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What is palmistry?

Your spirit guide and how they can help you


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Talking to the spirit world

Psychic self-defence

Why pray? Higher power

Setting your goals

Power of Spirit


The secret to psychic mediumship

Did you ever wonder how psychic mediums in the media contact deceased loved ones so accurately in front of an audience?  Does it all seem like magic, smoke and mirrors?  They seem to get names, facts and figures like ‘water running off a duck’s back!’  Did it ever occur to you that mediumship is a skill most people can do, provided they know the right, extremely simple to learn, mind development exercises? 

When I first started studying mediumship, it all seemed rather mystical to me.  I strained, strived and struggled to get accurate information.  I believed it was difficult and difficult it became.  My teachers all taught versions of meditation to gain access, but the techniques they used did not provide a foolproof method to go deeply enough into trance at will.

But there is a way to do it.  It is called hypnosis.  Yes, simple self-hypnosis as a technique can place you deeply in trance so that access to the world of spirit is highly probably and quite likely.  This coupled with unblocking any issues you might have are the foundation for success in this work.

Mediumship can be explained in a minute.  You relax, ask for access to spirit, and then receive the information without blocking it.  But like riding a bike, instructions are not enough.  Developing the skill is everything.  The most critical skill to building successful mediumship is learning how to effectively enter trance and unblocking any beliefs or past life issues which might prevent an open channel.

The way to do this effectively is using hypnosis.  To enter a simple self induced trance, take the following steps.  You might want to record these steps in your own voice for easy playback.

1. Get into a comfortable position seated or lying down where you will not be interrupted for at least five to ten minutes. 
2. Take in a few deep breaths and relax.
3. Imagine you are in a field and off in the distance you see a water well.
4. You walk over to it and peer down into the well.
5. There is no water in the well, but rather you realise it is a very long tunnel with a white light at the very end of it way off in the distance.
6. You notice a stairway curving along the inner perimeter of the tunnel. It starts at the top of the inside of the tunnel curving down clockwise to the white light at the very end.
7. You feel compelled to step into the well and climb onto the staircase.
8. As you walk down the stairs you count backwards slowly from 10. Each number represents a station and is separated by at least five steps. At each station you suggest to yourself you are going deeper and deeper into the well and into a relaxed sleep until you arrive at the white light at zero.
9. You enter the white light.
10. This is the spiritual realm. It looks like any place that is extremely familiar, pleasant and relaxing to you. This is the place where contact with the world of spirit is possible.
11. Relax and begin to ask spirit to provide you the information you need.

Quite often the things we think are exotic really are quite ordinary provided we have the right tools.  When you think about flying, it was an outrageous idea before the airplane was invented.  Well, what if you had the right tools to open your mind to connect to spirit with repeatable accuracy?  This is what the correct tools to go to trance can do for you.  It makes the exotic simple, repeatable and quite possible.

Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn


What is palmistry?

Psychic palm reading is also coined as palmistry.  In this form of foreseeing or foretelling anything about anybody’s present, past and future involves lines, patterns and shapes on the hands.  The hand of a person is considered as the store house of various significant events of the person’s life.  A rough sketch of the person’s personality can also be drawn by utilising the knowledge of palmistry. 

The origination of this art was in China 3,000 years ago.  The same art was used by the gypsies for fortune telling in Europe.  Psychic palm reading became popular in 20th century during the spiritualism movement.  This is not just about reading palms, but it also incorporates interpretation of the hands.  The shape of the fingers and nails formation are interpreted as they appear.  Professional palm readers will have many qualifications and have a thorough understanding about palm reading and forecasting.

By the help of psychic palm reading the palmist gets to know about the problems that might be faced by that person in near future or that he/she has faced in the past.  Every minute detail like this is depicted on a person’s palm.  It would not be wrong to say that all the patterns and shapes depicted on the palms are associated with astrology.  The significant life changes are also depicted by the changes in the pattern of the palm, as with age the hand patterns also change.  Apart from age there are two more things which are held responsible for the change in the hand patterns, yoga and meditation.  Experts also say that more the spirit is set free the more one connects with the divine mind.

There are also a few people who like to read their own palms, and this type of psychic palm reading is callled self-palm reading.  There is no academic qualification required for palm reading.  What really required is the basic knowledge and understanding of the art of palm reading or palmistry. Internet is considered as the best source for gathering knowledge.  A few people take psychic palm reading as a profession from casual hobby.  The accuracy increases with experience.  The ones who are doing psychic palm reading for years are more dependable as they have gone into the depth of palm reading. Institutes and training centres have also come up now that provide proper training and show how to reveal the true secrets of the palms.

