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Letchworth Spiritualists raise over £600 for charity

An introduction to astrology by Lynne Carter

Relationships and the Chakras by Frank Vilaasa

An invitation to Time Travel by Nicholas Aujula

What is spirituality by Denise Pilgrim

Spiritual workshops for children

Spirit in attendance

Thoughts of George Rixon - The Classroom 

The Force of God by
Malcolm G Bradshaw

Holistic pamper weekend

A lifetime with Spirit

Native Americans respect their elders not only because of teachings passed down to them from those Elders, but also because of their life experiences and knowledge gained over the years. 

So why do we so readily take people who we do not really know at face value?  Why do we throw our money away so easily because somebody talks a good talk or sells us a good pitch when we don`t recognise they do this because of self ego. 

I suggest when booking into a class, workshop or for a reading you do some research first.  I am not talking about what certificates are on display on their walls or website, but find out where and how long they have been working or studying the particular subject they are offering you.

Anyone can take a quick course in many subjects, read a book or buy a package for their computer to enable them to take your money, particularly in subjects such as astrology, numerology, aura reading, psychology etc. etc. but it is working with these subjects over the years that really gives people insight on  how to work with these methods. 

We have never really learnt it all and will always have new things thrown at us by our clients, but years of experience is better than months.

Be careful, do your research, don`t be afraid to ask questions before parting with your money.

Marilyn Whitestar


Letchworth Spiritualists raise over £600 for charity 

As part of the Letchworth Festival, Letchworth Spiritualist Centre had a charity open afternoon on Saturday 9th June.  The event was promoted as an 'Explore Spiritualism, sample Spiritual healing and Mediumship, chat with those that believe in it' afternoon.  The refreshments were very popular and the mediums and healers were kept very busy all afternoon. 

For many local people it was their first visit to the Grade II listed Vasanta Hall and also to find out what Spiritualism is all about.  The afternoon raised £620 and a cheque was presented to the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth.  

Special thanks must go to all the mediums, helpers and workers, Letchworth Festival organisers and also Abacus Party Cover for the free loan of a marquee.  Phil Mortiboy, one of the organisers said: "It was amazing how many people were so keen to find out about Spiritualism and sample a reading from the mediums." 

The five mediums present did over 40 readings during the course of the afternoon.  They and helpers on the day were rewarded by a barbecue in the gardens of the hall, before an evening of clairvoyance which  proved so popular the organisers nearly ran out of chairs.

Picture shows Phil with his partner Jackie and Jo Whiffen (centre) from the Garden House Hospice, Letchworth


An introduction to Astrology

Astrologer Lynne Carter offers her second lessons on how to read the stars

The Planets

The Sun is the giver of life. Once worshiped as the Sun God, it is hot and dry by nature and the placement of the Sun shows the area of life where you are to shine.  The sign you find it in is how you should manifest it for this lifetime.  It s a path of character building; it takes the whole lifetime and doesn’t come easily.  Development of the Sun sign equals cutting ties with the past, home and family’s and finding our own individuality.  This is the planet of a ‘rite of passage.’  It takes a year to circumnavigate the chart.

Aries.  The Sun placed in this sign is about learning to take the initiative.  It is all about action, fast moving and many born under this sign have a fondness for sport or a military life. They are very good at starting project but on occasions don’t stay long enough to see them through.

Taurus.  You are here to learn about practical matters.  You will also develop a love for the Earth you live on and for beauty.  Many people with planets in Taurus usually take up gardening.  Taurus is a fixed sign so stubbornness can be a problem.        

Gemini.  The Sun in Gemini is all about communication.  There is a need to learn how to interact with others.  The twins is all about more than one, so people born under this sign are very good at multi-tasking.  They thrive on a variety of activities and hobbies.  They subconsciously develop a thirst for knowledge and are happy when they meet others on their own intellectual level. 

Cancer.  The Sun placed here is about learning how to deal with emotions, family matters and looking after others.  The house that holds the Sun will show the area of life where this will manifest.  Many people have problems tapping into their emotional side and as the Sun sign is the life journey it may take a series of events that occur throughout the life span to bring this to perfection.  

