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What is a lightworker?

By Wendy Stokes

Illumination’ and ‘enlightenment’ are words used to describe the path of spirituality.  Just as the sun provides light and warmth for growth so spiritual light encourages spiritual activity and development.  To ‘throw light upon a matter’ is to provide understanding.  We are told by spiritual masters, teachers and gurus that we must seek enlightenment and that we must become ‘conscious’ and ‘awake’.  However the proof of personal transformation is that our service and other actions demonstrate that we believe and understand eternal truths and the nature of our eternal spirit.  We are here for a purpose: to recognise our individual spirit and to work towards perfecting it.

Often called ‘the hero’s path’, lightworking involves challenging wrongdoing, not just for the self but for others who cannot challenge for themselves.  Generally, a lightworker is any authentic, trustworthy and kind person.

Lightworkers appreciate that we have been given intelligence and education to make the world a better place, where good things can be shared and suffering reduced.  We are caretakers of this finite planet and all life forms depend on us for their present and future wellbeing.  We appreciate health in body and mind and are grateful to a society that has offered us considerable affluence and we use resources wisely.

Anyone who is responsible and accountable for the consequences of their actions is involved in lightworking activity as are those who are able to put others before self.  Lightworking is a way of life, not just a belief, and we need to show how our beliefs result in actions.  Politics cannot be separated from spirituality.  While others suffer, we must not stand idly by!  We must all petition and campaign for transparency and justice in our political systems. 
Lightworkers are good role models because they lead structured, functional and ordinary lives and do the work that really matters.  They are inspired by Spirit to develop their own specialised activities and guided by Spirit to write or hold talks to inform others of the importance of paving the way for a better, safer, healthier and more peaceful world. 

Lightworkers are interested in many questions: Why are we here?  How important is truth?  What is prosperity?  How can we protect and conserve our planet for future generations?  As lightworkers, we usually perform good works without recognition or recompense.  We usually choose a life that is both ecologically sustainable and spiritually fulfilling.  We are discerning and selective in how we prioritise the needs of our own life and our commitment towards the needs of others.

Ben Elliott says: “People are beginning to derive more satisfaction from helping people than making large sums of money.”  Take for example, pop star Shakira who supports education projects in developing countries; film star Pierce Brosnan who saves whales and dolphins from slaughter; or the Glastonbury Festival that raises money for Oxfam. 

Eugenie Harvey thinks that kindness is the new currency.  The Kindness Offensive is an organisation that ‘has fun bringing good to the world’ and feeds homeless people in London.  Dr David Hamilton is a speaker on the subject of kindness and suggests that voluntary and charity work improves mental, emotional and physical health, and many business organisations are reporting that fundraising activities establish good bonding and increase morale.  All these and many more unmentioned are thoughtful and considerate people who know right from wrong. Everyone who can should support good work in this world because this is the reason why we are here!

Healing is the highest spiritual service.  It is an indictment on our humanity that so many people are inconsiderate and place materialism above caring.  The self-serving contribute to the darkness and coldness of our world and their addictions diminish our planetary future.  Bad behaviour highlights waste and greed and depletes precious resources that should be put to better use.

Those that use the cover of darkness might be individuals, groups or societies who exploit, corrupt or abuse and by some are known under the name of the ‘Antichrist’.  Evil behaviours are contrary to the agenda of the lightworker and should be challenged.

Lightworkers know it is sometimes necessary to uncover dark forces where we see actions that cause chaos and confusion and where opportunists take advantage of, and cause hardship to those less able to cope.  Part of this work is the spread of kindness and understanding, but also, at times, it involves challenging the mentality and behaviour of those involved in wrong-doing that causes harm to others.  When evil triumphs it is because good people did not take assertive action. 

Spirituality – A Lightworker’s Path
Our physical body, emotions and thoughts need to work in harmony for spiritual progress to occur.  There are eternal benefits if we listen to our spirit and consequences if we don’t.

