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What is an aura?

By Michael Smith

The depiction of such an aura in religious art usually connotes a person of particular power or holiness. According to the literature of movements (such as theosophy, anthroposophy, archeosophy, etc.) each colour of the aura has a precise meaning, indicating a precise emotional state.

A complete description of the aura and its colours was provided by Charles Leadbeater, a theosophist of the 19th century. The works of Leadbeater were later developed by Palamidessi and others.  Sceptics such as Robert Todd Carroll doubt the evidence presented for the perception of auras, contending that auras may be seen for explainable reasons such as migraines or synaesthesia.

Some people see auras as the result of a migraine, epilepsy, a visual system disorder, or a brain disorder. Eye fatigue can also produce an aura, sometimes to referred to as ‘eye burn’.  W.E. Butler has connected auras with clairvoyance and etheric, mental, and emotional emanations.

He classifies aura into two main types: etheric and spiritual.  Robert Bruce classifies auras into three types: etheric, main, and spiritual.  Various books have been written that derive various personality traits based upon the specific colours of the different layers of the aura. Auras are thought to be related to the etheric subtle body and to serve as a visual measure of the state of the health of the physical body.

Auras are not thought to be actual light but a translation of other unknown sensory readings that is added to our visual processing.  According to Bruce they are not seen in complete darkness and cannot be seen unless some portion of the person or object emitting the aura can also be seen.

Debunkers of paranormal activity deny claims of the existence of auras, labelling them pseudoscience.  One test, which was televised, involved an ‘aura’ reader standing on one side of a room with an opaque partition separating her from a number of slots which might contain either actual people or mannequins.

The aura reader failed to identify which partitions had which behind them, claiming that all were concealing people.  According to Bruce’s criteria for the visibility of the aura, this test would have been impossible.


But are auras real?

By Martin Eisen

Since antiquity, spiritual adepts have claimed an aura, or a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounds a person or object (like the halo of religious art) that some mystics are capable of observing. 

In Qigong theory, three external Wei Qi fields supposedly surround the body.  The first external energy field extends about one or two inches outside the body.  It is related to the Lower Dan Tian and serves as a holographic energy template for the body.  The second field extends a foot or more outside the body.  It is related to the Middle Dan Tian and the emotional energy body.  The third field extends a few feet to several hundred yards depending on the person’s spiritual evolution.  It is related to the upper Dan Tian and the spiritual energy body.  The dominant colour of the aura surrounding the Qigong practitioner depends on which of the Dan Tians is dominant.  The most powerful healers are considered to be those in which the Upper Dan Tian is dominant and the colour will be white.  Scientific research has attempted to find devices that will form pictures of the aura.

In the 1970’s, Dr. Thelma Moss did extensive research in Kirlian photography when she led the UCLA parapsychology laboratory.  One experiment designed to show the presence of energy fields generated by living entities involved taking Kirlian contact photographs of a picked leaf at set periods.  Its gradual withering corresponded to a decline in the strength of the aura.  However it may simply be that the leaf loses moisture and becomes less electrically conductive, causing a gradual weakening of the electric field at the drier edges of the leaf.

In the late 1980’s, Harry Oldfield developed a scanner which he thought would provide a real time, moving image of the energy field.  His system became known as Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP).   He speculated that ambient (surrounding) light would be interfered with by the energy field both when the incident ray travelled towards the object and when the reflected ray bounced off the object.

To see the body’s energy field with PIP, ideally the person is in a room with full spectrum lighting at a controlled output, standing against a white backdrop. The picture is taken with a digital video camera.  A lead from the camera acts connects it to a computer.  The sophisticated program analyses the different light intensities being reflected from the person or object being scanned.  The computer screen then displays the end project seen.  Harry Oldfield believes that his PIP can see the energy field from and around the body in much the same way as people with gifts of vision can.  His belief is based on the fact that some clairvoyants and mystics with their gifts helped him develop some of the filters in PIP which simulate what they see, including the colours.

Some medical Qigong doctors base their diagnosis and treatment on the aura's appearance and colours.  Aura colours and patterns constantly change depending on the patient's physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical health.

A simple test for the ability to see auras, the ‘Doorway Test’, has been devised.  A subject with a large aura is behind a wall so that he cannot be seen by the aura reader.  He approaches the doorway and stands so that his shoulders are at the edge of the doorway and his body is not visible.  The reader attempts to detect the subject’s presence by his aura, which will protrude into the doorway.  Some people, who claimed to see auras, were only correct in detecting peoples’ presence only a small number of times, as if they were guessing.