Leo. This is the sign the Sun rules, Leo the Lion, the king of the pride and pride is what this sign is all about - pride in what you can achieve.  The requirements for this lifetime is all about fun and creativity.  They are usually the life and soul of any party.  Leos are here to learn about how to enjoy themselves. Leos may also be involved in working with children.#

Virgo.  You are here to learn about being precise, analytical.  A large number of Virgos work as accountants, secretaries, book keepers and teachers. They can be very studious when it comes to learning but can also be very critical and fussy.   Their attention to detail can be faultless but this can also lead to them missing the big picture.  This sign is also about perfection.

Libra.  The Sun in Libra is represented by the scales of Justice.  Here the journey is about bringing balance to your life. This also about justice for others.   Librans are very good at fighting for the underdog as they see injustice being dealt out to others.  There is a down-side to this sign.  Many try to be all things to all people and will spend many years being so, to the point when their own needs are neglected.  Saying no is difficult.  Many reach a point where their own health breaks down and it is only then they realise that they will have to take a stand.

Scorpio.    This sign gets a lot of bad press due to the scorpion's sting in the tail, but it not all bad news.  There is a strength about Scorpio which can lead to a profound transformation of life and thought.  This sign is being asked to go where most would fear to, into the world of the esoteric subjects such as mediumship.  This is enough to strike fear into most people, but those who take up the challenge find it leads to a more spiritual understanding.  Other subjects such as healing, inspirational writing, astrology and tarot card readings are also included in this development.  Scorpio is described as an iceberg, and you know what that means - most of it is hidden beneath the surface.

Sagittarius.  This is all about the big picture.  The archer is shooting his arrow into the distance.  It could be said this is about long term planning.  A Sagittarian is to develop skills in dealing with long term issues; there is no point in short term plans - they want to be sure that what they create will stand the test of time.  This is also the sign of faith, spiritual activity, philosophy and joy.  Part of the Sagittarian path is to bring joy to others through whatever means their chart holds.

Capricorn.  This sign is represented by a mountain goat.  You would expect them to be sure-footed but there is vulnerability about them; they seem to go through life thinking they are not good enough and hold themselves back.  They can be shy and not very forthcoming when it comes to speaking out.  This sign is about developing ones ambitions, becoming an authority in their own field of work.  They should develop skills in organising themselves and others.   

Aquarius.  This is a new age sign indicating a new way of thinking and humanitarianism.    These are the traits which are to be embraced for this lifetime.  For some this can be a difficult process as they strive to let go of past ingrained thinking which stifle their development.  There is also an element of freedom attached to this sign which may be part of the same lesson.  Freedom can be gained through a deeper understanding of spiritual maters while still living within a structured environment.

Pisces.  Two fish swimming in different directions.  This sign often causes confusion.  The purpose for someone with the Sun in Pisces is to develop a spiritual insight and one of the main characteristics  is an ability to pick up the feelings of others without even speaking.    Piscesians have a kindly nature but the downside is they can drift through life.

In the next edition we will look at the Moon and Mercury to learn about emotional responses and what shapes our thinking and methods of communication. 

Contact Lynne via her website


Relationships and the Chakras

by Frank Vilaasa

We all enter our relationships with great hopes and the best of intentions – and yet we often find ourselves getting bogged down in arguments, disappointments, possessiveness, boredom and other relationship pitfalls.  The love that was there in the beginning so often gets trampled under by each person’s frustrated expectations.

When difficulties arise in a relationship, your conditioning is to see them as problems.  You think something is going wrong so you start to wonder – whose fault is this?  Who screwed up?  It is quite clear – in your own mind – that the difficulty really has nothing to do with you. Like an astute detective, through a process of elimination, you point your finger at the guilty party.  It’s an open and shut case.  There’s the culprit standing right in front of you! 