Many might get confused by hearing about self-palm reading and might think that it is different from professional one, but the basic idea behind the two is the same.  The only difference is in self-palm reading the person gets to read only one palm and in the professional one the person gets to see a lot of palms and thus the experience gained is more.  This also increases the accuracy and the answers attained become unquestionable.  The self-palm readers can also attain the same level of expertise by practice. More and more practice will help them to understand the relation between body and spirit. 



Your spirit guide and how
they can help you

There are two types of spirit guides.

The first type is in relatively close proximity to you.  These are people that have lived a physical life here and passed on. They were typically friends or family but it doesn’t mean that you knew them. These spirit guides could be great, great, great aunts and uncles or grandparents or close friends to relatives. T hey choose you, you don't choose them.  They protect and watch over you.  They are that voice over your shoulder that comes across as an inner voice that will warn you of danger or direct you down a safer path.

The second type of spirit guide is a spirit that has never had a physical existence but do have similar personalities to us.  They are not in close proximity to any specific person.  They are there for the general guidance of us all. They can be bold and straight forward or funny and silly or even sensitive to our emotions.  These spirits guide us more on a logical or emotional level.

We all have the first type of spirit guide around us at all times.  Some of us have the second type as well.  All spirit guides have an aura colour associated with them.  Most of us have a colour we prefer, a favourite colour, because of our spirit guides.  There is a natural connection between us and them.  There are methods to boost this connection and get better in tune with them.

I strengthen my connection with them using Binaural and Monaural Beats or Isochronic Tones. These are computer generated frequency sound waves designed to put us in a proper state of mind. A state of mind that is more willing to open up the connection between us and them.

I have learned to trust the voice on my shoulder and have avoided many of the pitfalls that I used to encounter in my youth.  For me, life seems to be easier now because of my connection with my spirit guide.  I have made better financial decisions and better decisions with my love life.  I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now if it wasn’t for my connection with my spirit guide.  I have realised that there are things in this world much bigger than me and have learned to trust my logic and intuition.

If you believe: You can live the life you want, not settle for the life you have. 

Eric Davis



Many times in our life, we find ourselves pensive and arrested by intriguing questions like:

“Why did this happen to me?”

“Is there a higher purpose to my life?”

“What is the true purpose of my life?”

“Why am I unhappy?”

Clueless, we desperately seek for answers.  All our material progress, professional achievements and human bonding fail to quench our soul.  We feel grossly unhappy.  Directionless, we seek means to address our inexplicable inner turmoil.  Also, in our highly stressful lives, we also experience many physiological problems due to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Spirituality is the quest to resolve that inner turmoil in our life.  Its objective is to transcend to a more evolved self and feel a sense of well-being.  Ultimately we seek to understand the reason of our own existence and a more meaningful role for ourselves.  It helps in identifying a purpose in life to live for, eliminating the non-essentials and streamlining our life towards a more productive discourse.

Lost in thoughts, besotted by feelings and drowned in memories, we begin to mistakenly identify our life’s meaning with them and lose our true selves.  Spirituality is about removing rancour and noise from our lives and realise our true beings.  As we begin to see the real nature of the world as well as our inner self, we begin to feel a sense of tranquillity in our inner selves, and can negotiate the turmoil of life with equanimity.

Churches are vibrant places of worship.  Drawing inspiration from Bible, they usher millions into the inspiring and heavenly presence of Holy Spirit.  They awaken many to the glory of God through prayer, worship and teaching from Bible, the infallible word of God.  They make their followers realise that through unwavering faith in Jesus, their lives will become more meaningful, wholesome, and they can see the signs and wonders as stated in the Bible.

Lyric Anderson


Can a phone reading be as good as a face-to-face reading? 

Psychics who offer phone readings and read for others via great distances are often asked this question before someone gets a reading for the first time from those who might have preferred a face to face reading.

The reality is there isn’t a difference at all in the level of accuracy of the reading whether it is done face to face, by video, by phone, by chat, or even by email.  I’ll tell you why.

When you have asked a psychic to read for you, you have exchanged that intent through the energy of asking.  It is that energy that is the essence of you, so to speak, that the psychic is tapping into.  That energy is, no matter where it is, or what the venue is of the connection, and thus, the psychic is still able to seek information about any experience through the help of your guides, Angels, etc, in the same manner.  The information is truly just as profound as the information still gives the recipient clarity, and the messages that are needed to be passed.

Sure, actually visiting face-to-face and having the experience in person is favorable to many, but I have found equally as many who enjoy having their reading by phone from their cozy chair in the comfortable clothing relaxed in their own spaces.