Some sceptics believe that there is no aura.  Rather, the mystic suffers from synaethesia, especially if the ability is inborn.  Synaesthesia is a condition found in 1 in 2000 people in which stimulation of one sense produces a response in one or more of the other senses.  For example, people with synaesthesia may experience colours with tastes or smells with sounds.   It is thought to originate in the brain.  Some scientists believe it might be caused by a cross-wiring in the brain, for example, between centres involved in emotional processing and smell perception.  Synaesthesia is known to run in families.


Psychic Aura Readings

By Carolyn Nyman 

Every human being has an energy field that surrounds their body.  This is referred to as the aura.  In its purest form, the human aura is believed to be radiating spiritual energy that is unique to every individual.  One way to look at the human aura is to imagine it as a blanket of light that radiates from all of us.  Those who can sense auras claim that they can see luminous impressions of colour that surround the human body.  These colours are associated to one's emotions, present psychological issues, karmic concerns, and most importantly, one’s spiritual energy.

Aura readers can tell a lot about a person by the aura colours that emanate from their body.  These colours can often determine specific spiritual or psychological imbalances that need to be addressed, processed or acknowledged to achieve harmony.  In many cases, psychic aura readings really deal with psychological or emotional issues with the goal being to find inner balance through the dissipation of inner conflict and turmoil.

It’s important to note that when an aura reader does work on someone else that whomever they are working on has first allowed them to do so.  Otherwise their attempts can be seen as a psychic intrusion which can sometimes cause conflict.  It is important that appropriate boundaries are set.  This creates an environment of safety for both the aura reader and the person being read.

The same needs to be said for those who work on your aura if you are the one receiving the reading.  It is important that you always feel really comfortable with the person you are working with.  This is because your aura is connected both to your energy levels and your emotional state.  You need to be careful that you don’t allow your aura’s field to be penetrated or drained by an individual that you either do not feel comfortable working with or who does not have the skills to adequately work with you on an energetic level.


Learn how to see your own aura

The human aura is a three-dimensional energy field that surrounds the bodies of all living-beings and things.  It extends in all directions, normally in an elliptical shape around the body.  The healthier you are, the further the aura will extend out from the body.

There was an era when many people were able to see auras.  In paintings of Spiritual leaders like Christ and the Buddha, we often see golden haloes around their heads.  These haloes are nothing but their auras. The artists and painters of that age were able to see the auras and hence reproduced them in their artwork.

Seeing the aura has got nothing ‘paranormal’ about it.  It is very normal and one of easiest things to learn.  With some time, practice and perseverance, anyone can see auras to some degree.

Why do we need to see auras?  Learning to see the aura can reveal a lot about a person. The colours and intensity of the aura can tell us what the other person is thinking.  Since the aura cannot be faked, the person’s true nature and intentions become clear as a mirror.

Someone has said that the aura is our spiritual signature.  How true!  A person with a radiant, clean aura is spiritually advanced and a person with a dark, murky aura is someone with unclear intentions.  So if we know how to see and understand the aura, we know whom to befriend and whom to steer away from.

Also, by reading the aura it is possible to diagnose diseases even before symptoms become evident.  If all doctors were trained to see the aura, it would be a boon to mankind.

How to read the Aura

Preparation : Find a place where you can practice undisturbed.  Relax your mind by doing some deep-breathing exercises. Make sure the light in your room is neither too bright nor is it totally dark.  A soft dim light is ideal.  It is also important to have an open-minded attitude.  The belief that you can see the aura will give you success faster.

Experiment 1 - See the aura around your hands: The background colour, against which you will practice viewing the aura, should be preferably black, white or grey.

Hold one of your hands out in front of you and gently spread your fingers.  Your palm can either be towards you or away from you.  Take a few deep breaths and relax.  Now, here is the trick ... look at your hand but keep your focus on the background.  That is, you do not focus on your hand but you look beyond, and gaze at the background.

Relax your gaze and don’t try too hard.  Don’t look at your hand.  Look at the background beyond your hand.  Try not to blink.  In a few moments, you will see a fuzzy haze around the fingers of your hand.  It will be a kind of a glow surrounding your hands.  The colour is generally white, silver or grey.  Congratulations!  You have just seen your aura!