To your dismay, the culprit refuses to take the blame.  They get defensive.  They even come back at you with some finger-pointing of their own!  You have entered the blame-game.  This game can be played out in a heated, overt way – or in an unspoken, internalised way. Either way, it undermines the positive regard and trust needed for a relationship to flourish.

We can approach relationships in one of two ways.  We can either expect them to fit with our wishes or we see them as a path to spiritual awakening.

When we view them as a path to awakening, we will see that difficulties are not a problem – they are one of the reasons why you have come together.  Why do we enter into a relationship with another person?  On one level, we do so for companionship, mutual support and the sharing of life’s joys and challenges.  Yet there is a deeper reason that we don’t often recognise.  We are there to learn how to love.  The reason we don’t recognise this is that we imagine we already know how to love.

This idea that we already know how to love is what causes most relationships to break down.  It is the root cause of the blame game. After all, if I already know how to love, how could I be in any way responsible for love disappearing?  So we blame the other person for the difficulties in our relationship and we remain blind to our share of the responsibility.

You will never learn something if you can’t admit that right now you are not skilled at it.  Of course, some forms of unskillfulness are easier to admit to than others.  We don’t mind admitting we can’t build a website.  But admitting that we don’t know how to love?  That goes right to the core of who we are as human beings.  Even admitting it to ourselves can be devastatingly humbling.

We spare ourselves this humiliation by recalling those times when we did experience and share love.  It is true that most of us have known love at some time or other.  Does this mean we have reached our full potential as lovers?  Can we say that we are satisfied with what we have known?  Is it enough?  If you are honest with yourself, you will recognise that it is not.  There is a longing in every human heart for a love that is on-going.  And when we look at the reality of our situation right now, we see that this longing often remains unfulfilled.

This doesn’t mean that you have to leave the relationship you are in.  If there are difficulties in your relationship right now – that’s perfect!  This relationship can become your classroom and the difficulties your homework assignments.  It would be very helpful if your partner could join you in the classroom but even if they are unwilling to, you can still take the opportunity to work on your own issues.  Just you getting clearer within yourself will change the dynamics of the relationship.  As you learn about the ways of the heart, the possibility of love opens up.

When we approach relationships as a path to spiritual awakening, we start to discover the reality of a truly loving relationship.  The model I have found most helpful to facilitate this process is the Tantric Yoga Chakra system.

The system of the chakras helps us to identify our difficulties and stuck patterns not just as a mental concept but also as a felt experience in the body.  In our minds, we can get carried away with our imagination about ourselves.  By getting in touch with what is happening in the body, we gain a more realistic understanding of where we are at.

There is a saying in body-centered therapies that the body doesn’t lie. Our feelings, and the energy pattern in the body, will always be a more realistic guide to where we are at than our thoughts and beliefs.  By connecting with the energies of the chakras, we get to know what our real feelings are.

Each of the seven chakras (energy centers) in the body governs a particular set of responses in us.  The first four are particularly relevant to our intimate relationships and relate to survival, sexuality, power, and the heart.

By understanding ourselves in terms of the chakras, we have a whole new set of tools for healing and correcting imbalances at these four levels.  So by feeling the fear that arises in the location of the first chakra, we know immediately that fear is still something we have to deal with.  Getting in touch with each of our chakras helps us to know the reality of where we are, and dispels any illusory ideas we may have about ourselves.

If we find ourselves caught up in arguments, disappointments, demands and other pitfalls, we need to look at what causes this in energy terms. We will see that there are stuck energy patterns in the first three chakras which prevent our energy from rising up to, and awakening the heart.

Most people find that they cannot be loving just by wishing to be.  The energetic fuel that the heart needs to open and expand is blocked in the body.

Entering a relationship puts us in touch with feelings we never thought we had.  Suddenly, we find ourselves angry/hurt/disappointed when we were expecting to feel joyful and loving.  Our automatic response may be to blame our partner for the way we feel.  This is like blaming our surroundings for making us feel afraid.

