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Marilyn Whitestar:

I had my first spiritual experiences at the age of 17 although now realise I had been sensing spirit from around four years old.  I have spent the last 46 years or more devoted to spirit in many ways - learning by sitting in circles, reading many books and taking courses at well known spiritual organisations, meeting and learning from some of the very best tutors.  I am still and always be learning more. 

Being able to connect people to their loved ones is something I feel deeply honoured to be able to do, sometimes finding their loved ones are able to offer advice as if they were still here, or bring closure to some situations is extrememly comforting to people. 

On my  journey I have been led to the shamanic way of life and developed my skills in journeying, and soul retrievals.


Nowadays, I sit in a physical circle, run a Shamanic Journeying circle and a circle for development of mediumship and spiritual awareness. 

I offer private readings and also take bookings for private parties and events. 

Contact Marilyn via e-mail at or see her website


Wendy Wharton, Spiritual Medium and Meditation Leader.

I have believed in 'Spirit' since I was little and always 'knew' there was something beyond this phsyical life.

I have spent many years developing my mediumship and one of my great passions is passing my knowledge onto others.

I truly believe we are all both teacher and student, no better or worse, just unique beautiful people each at a different place along the same path.

For details of my workshops, circles and other services offered please go to or email

Walk gently in love and peace, 



Wendy Stokes

I am a London-based writer, group facilitator, channeling medium and charity fundraiser.

I have a diploma in counseling and a certificate in Person Centered Approach, I have taught in Adult Education Institutes and have completed Essentials of Psychosynthesis and am an NLP licensed practitioner.

I offer workshops, talks and courses on healing, divination and mediumship; private consultations; interviews for press and radio and articles on channeling, healing, divination, dreams, shamanism and past lives.  I review books, CD's, courses, conferences, cards and therapies.

I am currently working on the creation of The Lightworkers Journey Meditation Cards and the Lightworkers Journey Oracle Deck Cards with artwork by Pam Raworth. 

You are welcome to join me on Facebook:

My online column can be found at

I can be contacted via my website


Susan High Cloud

For a selection of authentic Native American Indian gifts and totems, visit Susan at


JCPF Healing ClinicBuckland Community Centre, Malins Road, Northend, PO2 7BB

JCPF Healing Clinics are regular Monday events staffed by trained qualified Spiritual Healers. You can be sure of a warm welcome in comfortable surroundings and a sympathetic reception to your healing needs whether they are of a chronic nature or simply a requirement to boost energies and relieve stress.

There are no fees at our public clinics but if you feel we've helped you, a donation is gratefully received.

10.30am 12.45pm every Monday except Bank Holidays

Telephone: 023 9269 3169. 


Dean Kingett 

Dean has been in touch with spirit since he was 12 years old but started to take it more seriously to help others in 2003.  In 2008 he set up Spiritualhart which started doing charity demonstrations for various causes and this he did by bringing his healing and psychic work to the public in the hope of raising their awareness.

This proved successful and he is still doing them today as well as running his own healing market stall once a month.  You can find him doing public healings and offering his healing creations and 
empowerments to all in the Prospect centre Upmarket in Hull City centre, East Yorkshire.

Dean runs various workshops every month as well as psychic development circles on evenings and weekends, but Monday to Friday daytimes are reserved for healing and negative work, clearing people and properties of negativity in all forms.

If your interested in one of Dean's many events or looking for a place to learn and develop your own gifts you can email - or telephone 01482 640870.  You can also visit to find out more about him and how he may be able to help you.


HU13 9HD


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