she would have been so much happier to know that he still walked with her and could, given the right circumstances, have spoken with her throughout the latter part of her life.

Yo-Yo's time
Upon our arrival back at my family home late one Friday night my stepfather told me that Yo-Yo, one of our two family cats, had developed a painful cyst which the vet was going to remove the next morning.  I immediately went to her and put my hands just above her to try to give her some relief from the obvious throbbing pain.  By directing my thoughts to transmit a positive flow of healing energy through my fingers I felt I could help relieve her.

Then I heard my mother, who had died the year before, whisper soothingly in my ear: "It is her time darling."  She repeated the words twice.  On hearing this I sadly and resignedly stroked Yo-Yo, giving her all my love, then got up and went to bed.  I told Andrew, my husband, about it but no more was said.

The next morning my stepfather took Yo-Yo to the vet whilst I was busy with a couple of clients.  It was later, just before lunchtime, when suddenly he and Andrew rushed into the room, both very upset. Thankfully my clients were just finishing their coffee so they thoughtfully got up and went.

Andrew said quietly: "Yo-Yo's dead, the vet's here and he's in tears ... seems a mistake was made with the op and he wants to apologise."  At that moment I couldn't muster up the courage inside me to go out and see him – first I had to come to terms with the shock of what had been said.  Yet – in all fairness – how could I ever point the finger at the poor distraught vet given the knowledge that had been given to me the night before – "It is her time, darling".

Short of cash
I had just got married to Andrew, and as it was the first time I had stopped earning I hadn't given it a thought until the black Monday when I suddenly realised I hadn't got enough money to even buy us dinner – my cheque book had run out and bank cards didn't do what they do today!

I sat and gave thought.  Then I noticed my father-in-law's photo staring back at me.  He had died a year earlier and I'd never had the chance to meet him in person.  I picked up his photo and spoke to him directly: "Tim, please, please will you help me ... I really need some money to buy dinner."  Within seconds he spoke.  "Go to the dressing-room wardrobe."

So I promptly got up and rushed in there, opened the sliding doors and touched the hanging-rail, running my hand along the top of the coats and jackets while he was telling me "keep going ... keep going", then suddenly saying "stop!" and I did. 

I moved my hand slowly down the jacket as he added "go to the left outside pocket".  I reached over, slipping my hand inside and – Bingo! – pulled out a £20 note just waiting for me.  I was elated like a naughty child, and thanked him so much for his help.

I then went out and spent the whole lot (bar 10p) and was really looking forward to telling Andrew exactly what had happened.  So, as soon as he came in that evening, I excitedly told him the whole story straight off. 

But instead of smiling or laughing as I expected him to do, he blanched and rushed off into the dressing room and started leafing through the exact same jacket.  I Angela_Donovanfollowed in hot pursuit.  It turned out that in the inside top pocket of that very same jacket was £500 in cash that he’d tucked away!!  And I had missed it; it was then that I knew his father was very clever indeed…

With my love

Align the universe

Jennifer Pickton brings readers of SoulSeekers a  message about alignments from four cosmic lords

You are approaching the time of an alignment of universal planets, so you may see some energy shifts of greater proportions.  This activity will affect Earth life and be felt in the physical events of changes taking place around you.  There may be physical phenomenon in the skies and atmosphere, and at high summer, it is customary to experience many sightings of unidentified objects and happenings, and this year will not disappoint. 

Watch out for unusual configurations in the sky at late eventide, when the sun dips towards the horizon.  You may see faces in the clouds and objects configured amongst the celestial stars and planets.  On a clear night, watch out for moving stars for the cosmos is full of activity and your position is great for viewing celestial phenomenon presently taking place. The Cosmic Lords draw near to humanity at this time, to reassure, and strengthen the resolve to stand straight and true in the understanding of unfolding knowledge and realisation. 

The true nature of mankind is revealing itself as a cosmic being of great resourcefulness.  Already there is a forward group of earth light-workers forming a representation of light and goodness who are ready to be ambassadors for your planet. They stand to greet the Cosmic personal without adornment of earthly shells as protection.  They are the redeemers of your world, for they have learnt to ascend beyond normal thought and enter into the realms of celestial divinity. 