When we approach our relationships as a path to spiritual awakening, we recognise that the relationship is simply bringing out unloving feelings and attitudes that were buried in us.  It is a situation from which we can learn and grow.  If we can skillfully transform these stuck patterns in ourselves, more and more energy becomes available to rise up to, and awaken the heart.

We all have an unlimited capacity for love.  It takes skill and awareness to fully realise this potential within the nitty gritty of an intimate relationship.  The rewards for learning these skills are enormous – we can create a relationship that is nurturing and fulfilling to the heart and soul.

Frank Vilaasa is a healer, counsellor and meditation teacher. He is the author of the recently released book What is Love? – the spiritual purpose of relationships, available at

He can be contacted through his website


An invitation to time travel

Problems, behaviours and health issues often stem from the past.  We unconsciously carry forward experiences, attitudes and old dynamics

Got migraine, anxiety, relationship blocks or a phobia?  Why not time travel into your past to get an insight into how to heal your life?

Nicolas Aujula (pictured), a leading practitioner in Time Travel Regression, 
can help aid long-standing health complaints and emotional patterns.

The purpose of Time Travel Regression is to help people discover the reason for unwanted, negative and/or unexplained occurrences such as fears, phobias or health complaints.  Many clients can testify when they’ve regressed into old traumas from childhood or even past lives, they’ve remembered, reflected, released and healed these experiences.

"Problems, behaviours and health issues often stem from the past.
," says Nicolas.  "We unconsciously carry forward experiences, attitudes and old dynamics."

A recent migraine sufferer, Lawrence Davies attended a session with Nicolas where he regressed to a past life of a sailor who died of a head injury.  After dispersing the trauma through the regression, Lawrence said his symptoms were reduced by 80% and has no longer needed to rely on medication for pain relief.

Nicolas, who has appeared on the Biography Channel is now hoping to demystify the healing benefits of Time Travel Regression and make it a more understood therapeutic tool for helping people.  This type of sensitive therapy can be life changing and can certainly be life-enhancing as 'memories of the past' can be revealed and healed.

View Nicolas' website at -


What is spirituality?

It is a word that we use so often within our daily lives to describe people or experiences, but what does it truly mean?  It is an essence and expression of the soul within.

Every living person has a soul and a spirit, indeed we are all spirit possessing a soul and the soul within each of us has different qualities of expression.  If each of us could learn to express and connect with the soul within, then we would all go a long way to becoming spiritual beings.  

The soul does not comfortably express negative qualities.  Our different lives have moulded each of us through our various experiences, whether good or bad, in our consideration, but the soul within each of us always seeks the light and truth within every situation, but occasionally, the physical mind  through our various experiences, tends to mask the truth, and soul expression, and the expression of the soul’s light, can be distorted.

There is light within all mankind, it was put there by the Divine Spirit, and we though our various life journeys are trying, and wish to be free from the trappings of physical life.  Through life’s lessons, we enter into a kind of sleep state where we seem to be unaware of what the spirit and soul try to tell us and, in a way, ignore its voice because of the physical life that we live.  The material life can totally obliterate the longings of the spirit within but the awakening comes to us all eventually, usually through dark times or traumatic experiences that suddenly give us that big wake up call.  

That experience is physically unpleasant but the spirit within at that time usually says: "Hi, I’ve been trying to talk to you for a while now but you weren’t listening.  Let me lead you along this bumpy road.  I shall lead you out of this darkness into the light, but you must heed my voice.  I am the real you, it's time that our relationship became stronger.”  

The spirituality within you then gets the chance to shine through you and the light within begins to shine. And those around you begin to notice the difference.  There then begins to be a calmness within you that you’ve never before experienced.

In your prayers you find a far reaching confidence and you whole life begins to change.  It all starts with you asking yourself: "What do I need to change about myself?"  There isn’t really anything to change, for you already have within you the soul and essence of live, you just need to open the door and greet it and allow it to shine as it always longed to do.  Listen to the call of that inner voice; it will lead you to many great moments in your life and will help you to realise that the boundaries that you sent for yourself in life can be pushed further and further afield until you finally realise there are no limits to your abilities and to what you can achieve.