An easy method of analysis is whether other people or the world benefits by our actions.  If they do, we are acting spiritually, if not, we are acting selfishly.  Spirituality is a state of balance between purely self-centred motivations and a commitment towards the needs of others.  When we are spiritual, our intentions are pure and wholesome.  Our good intentions connect us to those in the present (and those of the past) who seek to make the world a better place through liberation from suffering. Loving values, ethics, standards, boundaries and morals underlie the basis of spirituality and are the hallmarks of the soul inspired life.  Those who tread the path of spirituality are the lightworkers who use this incarnation to heal those in need and to bring wisdom to others.

This is an extract from ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’ by Wendy Stokes which explains how to create a group for healing, divination and channelling.

Psychic Pals get together

The Facebook group Psychic Pals attracted over 60 people to its second birthday party in Stevenage last month, many from churches several miles away.

After introductions, we had a fantastic recital of Native American flute playing by international medium Steve Newton, followed by a super buffet for which everybody brought a plateful to share.  

Organiser Jacky Elliott said: “We all had a fabulous time.  It was lovely to put names to faces.”

The door money of £122 will go to the Whomerley Church for hosting the event and the raffle raised £111 which will go to the Healthlands Animal Sanctuary, which was selected after many people put details of their favourite charity into a hat.


A home for your soul 

By Terry Bowen

I think it would be obvious to say that our homes are an important aspect of our lives.  It’s where we sleep, spend time with our family, have meals and also spend our down time, our time to unwind and relax.  Our homes can become busy places too, as they can also serve as our place of work or an extension of our working life as we ‘work from home’.   In ancient times the home was more revered, more sacred, and it would be a place that we would honour Spirit, our ancestors and much more.  The home would be a place for our soul.

Just for this moment, close your eyes and ask yourself how you feel about your home.  Imagine that you are walking into your front door for the first time, what do you notice?  You may feel that all is good, but you may feel as though something is not right.  We are all intuitive beings, it’s part of who we are, but we sometimes aren’t aware of what is right in front of us because it’s always there, and we can sometimes take it for granted.  However, the energy or feeling of our home can have a direct influence on our lives and when we give more thought and intention to our home we can achieve anything.

The ancient art of Feng Shui is all about the placement of objects within your home, and how the energy or chi moves around your home to enhance the energy and feel of your home.  When objects are put into certain places, they can enhance different areas of your life.  There is an energetic map that you can use called The Bagua Bagua_feng_shui_s(pictured) which identifies the different areas of life and their corresponding area of your home.  The front door, known as the mouth of chi, is the starting point for you and you your home.  From there, you can use the bagua to identify where the different areas are within your home.  For example, the abundance or wealth area is usually in the far right area of your home.  If you want to enhance your abundance, then you may want to add a plant or something that has upward movement to bring growth, which can then bring a growth to your finances and much more.  You would also want to clutter-clear and make sure that there is room for the chi to move around!  You can’t bring more into your life if there is no place for it to go! 

There are many things that you can apply to your home to enhance the feeling and energy, but creating a home for your soul, somewhere that can nourish you spiritually, mentally and physically, a place where you can recharge your batteries can have many benefits.  Here are some tips and things that you can do now to help you.

1. Find an area within your home where you feel good.  Do this as a visualisation first so that you can really feel the energy of the home, and then when you’ve found the place that is right for you go to that area and feel it again.  You will know whether it’s right or not and if it’s not right, maybe try another area that gives you the right feeling.

2. When you have your area, make sure it’s clear and clutter free.  Take time to clear out what you no longer need, love or use and as you do you begin to allow new energy to come in. 

3. Once you have cleared out the clutter, you can clear out the old stagnant energy by clapping in the area.  The sound will break up the old and invite a fresh energy in.  When you’ve finished clapping, take a moment to be quiet and set the intention for what you want for the room or area.  If you want upliftment imagine filling the room with that feeling.  If you want peace and relaxation, then imagine that feeling in the room.

