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Youth religion: An insight into Spiritualism

By Mary-Kate Reynolds

As students, we might not be looked upon as the most moral and ethical of cultural groups.  However, in a world of growing religious disbelief, we thought it would be interesting to find out just how in, or out of touch we are with the religious world.

In the first of a series of pieces here on Student Wire, we’re going to be exploring different religious beliefs, with a particular focus on those that are popular amongst younger people.

To kick things off, we spoke to Steven Upton, a Minister at the Spiritualists’ National Union, about why the Spiritualist faith is one that the younger generations can relate to in a time where religion is undoubtedly on the decline. 

The Origins of Spiritualism

Dating back just over a century and a half, Spiritualism is a fairly new religion.  It dates back to 1848 in Hydesville, upper New York state, where on the night of 31st March, the Fox sisters are alleged to have made the first connection with the spirits.  Whilst specifics of the events seem to differ from source to source, what is clear is that events on that evening have continued to manifest over time and become the grounds for a religion built on personal interpretation and understanding of any spiritual philosophy.

The Seven Principles

Built into the fabric of the religion are ‘Seven Principles’ which were adapted and adopted by the SNU and incorporated into the religion as guidelines for a way of life.  The seven principles are:­­­­

·  The Fatherhood of God
·  The Brotherhood of Man
·  The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
·  The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
·  Personal Responsibility
·  Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth
· Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul

Spiritualism in the UK

Whilst Spiritualism may have originated in the US, it is now the UK which boasts the largest national union, with over 340 churches now established and an estimated 100,000 people identifying themselves as Spiritualists.  Perhaps more in line with the ‘thinking person’ than other, more rigid religions, Spiritualism offers young followers the chance to make an informed decision on religion, based on their own educational learnings, historical evidence and the need to prove religious beliefs.

According to the UK Census, from 2010- 2011, there has been a 79% growth in those practicing Spiritualism, while many other religions are in decline.  This indicates that the more modern values of less traditional religions like Spiritualism, may be becoming more appealing to modern day society.

Appeal to young people

The values of Spiritualism are thought to resonate with the belief and value systems of many young people today.  This can be seen best in the Spiritualists’ National Union ‘Seven Principles’.  For example, principle two, ‘The Brotherhood of Man’, strives to achieve equality, security and peace, and states that all are equal regardless of race, colour or creed.  Recent research carried out by the SNU also supports this.  Exploring the UK’s belief and value systems, it found that young people are most interested in peace (56%), morals (53%) and loyalty (47%) – all of which are part of modern Spiritualist beliefs today.

Life After Death

In the past Spiritualism has received a lot of media attention for its role in communicating with the dead, with many famous TV mediums and psychics providing ‘the entertainment factor’; often sensationalising the facts and causing the religion to be misunderstood within society.

Additionally, with negative media attention around commercial mediumship, with regards to con-artists who pose as mediums in order to prey on the vulnerable and take their money, the Spiritualists’ National Union is keen to educate the public on the true meaning of Spiritualism and abolish this sensationalised image.

Although Spiritualism does involve communicating with dead, Steven Upton stated that there was a difference between commercial mediumship and spiritual mediumship.  While commercial mediumship is sensationalised and can be used by some fraudulent mediums, Spiritual mediumship is the work of trained mediums who have studied to become controlled or directed routes for Spirit communication so that the source of any information received is known to be sound and genuine.  Spiritualist mediums will seek to give evidence of survival of death and upliftment for those who are mourning, and will not take advantage.

Want to find out more?

If reading this has provided you with an itch to find out more, the Spiritualists’ National union have over 340 churches across the UK, all of which can be found on the their website ar  Additionally, The Arthur Findlay College, the main centre for education on spiritualism and the psychic sciences in the UK is located at Stansted Hall, Essex and offers a range of day, weekend and week-long courses.  The centre attracts people from all over the world and more information on courses can be found at


Published in StudentWire


Your world needs you!

By Ada McKay 

With the current commemorations of the start of WW1 a hundred years ago the poster of Lord Kitchener pointing his arm straight at you with the words “Your Country needs you” is being frequently shown on television.  Looking at this picture made me think that we are all needed in one way or another in our world today.  One of the saddest things that anyone can experience in life is to feel that they are not needed.  They feel that perhaps the world would be a better place without them and why were they ever born.  Very sadly such feelings can lead to depression and even worse suicide.