This haze will disappear if you focus on your hands, and re-appear if you focus on the background.  You will soon learn to hold your attention so that you can see the aura for a longer time.

Experiment 2 - See the aura around your body: With practice it will be very easy to look at the aura around your hands.  Once you are good at it, you can try to look at the aura of your body.  For this experiment, stand in front of a mirror.  It is advisable that you are not wearing any clothes.  Just like the previous experiment, have a dark or white background behind you.

Look at the mirror and don’t focus on your body.  Focus on the background.  As you stare past your body, you will very quickly notice a fuzzy silver or grey outline surrounding your body.  This is similar to the aura you saw around your hands.  The aura will appear and disappear.  You have to train your eyes not to revert to the normal focus.  The trick is to stay de-focused.  With practice you will see it quite prominently and it will stay for a longer time.

Experiment 3: See the aura around other peoples’ bodies: When you are good at seeing your own aura, you can train yourself to look at other people’s aura.  The process is similar to looking at your own aura, but this time, you will be not be requiring any mirrors.  The person will stand in front of a background and you look beyond the person, and focus on the background.  De-focus your eyes so that you can see his aura.

For the advanced student: The layers of the aura: If you venture to get deeper into the subject of aura-reading, you will find more interesting facts about the aura.

You will see that the aura is made up of several layers. The first layer, called the physical aura, starts from just above the surface of the skin and tells you about the physical well-being of the person.  The second layer, called the mental aura tells you about the mental state of the person.  The third, called the spiritual aura gives you information about the spiritual advancement of the subject.  All the three layers overlap each other. Together, they might extend up to four or five feet from the human body.

The common colours of the aura: When you advance sufficiently, you will start to see and distinguish the various colours in the aura. The location of the colour, the intensity and the shade can tell a great deal about the subject. But it takes sufficient practice to understand and interpret the colours. Each colour can tell you something about the subject.

The most common colours that can be seen are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, black, pink, white, silver.

Conclusion: When we were infants, we all could see auras.  Most children up to three or four years of age see auras naturally.  If a child doesn’t like the colour of the aura of a person, they start crying!  If they like it, they smile and readily go into the arms of the person.  As we grew, the materialistic world enslaved us.  We forgot to use our innate abilities to see the aura.

If we want to re-learn to see the aura, we need to give ourselves some time.  We should not expect to become experts overnight.  But have heart!  Learning to see the aura is not a mystery.  If you have the desire, and really want to see it, follow the experiments outlined above.  And you will see your aura within a few minutes!


Developing aura wisdom

By Elizabeth Rose 

Once you have practiced enough to see your own aura, you may be able to read it.  The following is a little more information to assist you in understanding what seeing these fields of light can mean.

You have more than one aura:
People are surrounded by more than one layer of energy.  I find that the two energy fields closest to the body are the most easily viewed by the human eye.  The energy fields that are furthest away tend to be fainter in intensity and colour.  That being said, if you happen to be in a lucid or meditative state, all the aura colours and layers will intensify and become noticeably more visible, so much that they will almost jump out at you.  When that happens, I can think of no more beautiful colours than the aura colours.  For me, it is like seeing a glimpse of heaven because you are viewing people’s spirits.

Aura layer 1
Your ‘etheric’ aura is the energy field that is closest to your body.  It radiates out about an eighth or a quarter of an inch.  When your body is back-lit by subdued lighting, the etheric aura appears as a fine highlight or line around your entire body.  It is directly against your skin.

Aura layer 2
Your ‘main’ aura radiates much further out.  It appears like a large oval mist that surrounds your entire body.  Depending upon your energy level, it expands and contracts, and changes in size.  Again, it is best viewed in subdued back-lighting.

The two auras that are closest to your body indicate the personality that you were born with.  Throughout your lifetime, these aura colours tend to remain relatively consistent.  However, as you evolve in consciousness, (i.e. achieve a higher level of vibration through more heightened spiritual awareness), your aura colour will change.  A purple aura indicates your connection to all that is spiritual or divine. 

Developing your aura through meditation
Time and time again, I keep being reminded of the importance of meditation.  When you learn to control your mind through the discipline of meditation or other practices, something amazing begins to happen to your aura.  The aura clouds around your body will start to become increasingly dense and defined in shape and structure.  With time and practice, they will eventually solidify into a solid shape.