Having done both face to face readings, many years of phone readings and readings through other venues as well, I have found many people actually prefer phone readings to the other avenues to having their reading for the reasons of being comfortable in their own environments, being more relaxed, as well as feeling the security of being in their own surroundings.  I have also found that I prefer this venue, as it also helps the person to be more open because they are relaxed in their own comfortable surroundings.

By doing my psychic readings by phone, I have connected with others all over the world and helped them with the answers they have sought, as well as passed information from their guides.  I am thankful for having had this powerful way to connect with others helping them to gain clarity in a vast array of subject areas, I have seen places I might otherwise not have seen, as well as gotten other information I had no other access to, and thus given even more validation to the accuracy of the information.

Truly, no matter what venue is used in order to receive the answers you are seeking, the information is still available through a gifted psychic through a psychic phone reading in the same manner it would be available if your reading took place face to face. 

Beth Layne


Talking to the spirit world

I always encourage people to communicate with their spirit guide and/or guardian angel.  Even if you spend only a couple of minutes a day doing so, you will notice changes in your life.  I understand it may feel uncomfortable to speak with a being you cannot see or hear.  However, many of us talk to God in our prayers, and never feel uncomfortable about that. 

Your spirit guide and guardian angel are God’s messengers and comforters to you.  Their role is to watch over you and protect you, but you have to initiate the contact.

We are beings of choice, and because of this, the choice to connect with the spirit world is up to us.  Angels and spirit guides are not permitted to interfere with or control our choices.  Consequently, we must take the initiative and reach out to them.  Once we do though, fortuitous results will manifest in our lives.  Answers to questions and needs will appear.  Sometimes those answers can be subtle, so one has to stay alert.  Often, too, such answers may come in the form of an intuitive hunch or feeling. 

And sometimes miraculous things seem to happen, which we like to chalk up to coincidence or luck, or some other foolish notion.  But this is a perfectly organised universe, where coincidence and luck have no place.  The more often we habitually talk to our guardian angel and/or spirit guide, the more we will realize the wonderful benefits of connecting with them.  Most of us cannot even imagine the mind-blowing benefits possible.

Our eyes and ears are incapable of seeing and actually hearing communications from the spirit world.  But they are always communicating with us.  Our whole planet teems with these higher beings who are speaking all the time.  It’s just that the energy level of our physical, three-dimensional world is very heavy and very sluggish compared to the much higher energies of the non-physical, spiritual realms. 

But do not lose heart because you can’t hear or see them.  They hear and see you.  Telepathy is the true universal language.  You are heard, especially when what you say is intensified by sincerity and strong feelings.

I think it amusing that scientists are seriously busy attempting to locate other forms of intelligent life out in the universe, as if we are the only intelligent life around.  Poor, lonely us!  The truth is that there is so much of it right where we are.  The whole universe is overflowing with life, very intelligent and very spiritual life, all of whom have their own duties and responsibilities in the grand order of things.

You may ask: What should I say to my guardian angel or spirit guide?  One good question you might want to pose is to ask its name.  An answer will come, but be patient.  More than likely it will not happen immediately.  And keep asking.  Ask, too, to see your angel or guide.  They can lower their energy level in order to make contact with us and reveal themselves.  That happens more frequently than we realise.

Another thing you might want to convey to your angel or guide is simply what’s on your mind at the moment.  What is it that is bothering you?  At any given moment, we almost always have something going on that is worrying or perplexing us in some fashion.  Discuss such things with your angel or guide.  No one else is listening, and no one else is going to know, except your angel or guide.  You can be as intimate as you want. 

Our angels and guides are non-judgmental.  They do not judge us nearly as hard as we frequently judge ourselves and each other.  Therefore, don’t worry that they will think badly of you.

Actually, they hold us humans in high regard simply because we have chosen to incarnate and live on this heavier, more sluggish physical plane.  Our lives are really difficult compared to life on the non-physical plane.  Be aware that first and foremost, we are spiritual beings, too, who have chosen to experience a physical existence for a brief time.  So our angels and guides harbour a lot of love and respect for us because of our courage.

Once again, I encourage you to open the channels of communication with your guardian angel and/or spirit guide.  It does not matter which one you choose to communicate with.  They’re both listening.  And they’re waiting for you to turn to them.

Sandra L. Lerner


Psychic self-defence

Some people think that people with psychic ability can help us see the future.  Others thing that psychics are spiritualists or mediums that can help strengthen our faith by communicating with spirits.  Others look to technology for predictions and greater understanding.  They think sophisticated computer models can tell us what's going to happen, maybe even prevent it.