I personally feel that everyone born into this world has come to fulfil some need and that God has given each of us a purpose in life.  It matters not how long or how short the life span everyone can make a difference.  Stephen Sutton is an outstanding example of this.  Knowing he had not long to live he yet raised thousands of pounds for teenage cancer research.  It is always sad to learn of the early death of some young person but perhaps they have accomplished more good in their short life than others who have lived into old age.  I think we often do good and useful things in our life but we remain unaware of them.              

One of the most beloved Christmas films of all times is It’s a Wonderful Life starring James Stewart. It is the story of a man called George Bailey who has lived a good self-sacrificing life helping others and is suddenly overcome by misfortune.  He feels a failure and thinks that everyone around him would have been better off if he had never been born.  He is on the verge of committing suicide when, in the best Hollywood tradition, his Guardian Angel comes to him and helps him to realise that he made a difference in the world.  He is shown what life in his community would have been like if indeed he had never been born.  So shocked is he that he pleads with his Guardian Angel to make him alive once more which is what happens and he returns home to his family.

I think this film has a message for all of us.  I am sure we have all experienced a time in our lives when we feel a failure, when depression hits us hard and we think how much better life would have been for others if we had never been born into the world.  At such a time it is good to look back over our own life and remember how others have helped us in small ordinary ways and we are forever grateful to that person or persons.  

I remember an office cleaner where I worked who gave me hints on dress-making, an elderly neighbour who helped me understand my computer, work colleagues who passed on their skills about how to tackle jobs.  Many, many people have touched my life in this way so I needed them all.  Perhaps we have done similar things in our life to help others and we have probably forgotten all about these times but that person remembers and is forever grateful.  A recent example of this was when I met someone I had not seen for years and she said “I will always be grateful for the notes you gave me on how to make address labels on my computer.”  I had completely forgotten about this.  Perhaps she passed the knowledge on to someone else who in turn passed it on to others so you see one small act of kindness on your part can have reverberations you never dreamed of.  I have trained many young assistants in my time and one who had moved on to a higher post wrote back to me saying she could never have coped in her new job if it had not been for the good training I had given her.  Now that brightened my day!

To return to the film, George Bailey is shown how actions in his life have affected others.  He saved his brother from drowning and his brother grew up to be a war hero who saved the lives of his whole platoon.  He pointed out an error in a prescription medication to a drunken pharmacist who would have killed the patient and gone to prison as a result.  As the Angel pointed out – he had not lived in vain and he had made a difference to his world.

The theme of the film is the importance of the individual and that everyone of us has something to contribute to life on the earth.  So however much we feel we are unimportant in the scheme of things we must remember that God gave us all life for a particular reason.  It may be that we will have to wait until we arrive in the next world and see the review of our life before we will appreciate the importance of our contribution to society and see all the lives we have touched.  In the meantime we must just carry on with our small acts of kindness.  The Bible tells us [John 4: 37] “One sows and another reaps.”  A quotation attributed to Robert Louis Stevenson puts it this way. “Judge each day, not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”

The film has a happy ending for all the people whom George has helped in his lifetime have heard about his financial misfortune and come to his house offering help.  The kindness that he has shown to others all his life is being returned to him a thousand fold.

If you would like to know more about my thoughts on Spiritualism then read my book Why I am a Spiritualist.  The book costs £5 incl P&P and is available direct from me.

Visit my website


Spiritual healing

By Alfred

You may have heard people talking about experiencing spiritual healing prayers.  Just what is it?  How would you know if you experience spiritual healing prayers?  It is different with everybody, and you may get a different response, depending on who you talk to.

Some people say that they experience an extra energy flow through their head.  It is like energy pouring through the crown of their head, giving them a feeling of pressure or tingling.  That is a physical sensation.  Some people say that they feel goosebumps all over their body, with the hairs on his body standing on end.

On the emotional level, some people find themselves crying very easily.  They may become overly emotional, getting angry easily, or feeling sad easily.  Or, they feel a sense of joy overcoming them.  This is much like an emotional roller coaster.  The best way to deal with that is to accept those feelings and breathe deeply.  Feel the emotions, and let them evaporate with each breath.  This helps you clear the mind.

How do we get spiritual healing prayers?

A spiritual healing prayer is like the moment when you understand that you are in control.  Suddenly, you feel like your life is in balance.  Things in the external world did not change, but your perception of the world has.  As you release those old, bottled up emotions, your mind is no longer clouded.  You spirit awakes.

How does that affect your everyday life?

When you are awake, little things do not bother you any more because you see life in its right perspective.  These little problems melt away because you realise that they amount to nothing in the big scheme of your life.  You see your future with more clarity.  It is not to say that you can predict your future.  It is just a more secure feeling that you have about yourself.