You will know a highly evolved mind when you see them because that person’s aura will have a distinct edge surrounding their main aura.  The edge will be so clear that it can be traced with a pencil. 
A particular Lama’s aura colour was indigo.  Indigo is the colour of the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, the colour of awareness, inner vision, and higher intuition.  Years ago, we met a man with an indigo aura.  In contrast to the Lama, his aura was undeveloped and misty, like a cloud around his head.  However, the cloud was so dense that I could barely see his face.  Clearly, he was well-practiced in meditation.  When I inquired if he was intuitive, he described how he regularly ‘walked with the ascended masters’, the ‘enlightened beings’ who long ago passed from this world into the non-physical realms of spirit.  They were always there to provide him with guidance and were clearly visible to him.  We visited this man at his home and were surprised when he invited us into his garage.  When we stepped through the door, instead of a vehicle, petrol cans, and clutter, we were confronted by a beautiful and tranquil spiritual retreat, complete with a rock labyrinth in his garden that provided a winding spiritual path for his daily walking meditations.

A Tibetan Buddhist Lama that I know has such a mind.  Around his head and shoulders, his aura appears as a large indigo coloured oval, reminiscent of the halos that are portrayed in countless paintings of Jesus, the saints, and apostles.  When I first saw it, it was an amazing gift to perceive an aura in such a highly developed state.  It was something I had never seen this before. 
Given the Lama’s more developed indigo aura, one can only guess how much more aware his mind is, compared to the rest of us.  With a mind that is so highly developed and disciplined, what amazing and wondrous things that Lama must know and see.  In his teachings, he described having achieved a constant state of meditation.  Through meditation, he long ago overcame all fear and achieved a permanent state of clarity and bliss.  What a goal!!!
Are you still coming from a place of fear?  What are your goals with respect to your spiritual development?  Perhaps they now include mastering meditation?  Mine do!

Now have a go at finding the colours in your aura.

Elaine Brunson offers an interactive test to help you see.


a vital role player in today’s hectic lifestyle

By Martin Luther 

The history of meditation is documented more than several thousand years ago and was closely bound up with the religious background.  It was mainly known and practiced in ancient times by different religious and spiritual classes.  In Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and now even in new age, it had and still has high significance.  As in old times meditation was practiced as a part of religious prayer, now in today’s fast life, it has achieved an entirely new image and meaning.  Nowadays it’s practiced to calm down, eliminate mental stress and attain bodily relaxation, at times to improve psychosomatic balance, even sometimes to deal with illness, or to improve overall health and well-being.

There are varied techniques of meditating each one helping to heal different health and mental issues.  Some which boost and develop precision, concentration, positivity whereas some are so intense that they are said to enlighten inner calm to see the true nature of things around us.  By involving in a particular practice you may learn the habits, strengths and weaknesses of your mind.  These peaceful exercises offer a way to cultivate new, more positive and better ways of living.

Although this practice is often seen in Eastern cultures and religions, still it appears that meditation is intensely widespread.  It’s popular among different human classes and age groups. Many living schools and mind-body centres have introduced meditation as an important part of their courses and programs.  Some take it up in the course for patience and concentration techniques, some for relaxation and rejuvenation classes.

Scientific and medical researchers are conducting continued studies to see if proper meditation has neurological effects.  Different modern scientific methods and instruments are brought into use to see how the body responds while people meditate and as to what changes are seen after meditating on a routine basis.  Further assessments have ascertained that more research needs to be done to know the genuine definition of meditation and its medical usefulness.

Avoiding the above medical statistic, many individuals and groups associated with the act of meditation. Highly experienced teachers and gurus are easily accessible around the world for educating about such relaxation healing and well-being programs.

Hence, to add value to one’s life and to get steady relief, every individual must practice meditation.  As endurance and persistent focus on the mental health through it can excavate into deep, peaceful and energized state of mind.


Aura reading is just one of a whole number of ways a professional reader can give you a reading.

Psychic reading: myth or reality

By Marina Dee

Psychics possess ability to see different things are beyond the understanding of common people.  They inherit some super natural ability that enables them to understand paranormal happenings.  Psychic reading is a special attempt to collect information using super ability or various other things like touch, sight, sound, taste or any other instinct.  People use these abilities to gather information about the past, present or future of an individual.  During the time of grief when anything is not happening as per ones wishes than psychics help the grief stricken people with their special powers.  With their instincts, they can foresee future or the influence of spirits or any other thing which is preventing an individual from getting successful.