There are four leaders who represent the four elements and a fifth, who is a female, to represent the birth and emergence of the fifth element of ether.  She holds the torch flame of golden light which acts as the lantern of light to shine upon the universal realms. 

'Amoura’ is the love of life in emergence, for she holds the hearts of many in her being and presence.  She is indeed an angel upon earth, for her light shines most brilliantly and her passage around your globe is taken with diligence, so all nations may receive her lighted love and realise that within each human being the same capacity for love and life resides, ready to express itself in realisation and actuality. 

The present times are indeed exciting, for the changes taking place within and without physical expression are superseding all expectations.  From hidden sources there comes divine light.  From within darkness, light shines as if it were an oasis.  The beacons shine forth from your world and your planet becomes a beacon in itself.  

Little does the average human realise his present status.  It is perhaps good that most humans are not average and by necessity have to use their minds in ways not formally taught.  

It is through the senses and super-senses that the understanding is relayed and it is received not by the rich and famous whose minds are concerned with earthly matters but by the lowly, the poor, the dedicated, the sensitive, those struggling, those who are ordinary but unordinary, and all those who feel, sense and know. 

They are the fore-runners of the revealing wave of humanities unfolding.  The time arrives for many humans when they must acknowledge themselves as God’s servants and know that the work they carry out is for humanity’s greater good and the future happiness of mankind as a race of beings. 

The creative medias of images and pictographs are bringing together ideology which only yesteryear was sanctioned as unacceptable.  Present minds can discern fiction from fantasy but can minds discern truth hidden in fantasy but left out of fiction?  Your world may seem upside-down at times and difficult to understand in logical terms, but the turmoil is around you to shake old notions from your mindsets, and to allow new concepts to become seeded and grow.  Each generation believes it is wiser than it forebears, and so it should be in every way.  Open minds can absorb so much. 

Discernment in all things is a wise undertaking so adopt this measure if you can and you will not go far wrong.  Learn to use logic with personal discernment and feelings, to become a light-worker who knows what God's kingdom needs without ever having to ask or elicit others; so becomes instinctual.  If you know, you know truth and are connected to divine understanding.  You are a part of God’s understanding and apart of his being of full consciousness. 

Know that to seek service in his ministry is a calling worth undertaking, so do not be afraid you are not worthy or ever think that you are not good enough or able enough, for God takes all who show willing; he sees in the human heart what others do not, or cannot see. 

Be open and honest in your relationship to spirit and allow light to flow to you, to show you the way forward.  Follow the light in truth and firmness, for as your belief strengthens, your will lessens in resistance and you begin to blend with the love flow of divine essence which greets you most welcomingly. 

Know then, that the Angel of the Lord has been sent to you, as a messenger and guide.  He will lead you surely upon the path of light and illumination.  Following in love's wake, you will surely align in righteousness to all things beautiful and true and so be able to act as a true light-worker for your God and fellow humans. 

Four Cosmic Lords


Death is the door to eternity

When we experience loss through the death of a loved one, it is often hard to accept that they have gone. We experience pain and loneliness and are left wondering why?
We also wonder how such a vibrant energy that lived and became such an important part of our lives could now be gone.  Where are they? 

We are not just flesh; we are spirit living within a body of flesh for a short time.  We were not created to live eternally on the earth, but a home in the world of spirit – heaven – has been created for us all, it is our true home to which we will all go at the end of physical life. 

Spirit is eternal and the material only temporary.  The true home of the spirit within us lies in a place that exists beyond our physical eyes, but it exists never the less.  

When the last breath is breathed upon this earth, the spirit rises from its physical body and is met by those loved ones who have gone before us, and who have waited patiently for this moment of reunion when those who love are reunited in death. 

Love between spirits in the flesh and spirits in the heavens never dies but grows ever stronger. There is a greater life that awaits us all, for death is certain for us all and so is resurrection, for when we finally close our eyes upon this physical world they will, in the twinkling of an eye, reopen in a world of light, love and beauty. 