4. Step back, and relax!  You will begin to notice the feeling straight away, and the more that you relax and allow yourself to connect to your home, the more you will create a home for your soul.
Terry Bowen is a Advanced Interior Alignment Practitioner of Feng Shui and Space Clearing, Soul Coach and Medium based in London.  He offers distance consultations in Interior Alignment and in June will be hosting the first Interior Alignment classes in the UK in over 15 years.  For more information, visit him at


Let there be peace on Earth

By Ada Mackay

“Let there be peace on earth” is the first line of a well-known hymn and surely the words are very relevant to today’s world.  There never has been peace on earth for once one part of the world has its problems sorted out, trouble breaks out elsewhere.  My generation can look back to the WW2, the Korean War, the Vienam War, the Irish Troubles, the Falklands War and that is to name only a few.  The world is in a constant state of battle and turmoil and many of these wars and acts of terrorism are caused by religious intolerance.  Certain people seem to think they have the right to dictate to others how God is to be worshipped and how we must all live our lives.

As Spiritualists we all know that there is only one God for every religion.  He may be called by different names and worshipped in different ways but that does not alter the fact that that there is only one God and that the entire human race is His family.  I am fortunate to live in a country where religious freedom is practiced.  Citizens are free to attend the church of their own choice and in all walks of life we mix with others who practice their faith in different ways.  Of course there are always some people who remain bigots.  What, if anything, can be done to sort out this problem and bring peace to our world?  

I am reminded of a story I once heard of a child trying to piece together the parts of a paper puzzle to make a picture of the world.  It was difficult and then she discovered that the puzzle pieces had another picture on their reverse – a picture of a man.  She turned the pieces over and started to join them up to complete the picture of the man.  Lo and behold when she had finished and turned the picture over she found she had correctly joined up the puzzle pieces of the world. 

“Once I got the man right,” she explained, “the world came right as well.”  Now surely there is a lesson there for all of us.  To get the world right we must first get the human race right.  We must, as individuals, practice tolerance of other faiths and systems of belief and teach our children to do likewise.  The second line of the above hymn is “And let it begin with me.”

While I can understand honest discussion about different religious viewpoints I cannot understand why some individuals feel they must kill others of different religious convictions.  The God whom I worship loves everyone exactly the same and He also has commanded “Thou shalt not kill.”  Do they honestly think they are pleasing God by killing other members of His family?  Does a father love some of his children more than others?  As the child’s puzzle proved – get the man right and the world will also be right, or as further lines of this lovely hymn put it:

"With God as our Father – brothers all are we,
Let me walk with my brother – through all eternity.
Let there be peace of earth and let it begin with me.”

If you would like to know more about my thoughts on Spiritualism then read my book “Why I am a Spiritualist. The book costs £5 incl P&P and is available direct from me.

Visit my website


An introduction to astrology

By Lynne Carter

I shall now continue with Planets and introduce Mercury the winged messenger, the only God allowed to travel between Earth, Mount Olympus and the underworld.  Mercury is physically located very close to the Sun.  His nature is cold and dry.  He deals with how you think and communicate.  The sign you find it in will modify this process.  

We have now reached the first of the planets that goes through a period of retrograde motion.  The Sun and Moon always move directly.  Mercury appears to change direction three times a year for three weeks at a time. This is known as Retrograde motion.  When Mercury does this it usually causes chaos.  This is a time for computers to malfunction, the post can get lost and if there is going to be a transport strike it usually happens at this time.   But it’s not all doom and gloom; it is a very useful time for revision before an exam and if you are thinking of buying a new car you can pick up some good deals at this time.  Mercury takes roughly one year to circumnavigate the chart and its metal is Quicksilver.

Mercury in Aries gives rise to quick thinking.  There will always be new ideas and new projects but those with Mercury in Aries can move onto the next before the first is finished.  They can also go to war with words. 

Just one change of sign and Mercury’s behaviour changes dramatically.  Once into the sign of Taurus, a fixed earth sign, the thinking process slows down and becomes very practical.  Those with Mercury in Taurus will think things through before making a decision; the problem here is they can miss the boat.  Once they have made up their mind it is very difficult to get them to change it which leads to stubbornness.  

Now Mercury has moved into one of the signs its rules.  This will rejuvenate its behaviour and give a quick thinking mind with the added ability of being able to multi task mentally.  Gemini likes to be busy, so a native with this placement will always have several projects on the go at the same time.   Their speech can be quick and will always enjoy good conversation.    They can get board easily. 