If you look across the world and its peoples, you’ll see a huge variety of philosophies and belief systems.  You’ll find scientists who don't believe anything they can’t touch or count, and you’ll find mystics who rely on astrology and telepathy to predict the future.  It’s hard to say who’s right and who’s wrong.  The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

How do you know who and what to believe?  Take weathermen, for example.  They use scientific fact and experience to predict the weather, but they’re often wrong.  They’ll predict rain and the sun will shine.  They create public panics with dire warnings of huge snow and ice storms. Groceries fill, lines back up, and people scramble to prepare. Then nothing happens. 

The fact is that no one has found a fool-proof way predict the future.  Neither scientist nor mystic would put a bet on their prediction.  So what do we depend on?  Who can we trust?

Another fact is that we must judge every prediction based on our own knowledge, experience, and intuitive abilities.  We can’t depend completely on others to tell us what’s real.  We must protect ourselves against falsehood and deception, even when it results from honest mistakes or misunderstanding.

Cultivating individual psychic self-defence is the way to protect ourselves against falsehood and learn to rely on our inner wisdom.  Developing these skills take time, effort, and practice. 

How can people develop psychic self-defence skills?

Many psychics will tell you that they were born with their ability.  Others admit that they work on their skills to improve them.  Often, psychic abilities result from traumatic events that mysteriously waken awareness, heighten consciousness, or sharpen natural physical senses. 

However, normal people can build their intuitive and psychic abilities by following a few simple, but not easy, steps.  One way is to do things that free the subconscious mind and repressed talents.  Once these abilities are brought to the surface, we can work on them and make them stronger.

An important thing to know is that it is almost impossible to make these changes until our spiritual core and physical body are free from negative influences and energies.  When we have undergone this cleansing, we can learn to use and nurture our positive, intuitive power.  As we mature on this path, we will find ourselves better able to make good decisions, cope with stress and anxiety, and remain positive in a sometimes hazardous world. 

People who are trying to develop spiritually and improve their psychic self-defence may not be aware of their own psychic strength, and this can end in misfortune and tragedy.  It’s important that, before we begin, we are aware of our own strengths and weaknesses.  We must take some first steps at personal change to eliminate our own negative traits before we can make true progress in strengthening our aura.

What is my aura?

Each person has an aura that reflects his inner spiritual core or energy.  Like the auras that surround stars with natural light, the aura is a field of energy surrounding matter.  Positive people with strong healthy bodies, minds, and spirits have strong, brightly-coloured auras, while people who are ill or dominated by negative thinking have auras that are weak and dark.  Auras can expand when a person’s spiritual power grows, and they can collapse when it diminishes.

Negative energy or influences can drain the healthy aura, reflecting the damage they do to a person’s inner spiritual life and strength.  Keeping one’s spiritual energy and aura strong protects mind, body, and soul.  The aura can be seen as a shield protecting us from the negative entities, energies, and influences that assault us every day.

In order to become stronger in spirit and to radiate a strong healthy aura, we must pursue personal self-development.  Success brings us to higher levels of consciousness, strengthens our intuitive powers, improves our personal relationships, and raises our quality of life. 

Freeing subconscious thoughts and repressed abilities is a positive, healthy life choice.  It allows us to express our true nature and creativity and makes us more productive members of society.  It restores and replenishes natural energy and drive. It helps us develop a new set of skills, intuition and psychic insight.  And it helps us improve our physical health and bring our emotions into healthy balance. 

Working on better psychic self-defence and personal growth helps us resolve long-standing inner conflicts and become more balanced, integrated personalities.  It helps us set and reach meaningful personal goals.  And it helps us understand and have more compassion for others.  The bottom line: it makes us better human beings.

Abhishek Agarwal


Why pray? 

If God knows and understands all, exercises perfect wisdom and holds all the power to act upon that information, then why should I pray?  Why on earth would God want or need a middle man when Jesus is forever interceding for us at the right hand of the Father?

That’s a good question, and one I used to ask.  The answers I received usually went something like this:  “Prayer changes things”, “Prayer is powerful” or “Prayer moves the hand of God.”   Those old clichés sound great but they still did not answer the question.

The answer was revealed when I learned about our covenant or relationship with God.  Through that covenant, God delegated His authority on this earth to man.   Believers became His ambassadors on earth whether they understood it or not.

Amazingly, God has faith in us; He believes and expects that we will work in concert with Him to establish His purposes and plans for our life and to help meet the needs of others (intercession).

We tap into God’s knowledge, understanding and wisdom through His Word.   He speaks to us or impresses in our minds His will and purpose while we pray (it never contradicts His written Word).   We then use our authority to release His power to bring that into manifestation.   In essence, we become the voice of His Word on the earth.  Wow!