There are various methods that are used for this purpose. Some of the most prominent are listed below.

Astrology: In this, the psychics read the effects of distant object of the cosmology.  They, with their super ability, gather information about the effect of different stars, sun and moon on the fortunes of an individual.  They try to see the things of the present and future that are happening in one’s life.       

Coffee Cup Reading: This a widely used technique in which a cup of coffee is used to gather information about past and future of an individual.  In this technique, the various patterns, shapes and symbols that are made up of coffee on the cup is interpreted in to meaningful information to get information about what is going on or what will going to happen in one’s life.  It is believed that the upper half of the cup provides information about the future while the lower half gives information about the past.  The signs or symbols provide information about the bad or the good luck.  This technique is very helpful in offering information about various factors that are influencing the life of an individual.    

Candle Wax Reading: It is another technique that is widely used by the psychics to gather paranormal information.  The colours of the flames of the burning candles provide information about the good or bad fortunes of the individual.  The symbols and signs of the wax also provide information about what is affecting the life of an individual or what are the reasons that one is not getting happiness, success and wealth in his/her life.  In this, different flames predict different things.  Strong flame is the sign of power and strength.  It ensures that you will be getting success in the venture while the weak flame shows that luck is against you and you will surely not succeed in any enterprise.  The various patterns of wax also give information about various events that will be going to take place in near future.     

Photo Reading: It is another technique that is widely used to collect information about the present and future of an individual.  In this, psychics give effective solution to set things right after seeing the photographs of loved ones, individuals or family members.   

Dream interpretation: In terms of science, dream is the semi unconscious condition of the brain.  But in terms of psychics, dreams are the effective tool that provides relevant information about what will be going to take place in the near future.  Many people can’t understand these dreams but with their super ability, psychics can easily understand these and give relevant information to those who seek their support.

Various psychic readers are rendering their services to set things right in the life of grief stricken people.  Some people believe this science as mere myth.  But, we all never deny the existence of the Almighty without seeing or touching Him.  Same is the case with the existence of spirits and various other things that tremendously affect the life of individuals.  These are beyond the understanding of common man.  So, one thing is for sure that only few of us possess the intelligence to foresee and understand things in a better way than others and psychics are using their super abilities to bring happiness, wealth, success and joy in the life of millions.  


How to spot signs from the universe when life gives them to you

Dr Samantha Sutton

Have you ever known someone who seemed to have all of the solutions to her problems?  To whom all of the right opportunities and “aha” moments just seemed to appear?  These people are not “lucky” or “blessed”, and they don’t have some special gene that the rest of lack.

Consider that they might just be better at seeing answers when they present themselves … which means that you can, too.

On an average day, there is more information flying around you than you can possibly pay attention to: conversations, webpages, people walking down the street, emails, radio announcements, etc.

What sets the ‘magical’ people apart is that their minds can filter through all of this information to find the tidbits that they need, whereas for the rest of us, answers just get lost in the noise.  (It’s like those TSA dogs in airports can sniff out contraband in people’s luggage, amid thousands of sights, smells, and sounds.)

Here is a four-step guide to train your brain to bring you the answers you seek:

Visualize what you want.

This is exactly how those TSA dogs are trained: the TSA agent first lets the dog have a nice long sniff of the contraband so it can know what it smells like. You have to do the same thing with your dreams. Write down what exactly you’re looking for, whether it’s:

A job that I absolutely love, that uses all of my strengths and talents.

A partner who is ready and excited to commit to the journey of a lifetime with me.

A house in a neighbourhood that fits me perfectly.

Give as much detail as you can.

2. Revisit your vision daily.

This is where most people get stuck. They write their vision and then put it in a drawer somewhere, instead of in their brains. Read your vision each morning, to prep your brain for what it needs to look for.

3. Get emotional about what you want.

I know you sometimes wish you would e less emotional about issues in your life. But the truth is that our brains are wired to respond strongly to things that we feel emotionally about.

So make sure that you feel the excitement and joy that would come with your vision coming true. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have that job? That partner? That house? Let yourself get excited about it.

4. Reflect nightly on the clues you found.

My career group clients at first were frustrated by this step. “The only thing I got excited about today was leaving work, Samantha!  How is that clue supposed to help me?”