The sign of Cancer is the first of the water signs. With Mercury placed here there will be an awareness of other people’s feelings.  Speech and thoughts will be emotionally based; people with Mercury in Cancer won’t speak until they are sure they won’t cause emotional upset.  They are usually softly spoken. 

There is an element of pride here.  People with this placement make good public speakers.  Actors are one group of people who have Leo traits.  There can also be an element of fun in their thinking; they have a good sense of humour.

Life get a bit more serious when Mercury moves into Virgo; the other sign Mercury rules is a stark contrast to Gemini.  Here Mercury is analytical, nit-picking its way through life.  Everything has to be analysed and if Mercury is making any aspects to the Moon this also includes emotions.  Spontaneity can be lost because of this behaviour, opportunities missed and the fun taken out of life.  When dealing with Mercury activities such as writing there is always a search for perfection. 

The thought process is concerned with relations.  Those with Mercury in Libra also have a strong sense of justice.  They will consider all sides of an argument before making a balanced judgement.  It can also lead to indecisiveness.

With Mercury placed in this sign there is a strong intuition, a deep and penetrating mind.  In this instance, people are unlikely to mince their words, they say what they think and feel as Scorpio is a water sign.  They can carry out their plans in secret.  They make good detectives and researchers.  Their resourcefulness gives them the ability to overcome obstacles which many would find impossible. 

Sagittarius is a sign concerned with social, religious or philosophical thought.  Mercury placed here is to its detriment and will work at a grass roots level with attitudes rather than facts.  People can have a prophetic insight.  This is another sign which carries a good sense of humour and a degree of fun.

Capricorn is all about ambition and those with Mercury in this sign will indicate thoughts of how to better themselves through a career.  There are good organisational skills and a high degree of concentration.  They are interested in improving their financial and social status.

The sign of Aquarius is about new experiences and Mercury placed here sends the thoughts of those who have this placement in that direction. They are quite prepared to leave the traditionalists behind as they seek to express original ideas. 

Mercury in this sign gives a vivid imagination.  People with this placement can be very intuitive, but can also be influenced.  Disciplined study can be a problem and they learn more by osmosis.  They can make good romantic novelists.  
Lynne Carter can be contacted via her website


Affirmation cards

Would anyone like to help me design a few affirmation cards?  I am basing them on the north coast art of the first nation’s people.  I can give you some hints but I want to use very bright colours, etc.  Also if you want to send an original affirmation that would be great.  When they are printed your name will be included in the pack info and you will receive a pack.  This may not be for a while as I have to get them printed!  

If you can help do please email me at  I will not be able to use all of the ideas but will email to say thanks and let you know if yours are to be included.  I promise not to use any ideas or drawings that are not printed.  

Many thanks, with love and blessings.  Wendy.

Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind

by Margaret Placentra Johnston  (Quest Books, October, 2012) 

“It’s not a book against religion. It’s an invitation to consider a broader perspective.” 

Are you tired of the warring factions between religious believers and non-believers?  Do traditional religious believers seem self-protective and overly rigid about rules?  Does the nonbeliever’s dismissal of all things spiritual seem to overlook something important?  Are you willing to consider a perspective that takes us beyond the limitations of traditional religion, still engages our rational brains, and yet admits in truth from a greater spiritual reality?

Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind is the first book to actually show what was in the hearts and minds of twelve strong and courageous people as they took bold steps toward spiritual independence.  The author has expanded and crafted each person’s experience, by means of interview and further cooperative correspondence, into a compelling, accurate and cohesive nonfiction narrative.  The first four real life stories demonstrate how reasoning skills helped these nonbelievers move beyond literal belief in traditional religion without abandoning the values that govern a good life.  This ‘rational’ mindset is a necessary step on the road to spiritual maturity. 

But the rational level alone leaves something important on the table – it dismisses our common human need to connect to something greater than ourselves.  Rational level individuals have yet to realise that human reason may not be the ultimate determinant of reality.  They have yet to respond to the beckoning of spiritual forces that would expand their awareness beyond the black and white thinking – the ‘binary logic’ – that led them out of their religious beliefs in the first place.  The second set of six real life stories in Faith Beyond Belief demonstrate what can happen next if the person does open up to spiritual influences. 