You will know when you experience spiritual healing prayers because you will suddenly have a better outlook in life. You realise that many things of this world that used to matter to you are really unimportant.  Maybe in the past, you fretted about not getting that promotion at work.  Or you suffered a loss that you could not get over.  However, now you have found peace in your life and you can find joy in the small things that make up the natural beauty of this world.

Take time to stroll through a garden.  Your eyes will start to see the wonders that you used to take for granted.  Enjoy the beauty of a flower.  Listen to the song of a bird.  When you find joy in simple things like that, you feed your spirit.

Spiritual healing prayers can happen at any time, for anyone.  Sometimes a particular event will trigger it.  Some people feel it physically, but the more important transformation is obviously spiritual healing prayers.  You will not longer go through life with a muddled mind.  You will find more peace and purpose in your life.  Give yourself time to meditate, to explore your thoughts, and be one with your soul.

Most people want to know about spiritual healing prayers but do not always know how to go about it on their own. Hopefully, this article has given you information about spiritual healing prayers to help you do it.  You do, however, need to apply what you’ve learned to realise any benefit of spiritual healing prayers from this article.


The importance of believing in Angels 

By Spiritual Horizons 

What if this society was just an illusion, made to create fear and negativity and to blind people from truth that our world still can be a world of love and peace?  From an Angel’s point of view, this way of life can be made perfect by just looking to find love in every situation.  Today, there is constant fear being placed upon people by making people feel the need to conform to everyday living that which society teaches us to be, we are constantly told to live by the laws of the land, to make our journey to work and leave no time to relax.  We are taught to struggle, life is hard and everyday living is a gimmick to make you feel under pressure, sad and unavailable to receive love, forgiveness and abundance to name a few.

From the moment we are born we are taught the way our forefathers have handed it down to us, we are told to live in a society which is non compliant to the rules of love.  We are told we cannot feel the beauty of others if it’s on the surface only and not beauty from within, we are taught to judge harshly and follow suit.  We are taught that life is hard and so get on with it, we are taught that we have to be serious to get by, because if you laugh it won’t last long.  Society strips us of free will and it serves no purpose, except for the reason of living for money.

Does this make sense?

On the other hand, there is love a sensation that some sample only for a few moments or a few years.  We fear it will never last; we are stripped bare to the notion that disbelief wrecks lives.  Love is the secret of all things.  From the moment you wake up, love is what dwells within us; love is what the energy we use to keep us alive.  Most of us never believe in love because we are told that it is something that we know little of.

Then we are introduced to our Angels.  They are the powers behind the curtain of the illusion which is being dissolved as we speak.  At Spiritual Horizons we were entrusted to extend the love that we were taught and send it onwards to each of you, just like beacon of light.

Our Angels are eager to teach you about what love really is, what it can do for you, who is love and how love can change your love around.  See Angels as extended arms from your creator which reach down to each one of you, young or old and makes peace with who you are.

Become sacred from a heaven’s view, you are needed and very much qualified in teaching others about love, you are strong, you are radiant and yet you doubt where you come from.  From here within lies a quarry of such depth of love and nourishment for you to begin.  

The Angels are here to help us loosen the grip of a negative society and to loosen the hold from the weights and pressures of life, but they need you to invite them in.  They choose to help us because we believe in making a change for life, we believe in helping others and making the world that better place of being.

This is how you do it.

·      Pray for what you want, don’t need but request as though your request has been given.

·      Give to others as your Angels have given to you, but don't worship them.

·      Believe in freedom, you can do what you like, how you like it as long as it done in love.

·      Serve others and make light conversation, ignore nay sayers, ask the Angels to rid you from fear and most of all learn to love you.

·      You are allowed to feel good within yourself. You are allowed the goodness of spirit to speak your truth.

·      Run from office gossip, ignore guilt trips and forgive yourself and others. The Angels delight in this and it is the fundamentals of living.

·      Be rich my friend, learn to love, be open to receiving love and provide mercy to those who propel you from the truth.

·      Ask your Angels to come in and support you with fight against the bitter darkness of fear, self pity, negativity, guilt, unforgiveness, lies.

·      Invite them from your heart there are our true families, turn to them for support and allow yourself to receive most of all love. 

With thanks to Spiritual Horizons


What is an Angel?

By Bob Miller

Most of us imagine 'Guardian Angels' as  radiant, beautiful with light hairs with feminine features and large feathered wings. Also many of us have seen imitation of Guardian Angels in church paintings, cathedrals, images in books and internet which brings us a clear look about the figure of Guardian Angels.