But trust me folks, your mind will deliver. Let it get warmed up and you’ll start to see a whole world unfold. You need to ask it to find you the clues, though, otherwise it won’t deliver.

This four-step process is simple, and probably somewhat obvious. The real power lies in actually doing it!

The answers to your deepest questions will start to surface, in the most bizarre and unpredictable of places: in a conversation you overhear on the subway, in a poster you see in the hallway. On one hand, it feels a bit like magic. On the other, it’s simply your mind knowing what to look for.

What answers are you looking for in your life?

What steps will you take today to start training your brain to notice them? 


Past life regression techniques

By Yael Manor

Past life regression techniques include different proficiencies such as hypnotic techniques and non-hypnotic techniques for recalling the past lives.  When individuals approach a PLR (past life regression) therapist, the therapist may use any of the techniques in which they have obtained certification.

In certain past life regression techniques, therapists perform hypnotism on the individuals.  It includes the condition in which individuals slip into altered state of mind and consciousness.  In this stage, therapists take a particular subject, which is bothering individuals in their present lives.  There are two techniques in hypnotism method.

Past life regression technique 1:
In this method, therapists take individuals in hypnotism state as described above.  However, in this method, therapists may create or set up an atmosphere so that individuals go back in their past lifetime.  In this state, therapists take any particular subject and root it in the mind of individuals by giving constant prompting.
Therapists inquire about the subject in such a way that individuals reach relaxation levels.  In this state of sub-consciousness, therapists try to access the past life memories.

After reaching the desired level of consciousness, the subject is then lapsed gradually to the in-utero stage wherein individuals recall flashes of their inter-life conditions, and their past lives memories glitter in the awareness of subject.  As a result, individuals describe those memories verbally.
Cause-effect or karma:
Second type of past life regression techniques in hypnotism includes cause-effect method.  This method follows the principle of karma (principle of existing, causes and effects).  Some therapists believe that, whatever individuals do in past lives, their effects are directly seen in present lives.  Thus, if people do something good in their past life, they do not usually encounter problems in their present life.

Therapists consider the birth time, date, and state of the individuals to obtain information about their past life.  In short, an individual’s past creates a pertinent effect on the present physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health.  For instance, therapists say if past vows, promises, decisions or thoughts remain unfulfilled, then they may create adverse effects on the individual's present life.

Non-hypnotic method:
In non-hypnotic techniques or bridge techniques, intense emotions, words, visions, phrases or physical sensations may instantly bridge conflicts of the present life to the past.
Here, individuals automatically slip into consciousness without having to undergo the formal transition state.
Thus, past life regression techniques help to identify root of problems and this helps to clear unwarranted fears and overcome present life difficulties.

Past life regression training:
Past life regression training helps people whose memories haunt them.  Past lives exist in the memories of people.  When human soul restores to life, the traumatic memories recreate keeping individuals from living peacefully.  They return to conscious awareness due to many factors such as depression, anxiety, obsessions, panic attacks, anger, physical pain that is beyond explanation, nightmare and phobias.

Past life regression training offers individuals to look beyond illusions and confusions of life.  It proves beneficial in bringing about past life healing that resounds in present life.

Past life regression training helps the emotional experiences or unconscious mind to become conscious completely.  Main objective of past life regression training is to resolve the unconscious scripts based on survival, which affect negatively on a person's health, lifestyle and behaviour.

Body therapy:
Here, regression therapists explore and transform present life memory of individuals.  The body therapy works with the body patterns.  The therapists interview clients so they recollect past memories.

Regression therapy:
Past life regression training covers past life of an individual, which includes covering memories from recent life too.  It resolves the disputes related to past life, which distort an individual’s emotional, physical and mental well-being in recent life.
The training program goes deep into finding the root cause disturbing an individual’s life. Past life regression training heals a person from within and helps to attain emotional, physical and spiritual relief.


Who were you in your past life?

Are you ready to find out exactly who/what you have been in a past life?  Rachael Addine helps with a quiz.


The ships of life

By Ada McKay

Have you ever thought of your life as if it was a voyage on a ship and you are sailing across the sea to reach your destination.  As the popular hymn puts it “We are sailing o’er life’s ocean to a far and brighter shore.”  You embarked on the voyage when you were born into this world and the day will come when you will disembark because you have reached your destination in the next world.  During your voyage you will meet many other travellers on the same trip and you will call at different ports in different countries.  Throughout your time on board you will learn many things and have many different experiences.  You will also encounter other ships.