At the ‘Mystic’ level, literal religious belief is replaced by a more amorphous, and more mature, form of spiritual faith.  Here, truth and reality are recognised as multi-dimensional, doubt and paradox are tolerated and spiritual concepts are interpreted metaphorically.  The differences among the religions are seen as mere details.  The person who has transformed to this level essentially takes on the traits of an evolved consciousness – humility, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance and a unitive or universal worldview.  The six Mystic level stories provide a glimpse of how these traits and the worldview of spiritual maturity might play out in everyday faith.

The ten Faith Beyond Belief stories and the surrounding discussion pave a painless path for the reader toward an understanding of how pre-critical (read ‘literal, fundamentalist or the religious right’) religious belief differs from the post-critical (read ‘metaphorical and unitive’) stance of spiritual maturity.  The spiritual growth trend these stories illustrate is backed up by the work of at least 14 spiritual writers and theorists ranging from Saint Teresa of Avila through academic researchers James Fowler and Fritz Oser, philosopher Paul Ricoeur and onto modern day popular writers Ken Wilber and Carolyn Myss. 

Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind provides a logic and structure for an authentic faithbeyond (literal, religious) belief – a faith in unity – or the Oneness expressed as a goal in some religions like Buddhism.  For people suspecting there is more to spirituality than the ‘wow factor’ elements, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind serves as a roadmap toward an authentic unitive faith – one that includes a more solid sense of personal responsibility and a deeper interpersonal integrity than even our religions teach.  Faith Beyond Belief aims to promote understanding and tolerance by illuminating a faith process that places us all at varying points along a common path toward unity and love.


How to Start a Spiritual Business

by Madam Jacqueline

Hello Madam Jacqueline here, I do hope all SoulSeekers readers had a good Christmas and New Year.  Now we are in 2013 and the energies around us are ever changing, I have consulted a new set of tarot cards 'The Wild Wood Tarot' by Mark Ryan and John Matthews' for guidance on 'How To Start Your Own Spiritual Business'.  Enjoy.

The Sun of Life 
This is the time of year when many people start to look at their work situation.  Some people are content to stay where they are and others wish to move to another company or you may be one of those who wish to start their own business.  Or some of you may already be working for other people and toying with the idea of working more for yourself or been thinking about taking a course in a particular modality to further your career and work for yourself.

The Hooded Man
With all the talk in the media of recession and job losses over the last few years, this may have put you off working for yourself.  The Hooded Man is showing us all there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s time to look forward.  We are not going to be in recession forever and even in recession some businesses thrive and prosper.  This year 2013 it is time to let go of your fears and think about what you want to do and take ACTION.

Before rushing into anything, January and the beginning of February are the months for reflection and planning.  Write down aspects of your business, whether working from home or in a clinic, working with other people or on your own, and how this is going to fit into your family life etc.

The Green Woman
The Green Woman is now asking you – what sort of business do you want to set up in the spiritual field?  All modalities in the spiritual field are about nurturing and healing others in some shape or form and helping them to learn from their life’s experiences.

What modality would you like to learn and work in? (If you’re not sure check internet for information)

If you have several modalities under your belt, which one or two of them would you like to work in as a business?

Or what modality do you feel most confidence in practising and using in your business?

E.g. for me I had learnt several modalities including: - Reiki, mediumship, Tarot, and Indian head massage to name but a few.  I learnt a lot from all of these, but trying to use all of them had me running around like a headless chicken and diluted my focus.

The Ancestor Card
This card is about faith in yourself and your capabilities at this stage of the game and your abilities to set up your new business venture.

The Guardian
Although setting up your own business may be seen as a challenge to you, you need to see it as an opportunity to enrich and change your life.

Now is the time after all your planning and studying to put yourself out there.  It’s taking baby steps that will launch you forward and remember, from acorns mighty oaks do grow and it will be up to you how much you wish to grow.  You will always be in control of where your business goes to.