From Spirit Inspirations by Denise Pilgrim. Published by Con-Psy Publications, P O Box 14, Greenfield, Middx. UB6 0UF. ISBN 978 1 898680 43 7


Spiritual workshops for children

Unicorn Workshops will soon be relaunching their new and exciting workshops specifically aimed at children to introduce and/or increase their spiritual awareness.

There are many children out there who are already living spiritual lives through their elder family members or simply those that wish to develop who will benefit from these welcoming and fun monthly meet-ups.  The workshops will be held at Whomerley Spiritual Church & Centre in Spring Drive, Broadwater Crescent, Stevenage. 

They are run by Carol Holmes and Michelle O’Brien, both members of the Spiritual Workers Association.  They abide by the association's codes of conduct in working with vulnerable people in the community; children fall into this category.  On this basis parents/carers must accompany their children and stay during the workshop thereby offering a chaperone service.

Said Michelle: "We aim to be open and transparent in our affairs and parents can listen in on the workshops. This is also an excellent chance for parents to meet up on a monthly basis and make new friends and engage in friendly chats for a couple of hours over a cup of tea."

The workshops, which are held at the Whomerley Spiritual Church & Centre, Spring Drive, Broadwater Crescent, Stevenage, cost £5 per child per workshop and will be for two hours once a month from 2-4pm.  The team  will consider family discounts for parents with more than one sibling attending. Light refreshments (squash and nibbles or fruit) will be provided for the break time.  Parents are more than welcome to bring along food to share. 

unicorn_workshops"Our aim is to create awareness, invite change in the children’s development and raise standards," added Carol.  "The interactive workshops will encourage children to explore their Spirituality at an enjoyable pace.  We use child friendly language and resources and our workshops cater for mixed abilities and all ages."

Some of the topics to be included in upcoming workshops are understanding spiritualism, finding out how crystals and healing energies work,  working with Angels, healing pools, guided meditation, spiritual readings and much more.

If you are interested and wish to find out more please call Carol Holmes on 07742 793208 or Michelle O’Brien on 07932 966161, or alternatively e-mail  Unicorn has also launched a new website which is still under development and is an on-going project.  Watch it grow at

Medium Marilyn Taylor, author of children’s spiritual book Circle of Life, told SoulSeekers: “I attended one of the first children’s workshops and must say how impressed I was.  The children were amazing and it was so lovely seeing them learning and working alongside their parents.

“Carol has a gentle way of nurturing these special children who come along with problems that need to be addressed such as feeling different from the other children at school, and they seem so happy to be understood by like-minded people and find other children with the same problems.

“Hopefully these workshops will go a long way to make these children feel that they belong in whatever situations life places them.”

Unicorn workshops has just launched its new website.  Check out Carol and Michelle on


Spirit in attendance

Experienced Mediums Gail Peacock & Jo Bradley have teamed up to pool their diverse abilities in the field of Physical Mediumship.  They are conducting one day workshops up and down the country during this summer to bring awareness to those who are interested in physical phenomena. From these, the participants will hopefully gain insight into and an understanding of how communication can be made between different dimensions.

Physical Mediumship became very popular during the Victorian era. Small, usually family groups dedicated there time and energy to work with those on the other side, to produce physical manifestations and communication in various forms.  This included table tilting, transfiguration and voices coming from mid air. A spirit cabinet was used for the mediums protection, but it was usually carried out behind locked doors and in darkened rooms.

25-07-course_from_gailThe picture on the right was taken by a student attending a previous workshop of ours.  One can clearly see spirit did indeed join us.

Gail & Jo will be attending the following events:

Oxford Castle Ghost Hunt 1st September: 10.30pm – 3.30am £60.00

Tankerville Hotel in Northumberland on the 8th September 2012  10.00am – 4.00pm.  £60.00

Chillingham Castle Ghost Hunt:  1st December 2012: 10.30pm – 3.00am £80.00

If you are interested in attending any of the listed events or to host your own Victorian Bespook home party please call Gail on: 07724 088430 or email: to secure your place and host your own home party.