The first ship you will encounter as you start on your voyage through life is KINSHIP for we all start life as part of a family group.  To have kin, those related to you by blood, can be a wonderful thing.  Sadly these days, family members become separated and lose touch as everyone follows their own path in life.  This is where the next ship you encounter on your journey is very important.  It is called FRIENDSHIP.  Nobody  goes through life without making some friends.  This will start in childhood when you have best friends, chums, schoolmates, with whom you will share interests, secrets and your innermost thoughts.  However as your sea voyage continues some of your friends will leave the ship at various stops in the voyage and you will start to make new friendships.  Every friendship you make will add to your experience of life.

Another ship you will find on your journey is COMPANIONSHIP.  This differs a little from friendship as companionship is more about having the company of one person rather than being on your own.  You may form a special RELATIONSHIP with one person which may then lead to COURTSHIP and eventually marriage.  For many people companionship means having a pet dog or cat to keep them company and to take away their loneliness.

Of course there is one thing we all need on our voyage through life and that is an occupation and work to earn our living and perhaps support a family.  We may find ourselves involved in serving an APPRENTICESHIP.  Perhaps with skilful hands we may train in CRAFTSMANSHIP or we may attempt SCHOLARSHIP to enter a profession.  In these occupations you may find yourself one of a team.  You may serve on committees and take a share in running the business or company and, in such cases you will learn the skills of LEADERSHIP.

On your ship of life there will be many activities in which you can join outside of your working life.  In these activities you will find more ships — COMRADESHIP, FELLOWSHIP and by joining in you will be part of the MEMBERSHIP.  SPORTSMANSHIP may play a large part in your out-of -work activities.

Of course not all the ships you will encounter on your life’s voyage are good ships.  Everyone experiences HARDSHIP of one sort or another in life.  You will encounter sorrow, grief, ill-health and loss of a loved one but it is in overcoming these hardships that you will become stronger to face the remainder of your journey.  As the end of your journey nears look back over your voyage through life and think of what you have learned from these different ships you have encountered.  Did you participate or did you remain just an onlooker?  Was your life enhanced by being a member of a club or an organisation?  Do you still enjoy friendship, companionship, fellowship and comradeship with others?

One ship has accompanied you throughout your voyage.  The captain of this ship was the one who gave you life and watched over you throughout your journey.  Have you acknowledged through WORSHIP your very best friend and companion who is waiting to welcome you when you step ashore at the end of your voyage and enter His Heavenly Kingdom?


The classroom

By George Rixon

If we look upon this earthly world as a classroom then we are all pupils learning lessons the lessons of life. There are so many different lessons to learn and not all of us are set the same tasks. They are presented to us in many ways, for example there is the lesson of being alone and learning how to cope with that loneliness. There are lessons of sadness, fear, perhaps poverty and hunger. There are also the good lessons to learn such as happiness, laughter, and love. If we work through these lessons to the best of our ability then we gain experience for our spiritual progression, and by learning our lessons, we can help others.

If we have experienced loneliness, sadness, depression, hunger and fear and won through, then we are more qualified to help others.  We can apply our understanding and thus help others who are experiencing similar situations.  If we have wealth and power, we have to learn to use them wisely and well, not selfishly for our own purposes.

We have to learn to replace anger with love, to erase selfishness and to replace it with giving.  If we learn our lessons well, then we can graduate from this earth, to a more spiritual world that much easier.  But those who play truant, refusing to listen and to learn, thinking only of themselves and brushing all spiritual truths to one side, will find when they enter the spirit world that they have not spiritually graduated, and will have to face their lessons all over again.  If we open our minds to God and the spirit teachers, they will help us with our lessons, but they will not do all the work for us, but guide us in the right direction.

When we enter spirit, God will not judge us, neither will those in spirit, we have to undertake that task ourselves. It will be like that of looking into a mirror.  We will see how we lived our earthly lives, and all the good things that we did, and the mistaken ways that we trod.  We cannot escape that kind of judgement and before we can progress any further in a spiritual direction, then all the wrong things that we did on earth must be put right.

In the spirit world, there are more lessons to learn, for progression is part of the natural spiritual laws.  If you ignored the spiritual lessons that you had to learn on the earth, then you have missed the opportunity to be able to express yourself fully as a spiritual person when returning to the world of spirit.

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