Caution is to be noted here, you don’t have to give up whatever job you’re in and throw caution to the wind.  You don’t have to plough £1000's of pounds into a new venture and worry about how you’re going to pay this money back.  Start off small and grow slowly but surely.

The Blasted Oak (Blasted as in blasted by energy)
Whenever there is a problem, instead of avoiding it, The Blasted Oak says to face it.  Every problem or issue that comes along can be resolved.  Sometimes a compromise may have to be made but that is life even in business and we cannot control outside influences.

Your business, your finances, your clients will always ebb and flow, so be aware you may have to adapt your business and yourself to your clients’ needs but by no means become a door mat.  Learn from each problem that comes along; see them as opportunities for growth in you and your business.  This is what spirituality is all about – growth.

The Great Bear
The Great Bear says that as your business develops you will change.  Nothing stays the same and this includes you.  Again embrace these changes rather than fear them.

The Forest Lovers
This card tells you if you need to ask for help to develop or take on some of the work load, then so be it.  Asking for assistance doesn’t mean you have failed.  It shows strength and courage to admit you don’t know everything there is to know, e.g. I had to ask for help with my website.

By April 2013, check in with your business and see what is going on with it.  Do you love it or hate it?  If you hate it then maybe you need to try a different modality or different stance in your business.  You are supposed to be enjoying the process not be stressing out over it.

Questions to ask yourself here:-
Do you still want to carry on in this business before you get in too deep?
Do you need to try another modality?
Is there anything else you need to change?
Are you getting regular clients?
Are you making any money or running at a loss?

For myself, a couple of years ago I decided to work with Reiki healing as my business.  For me I couldn’t make any money or break even from this modality.  I had to change what I was doing.  This is when I decided to go back to my first love which was tarot.  It still took another year for Madam Jacqueline to be born, but this was part of my baby step plan.  Please don’t be put off if you are thinking of a business in Reiki healing, it just wasn’t right for me but I know many reiki practitioners who are successful.

Ten of Arrows – Instruction
Focus and point your arrow in the direction you want to take.  Do you need to make some adjustments; if so it’s time for you to take that step.  Do not rush ahead of yourself, take your time.

The Wanderer
The Wanderer is urging you to take the step into the unknown (when ready).  We all feel fear but don’t let it hold you back but always be sensible and discerning in business.

My leap of faith was to work as a tarot reader for another company and then take the leap of faith in creating Madam Jacqueline and work for myself.

Three of Vessels – Joy
Enjoy it; you have started your own business because you wanted to move forward in your life.  It has to be enjoyable or what is the point of carrying on with it.

Three of Arrows – Jealousy
Some people around you may become jealous of you starting up your own business.  People don’t like change, it makes them uneasy and they try to transfer this fear onto you.  Don’t let them hold you back, it is your life and you need to live it.

Good luck
Madam Jacqueline

If you would like a personal reading regarding your up and coming business please email me at  Yes, I have changed my email and web site, which will be available from February 10, is now  As a special offer to readers of SoulSeekers I am offering a 30-minute consultation for £25.00.

Next time Madam Jacqueline will look at finding your soul mate.


SoulSeekers offers channellings from various people.  If you have channelled anything and would like to share it with us, please send it to us at

Channelled through John Chapman
Life is what you make it and we all get through to a certain extent, but is that all we want to do?
Can being alive be all what you want or do you want a love that makes your dreams come true every single day?
This can be yours but you have to have the courage to see the light and if you are not happy then you need to know what and confront it.
Let me tell you it saddens the light when life is not lived and it is abused by others intent to bend you to their will,

Channeled through Marilyn
The Prayer
Great Spirit of the East, warmth of the rising sun, Spirit of the new day. Great grandfather fire, nuclear fire of the sun.
From you comes our life energy, vital spark, power to see far, to envision with boldness.
You who purifies the senses, our hearts and our minds.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your energy may flow through us, and be expressed by us for the good of this earth and all living things upon it

(Turn to the south)
Great Spirit of the South, protector of the fruitful lands and of all things growing, the noble trees and grasses.
Great grandmother earth, Spirit of nature, great power of receptive, of nurturance and endurance, bringing forth the flowers of the fields, fruits of the orchards and of the garden.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your power may flow through us for the good of this earth and all living things upon it