In Bible, the holy book of Christians, the word ‘Angel’ appears several hundred times.  They are portrayed as soldiers with mighty powers; we can read about it in Genesis where the Angels guarded the east gates of garden and in Revelation where they appeared with flashing swords.  Also the Bible portrays about the deliverance of St. Peter from prison through Angels as ‘Guardians’.

In its literal sense, the word Angel means ‘messenger’.  They are of heavenly order and are used by God to convey his express messages, to act as helpers, etc to human beings.  Angels were already present in the earth as joyful spectators when God created the earth.  Do you think Angels have a physical body?  No, Angels are not fitted with any physical body; they are exempt from the natural impediments that encounter us; they do not have to suffer from physical fatigue, loss of energy, dimness of sight or hardness of hearing.  Space or plain, land or sea, day or night, light or darkness, time or distance, cold or heat cannot burden their activities or arrest their motion.  On the other hand they have the power to bring them under their control, or to use them at their will in order to carry out the mission for which they are sent out.

All Angels excel in strength, unlike human beings who can be rendered weak through sickness, ill-nourishment and exertion.  Angels are created full of wisdom and God created them with perfect beauty, power, holiness and wisdom.  As they were created before man, and were familiar with the world from the time that it was created, their wisdom concerning this world is perfect.  Being immortal beings, exempt from death, they have continued to live with perfect knowledge of all that has taken place in this world since creation.  So they know all the past and they are aware of the present too, but are incapable of knowing the future unless it is revealed to them by God.

Once a man who was crossing the Atlantic by ship was terribly seasick and confined to his cabin.  One night he suddenly heard, “Man overboard!”  There was nothing he could do, but he said to himself: “I can at least put my lantern in the porthole.”  He struggled and hung the light out.  When the man was rescued his report was: “Suddenly a light shone over my head and a sailor in a life-boat grabbed me.”  This was purely an act of an Angel who came to help in time of distress.

Angels have their own kingdom and have different grades of lordship.  ArchAngel is the principal or chief Angel of all.  We cannot understand the whole mystery concerning the kingdom of Angels; we can catch only a few glimpses from here and there.  Angels are engaged in different kind of ministries as messengers, as helpers, as host, etc.  From the scriptures of Holy Bible we could read Angels as helpers who fed Elijah who was weak and discouraged.

In Hinduism, Angels are not specifically mentioned, but they believe in spirits who have the same ability to perform things as that of Angels.  Hindus refer to it as ‘devas' and they consider these spirits play an important role in protecting and safeguarding them from all evil harms.

Angels are referred as ‘malaikah’ in Islam and they have a faith that these Angels act as messengers or intermediaries between their God Allah and His peoples in the world.


Oracle card message

By Wendy Stokes

Health issues try to send us a message about our health and lifestyle.  The body speaks and wants to be heard!  If you have a health issue, discomfort or dis-ease in any area of your body, ask the question of this area: “What do you want me to know?”

Listen to your thoughts, feelings and visions and ask Spirit for a message.  If you listen and follow the guidance that you receive, if Spirit wish it, for your higher wisdom and destiny, you will have greater health.  If you disregard the message, your body will send out a louder and louder message in terms of ill health. 

Say, “I love you” each day to your body; be willing to forgive it.  Talk honestly about it.  Honour every part of your body and treat it with reverence.  

‘Ask Your Body for a Message’ from Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue says: “Dear Body, please help me to hear your messages.  ArchAngel Raphael, please guide me in honouring and respecting my body’s needs.”   

And also from the Dream Deck, I have chosen ‘the Healing Place’ which tells us that after an illness, we might return to the normality of everyday life while we are still recovering.  To help us to return to a restorative frame of mind, we should visualise a special healing place before we go to sleep.  This might be a place we remember from our childhood, a place where we feel at our best, such as in our garden.  It might be a place we have never been to, such as a warm log cabin, surrounded by snow capped mountain peaks and the cleanest, freshest air.  We are instructed to hold that image and that feeling as we drift into sleep.  The curative powers of this image will help to relieve us from the stress of our illness.

A reading by Wendy Stokes


Soul retrieval training

by Marilyn Whitestar

Have you ever wanted to help lost souls? 

In order to do this kind of work, a soul retrieval practitioner must have developed considerable skills at journeying and have built a good working relationship with his own power animals and spirit allies.  Contemporary shamanic practitioners can develop these skills at workshops now taught in America and Europe, where they will undertake many hours of supervised journeying into the otherworlds, and seek objects or energies which have been deliberately hidden. 