There is certainly much more to prayer than I have written here.  But I hope this will cause you to think and see it in a new light.  To learn more please order the book, If God Is In Control, Then Why?  In it, you will learn about our covenant with God and much more about how and why we pray.

E-book versions for Kindle and Nook for this book are now available.  Audio Book is also available.

Craig Hill


Higher power

The meaning of ‘higher power’ is unclear.  It has a different meaning to each of us.  Some people attribute the existence of a personal higher power to their guardian angel, guides, ascended masters (such as Jesus, Buddha, and Moses), and even various gods.  Some like to call it their subconscious.  I treat the possibility of a higher power as a mystical and metaphysical matter.  Sometimes I like to refer to the higher power as a ‘greater power’.  This phrase communicates the immenseness of this mysterious god-like being.  Perhaps this being could be seen as both a higher and greater power. 

A greater power is an etheric being or entity which looks out for the well-being of an individual.  Each of us has a higher or greater power watching over us.  As I stated previously, there are many descriptions for this entity we the greater power.  In my own exploration into mysticism and metaphysics I discovered what I believe to be the true nature of the entity we call the greater power or higher power.  First, the greater power is an intelligent entity.  It is a vibrational energy like all entities that reside in the infinite multiverse.  Through divine illumination, I came to understand that the greater power is a collective being composed of each human's past lives.  This makes the greater power a personal companion of sorts.  Each of our past lives belongs to us, and we belong to them.  We are united in power. 

In each life, a person accumulates a large number of valuable experiences.  These experiences are added to the greater power, increasing its knowledge and expanding its size.  The greater power is pure consciousness, just as the entity called God is.  When a spirit has completed its mission(s) in life and made its transition, the spirit will split itself by sending out a completely new version of itself to experience life once again (this is reincarnation).   Thus, through the process of splitting we see that all humans are members of their respective greater power. 

The greater power is our ally.  The greater power is interested in our success.  It is invested in us.  Our supernatural benefactor guides us in triumphing over adversity.  Overcoming our tests and challenges, leads to spiritual growth.  This growth feeds the greater power.  As a result, the greater power expands its awareness.  There is no known word to describe or define this expansion. 

Your greater power may be called upon at any time for consultation.  Just by sending out concentrated thoughts to your greater power in the form of a question, you are sure to receive a response.  This reply comes in many ways.  It may be received in through intuition, dreams, visions, imagination, the behaviour of others, signs in your immediate environment, etcetera.  Your greater power will always come through.  It is up to you to be open and receptive to its mental transmissions.  The greater power is an indispensable resource.  I encourage you to use it to your advantage.  It is a phenomenal power to have on your side.

David Almeida


Setting your goals

Whenever you want to improve your personal life, setting goals must be part of your thinking.  Be imaginative, bold and clear.

One of the most important things to do is to be able to have some concise imagery to focus on.  The more you are able to create this ‘mentalisation’ of your desires, the more quickly it becomes fulfilled.  We all have spiritual teachers assisting us on our human path.  By doing consistent, creative visualisations, you have put the energy world on notice that you are ready to be a receiver.  Perhaps that is one of the key thoughts missing in people who want more for themselves, but never seem to get it.  

Consistency in saying or looking at your goals is one helpful thing, but then it is vital that you learn to be accepting of all types of prosperity.  If you cannot be a happy and willing recipient of when something is offered to you, then reaching your goals becomes a much more daunting task.

Allow the powers of the universe to bond with you; to be the silent helper you need.  Through prayer and general conversation with those on the other side, you will reap the benefits of all your wishes, provided they are for your highest good and not intended to hurt someone.  Love embraces a fluidity that only the powers of your guardian angels can produce for you.

These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Jim Fargiano


The power of Spirit

In the morning I see the glint of sunshine,
and feel the warmth upon my face. 
I am ready for another day.

In the evening I watch the sun melt away.
I wonder where I'm going.

In the day I am happy in life. 
I never stop to question.

At night when the darkness shrouds the earth.
I sit and think and wonder.
Then they step through the silence of my soul.
Those invisible Spirits of light.

In my life I feel the love of all creation.
In my being I am at peace with everything I do.
Each day begins and ends in unspoken devotion.
The Power of Spirit flows through my heart.

When my journey comes to its end.
I know I will be free to send this power and energy to you.
You must never question why I give this gift.
Just let this power flow through you too.

All life is connected through the universe and other worlds beyond.
When I am in the Spirit World I will understand the way life sustains life.

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