Our loved ones have not gone; they walk with us and stand by our sides through our earthly sojourn, helping when they can if we are in need.  Death, the great liberator of earthly pain and troubles is not to be feared but to be acknowledged as a part of life and indeed a door to a greater eternal life.

by Denise Pilgrim 2011

To thyself be true

Prophet Jeremiah's words are offered by Jennifer Pickton

A new life upon the Earth planet arrives with an open consciousness, so the eyes and ears and other senses begin to register the new world of dense vibrations which requires the physical senses to attune themselves for reception.  

A new-born child is innocent, for its mind has yet to absorb the earthy environment and the physical self needs to become grounded by attaching the energetic self to the earth mother, as well as the human mother, who has given physical life form to that child. 

As the growth to adulthood takes place, the life journey presents many opportunities and it is the parents or other near relatives and friends who are responsible for planting ideas for growing aspirations within this soul.  In time these may conflict with the knowing sensitivity of the very one who needs to make major life choices. 

How many fathers would like their sons to follow in their footsteps?  Some cultures are founded upon the generations upholding a particular trade or profession.  If parents are both doctors it seems reasonable that their children would also enter into the profession and undertake health-related work.  It may be fashionable to join the arts or sciences, for so many humans tend to follow the line of least resistance not realising that their inner self needs remain unfulfilled.  It may be some years later when a crisis develops that the issue may be highlighted and suddenly the life is turned upside down, with a complete change in direction. 

There are some souls that know instinctively their life role and may dedicate themselves to teaching or research or go exploring the world, forever continuing a search for one thing or another.  It comes to everyone, at some point in the living life, when the question is asked ‘what am I doing this for?’.  

You may find yourself unhappy with your life because of duty and responsibility weighing heavily upon you, and all of a sudden your personal desires and aspirations surface causing disharmony and dissatisfaction.  This makes you question why you made the choices that have brought you realisation by instinctual knowing.  The answers you now know are only partially complete, for the answers received have given you more questions to be answered.  It is a step by step process of progression, when realisation dawns and opens further awareness making you seek further. 

The evolution of the consciousness is forever expanding and growing in width and breath as it absorbs new and wonderful scenic views, physically and pictorially, within the mind senses, as realisations dawn and bring answers, like dropping jewels of wisdom which are so aptly timed and focused.  So when knowledge is shown to be true by being acceptable and accommodating you feel right with the knowing as it vibrates in harmony with your own vibratory notation.  

Even with knowledge that is not quite understood it is absorbed when harmonious vibrations endorse its validity, so truth becomes known and felt as it becomes realised in manifestation. 

For an adult human to move about in the physical world, the values and reason of intellect must be developed forthwith.  With every interaction between humans the mind and senses must discern the truth from the untruth for much that is true is coated in the fabric of materiality which may hide its true nature as a way of protection. 

There are many truths hidden in tales and fables of old, which can lead to learning subtle insights of hidden gems.  When aired in the light of day the blooming of a hidden truth begins to flower and suddenly all things are understood and the revelation is spread to the many that are able to attune to a release of a most enlightening broadcast.  More and more human beings are becoming self enlightened and can live their lives in a most truthful manner, abiding by the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Karma, the Universal Laws governing all in manifested glory and righteousness. 

When all is open in truth and humanity as a race is true to its inner calling, then the race of humans will unite readily in divine cohesion of consciousness. Then all minds will come to the same realisation and knowledge of true heritage and being, and the ‘I am’ presence will emerge, so each may attain the godliness of their own true being, as each reaches their individual apex and joins with the higher-self of being, in tune with all that is and ever will be.

The blending and realisation of the consciousness does not mean the surrender of the individual mind, but brings a greater, expanded realisation of all living things which live and breathe within this universe, and so doing knowledge and understanding is laid before you all, as wisdom doors open to all the seekers of God’s love and illumination.  You freely enter into the sanctuary of living truth, releasing all boundaries and limitations.  The living light will be your guide for ever more, and lead you to God’s love and illumination, your new home of conscious revelations. 

May God bless you all.
Jeremiah – Old Prophet

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