Thoughts of George Rixon

The classroom
If we look upon this earthly world as a classroom, then we are all pupils learning lessons the lessons of life. There are so many different lessons to learn and not all of us are set the same tasks.  They are presented to us in many ways, for example there is the lesson of being alone and learning how to cope with that loneliness. 

There are lessons of sadness, fear, perhaps poverty and hunger.  There are also the good lessons to learn such as happiness, laughter, and love.  If we work through these lessons to the best of our ability then we gain experience for b our spiritual progression and by learning our lessons, we can help others.  If we have experienced loneliness, sadness, depression, hunger and fear and won through, then we are more qualified to help others.  We can apply our understanding and thus help others who are experiencing similar situations. 

If we have wealth and power, we have to learn to use them wisely and well, not selfishly for our own purposes.  We have to learn to replace anger with love, to erase selfishness and to replace it with giving.  If we learn our lessons well, then we can graduate from this earth to a more spiritual world that much easier, but those who play truant, refusing to listen and to learn, thinking only of themselves and brushing all spiritual truths to one side will find when they enter the spirit world that they have not spiritually graduated and will have to face their lessons all over again. 

If we open our minds to God and the spirit teachers they will help us with our lessons but they will not do all the work for us, but guide us in the right direction.  When we enter spirit, God will not judge us, neither will those in spirit; we have to undertake that task ourselves.  It will be like that of looking into a mirror. We will see how we lived our earthly lives and all the good things that we did and the mistaken ways that we trod. 

We cannot escape that kind of judgement and before we can progress any further in a spiritual direction, then all the wrong things that we did on earth must be put right.  In the spirit world, there are more lessons to learn for progression is part of the natural spiritual laws.  

If you ignored the spiritual lessons that you had to learn on the earth, then you have missed the opportunity to be able to express yourself fully as a spiritual person when returning to the world of spirit.


The Force Of God
We are part of the God force,
It lies in all those that see,
A vision of truth, a vision of love,
A vision that all men are free,
For the light of love that lies dormant,
Can be lit by all those that care,
Can be kindled with love,
Can be kindled with hope,
For qualities we all should share.
We are all part of the God force,
A force that only seeks peace,
A vision the world stops killing,
Where torture and wars will all cease,
Let that which lies dormant,
Be a beacon to all in a storm,  
Let them bathe the light that is within,
Draw them close, let the flame keep them warm.
We are all part of the God force,
For your love will have lit the light,
For the vision of truth, and the vision of love,
In others will forever burn bright,
So follow the path you have chosen,
Ask nothing in return,
Just be a beacon to those in darkness,
Shine forth, so men can learn.
Take from that God force,
All the power that you will need,
To give hope to the loss and bewildered,
 And knowledge for all men to feed,
Then those visions of truth, and those visions of love,
Will only be visions in your mind,
For the light of God has entered,
To teach the world to be kind.
Malcolm G Bradshaw
President of Beaconsfield Spiritualist Church, Nottingham


Holistic pamper weekend

at 12th century Leiston Abbey, Suffolk

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a weekend with like-minded people, exploring and experiencing ways to enhance your lifestyle?  Well, now you can and at a refreshingly affordable price, thanks to Life Arts.  Spend a weekend being guided by experienced practitioners and teachers in an informal and friendly atmosphere in the tranquil, relaxing and magical grounds of Leiston Abbey, set in the Suffolk countryside.

Enjoy experiencing taster workshops including Yoga, Tai Chi, Creative Art, African Drumming and Personal Development.  Treat yourself to pamper sessions, discover your destiny with a reading or simply enjoy wandering around the peaceful grounds and gardens.

Experienced therapists will assist in making this weekend special, chosen for their high standards, ethics and dedication.  They will offer a wide range of treatments that you may choose to experience whilst staying at this amazing location.

Your weekend investment of only £195 includes all workshops, full board including refreshments and accommodation. To book or find out more visit or call Chris on 01394 277589

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