One person may journey, for example, and then hide something, such as a personal symbol, in the otherworlds. Their partner must then enter that world and find it.  Such ‘spiritual hide and seek' is powerfully affirmative when something or someone hidden in this way is found by another with no prior knowledge of the person who is hiding, of their memories, the landscape of their personal world, or their interests.  Far from being a land of imagination, a mental landscape, the otherworlds prove to be something much more – a transpersonal world which exists outside of us where our soul parts can find a home until it is safe for them to return.

“Think of a child lost in a deep wood, cold frightened and alone, who hears a warm voice singing a song of comfort and love, which he can follow back home and into the light,” is the way one contemporary shamanic practitioner explains soul retrieval.

Shamans have themselves been called ‘wounded healers', reflecting the fact that most practitioners have been through a healing crisis of their own as part of their initiation into shamanism.  Their survival and self-healing is testament to their ability to guide the client through similar distress and to find an outcome which works.

In Western societies it would probably be unique to find someone who had not suffered trauma, injury, neglect or abuse, or to have given themselves away to others in a dance of power and office politics.  We all become more fragmented every day.  But while Western physicians treat the body and psychoanalysts deal with the mind, the shamans are taking care of the soul.


How to find a genuine psychic medium

There are many things in life that science has no answer to and therefore you cannot really prove everything scientifically.  There are people who have this gift of communicating with the world of spirit and higher power and they somehow managed to use that power to good use offering you with answers to what life holds for you in the distant future.  There are many sites that might tell you that psychic mediums are bunch of crooks, but that is not completely true as there are people that have the ability to connect to high powers through meditation and the unnatural gift that they are born with.  The biggest question here is how you can differentiate between genuine psychic mediums and fraud ones.

Money first

Genuine psychic mediums are more focused on their ability to interact with higher powers and provide you with the information rather than worrying about their fees.  Most fraudulent psychic mediums will ask for their fees upfront and they are quite conscious about that so unless you provide them with their fees they are not going to provide you with any information.  Genuine psychic mediums do charge money for their service, but they are not that desperate about getting their fees first.

Change your future

There are many fake psychic mediums online who claim that they have the power to change your future.  Well, this is a lie and a clear indication that you need to search for someone else that can provide you with true information.  Many genuine psychic mediums claim that they only have the power to provide certain information, but they do not possess any power to change anybody’s future.  A fake psychic medium will tell you that he or she has the power to change your future for a small amount of extra fee.

Give instructions

Genuine psychic mediums never really give out instructions to their clients on what they should do to avoid problems.  They do discuss some matters and will help with some ideas and options, but they never outright tell you to follow certain rules and regulations  Genuine psychic mediums understand that life path can always change and therefore there are multiple options that can be tried.

Scare tactics

Many fake psychic mediums use scare tactics to ensure that their clients do approach them after every few weeks.  Genuine psychic mediums never really do this because they are not really into this for money, they do it for their passion and because they have this gift of communication with the spirit world.



God bless my computer 

Dear  Lord,

Every single evening
As I'm lying here in bed,
This tiny little Prayer
Keeps running through my head:

God bless all my family
Wherever they may be,
Keep them warm
And safe from harm
For they're so close to me.

And God, there is one more thing
I wish that you could do;
Hope you don't mind me asking,
Please bless my computer too.

Now I know that it's unusual
To Bless a motherboard,
But listen just a second
While I explain it to you, Lord.

You see, that little metal box
Holds more than odds and ends;
Inside those small compartments
Rest so many of my friends.

I know so much about them
By the kindness that they give,
And this little scrap of metal
Takes me in to where they live.

By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you.
We share in what life brings us
And from that our friendships grew.

Please take an extra minute
From your duties up above,
To bless those in my address book
That's filled with so much love.

Wherever else this prayer may reach
To each and every friend,
Bless each e-mail inbox
And each person who hits 'send'.

When you update your Heavenly list
On your own Great CD-ROM,
Bless everyone who says this prayer
Sent up to GOD.Com



Everything is as it should be

When it is time for the darkness to go it will go.
When it is time for the summer rains to fall, they will fall.
Have patience my friend.
Believe in me.
I am the creator of all life. 
Things will happen as they need too.
The winter winds will sway the tree this way and that, but it will remain strong and tall.
Just as the summer rains will quench the sun kissed earth.
All will be replenished. 
So spend some time to free your soul.
The light in your life will cast the darkness away.
Abandon your worries. 
Everything is as it should be.

Phil Mortiboy

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