(Turn to the West)
Great spirit of the West, Spirit of the great waters of river, lakes, springs and rains.
Great grandmother ocean, deepest matriarch, womb of all life.
With you comes the dissolving of boundaries and of limitations, the power to taste, feel, cleanse and heal.
Great blissful darkness of peace.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your power may flow through us, for the good of this earth and all living things upon it

(Turn to the North)
Great spirit of the North, invisible spirits of the air, the spirits of the cool winds. Vast and boundless Great grandfather sky, your breath animates us and all life.
From you comes clarity, strength and the power to hear inner sounds, to seek out old patterns and bring challenges and change.
The purity and ecstasy of movement and dance.
We humbly ask that we may be aligned with you, that your powers may flow through us for the good of this earth and all living things upon it

From Jeanette Pearson
A - Z of Happiness

A - Accept yourself 
B - Be present. Be bold
C - Create something exciting
D - Drink plenty of water. Dance
E - Exercise daily. Eat fresh food
F - Feel your emotions. Face Fear
G - Go outside and observe nature. Give
H - Hug often. Help others
I - Ignite your passion
J - Jump through your comfort zone
K - Keep looking forward
L - Laugh, Love. Learn to let go
M - Meditate daily. Make goals
N - Never give up on what you want
O - Observe beauty
P - Pray. Paint. Play an instrument
Q - Quit a bad habit. Quiet your mind
R - Read. Relax. Reinvent yourself
S - Smile. Sleep. Simplify
T - Take power naps. Talk
U - Unleash your strengths
V - Visualise your dreams
W - Walk. Write.
X - Xerox your smiling face
Y – Yield to your uniqueness
Z - Zap negativity

Channelled through John Chapman
Dear Angels
If you are ever lost, never fear for the light shall find you and when it does embrace it 
In times of need we may forget,
In times of need we may become selfish and think of only ourselves,
We may believe in nothing so we can survive, by taking from others,
We may lie, cheat and kill to achieve this,
When any of the above enter our minds, remind us oh spirit of your love,
Take away our hunger and shower us with purpose, which is to know your love,
Temptation will come and it will eat at our souls,
If we are to survive this test, then we shall need your guidance oh light,
When we are lost, give us the strength to find your love and be merciful to others, as is the way of the light,
When we are lost shine a light so we can see our wickedness and pray you forgive us for our weaknesses,
When we are lost teach us to know our brothers and sisters as we should,
When we are lost we shall come out of the darkness through your love and in doing so prove that light will always conquer the darkness,

From Marilyn Taylor
O Great Spirit
Help me always to speak the truth quietly,
To listen with an open mind when others speak,
And to remember the peace that may be found in silence.
Cherokee Prayer

Channelled through John Chapman
They say that if you look deep enough into the eye of the storm, you can see where it’s going to drop you off,
Many, however, run and leave what is happening to them to chance.
I talk about relationships here and how sometimes it is hard for many to face up to the fact that it’s a dead duck and going nowhere.
The amount of Angels left stranded by others who have no intention of being true and are playing you like a fiddle,
The time has come for you all that have been or are in the eye of the storm to look and find your feet,

From Marilyn Taylor
Give us hearts to understand; 
Never to take from creation’s beauty more than we give;
Never to destroy wantonly for the furtherance of greed;
Never to deny to give our hands for the building of earth’s beauty;
Never to take from her what we cannot use.
Give us hearts to understand
That to destroy earth’s music is to create confusion;
That to wreck her appearance is to blind us to beauty;
That to callously pollute her fragrance is to make a house of stench;
That as we care for her she will care for us.
We have forgotten who we are.
We have sought only our own security.
We have exploited simply for our own ends.
We have distorted our knowledge.
We have abused our power.
Great Spirit, whose dry lands thirst,
Help us to find the way to refresh your lands.
Great Spirit, whose waters are choked with debris and pollution,
help us to find the way to cleanse your waters.

Channelled through John Chapman
Everything we do comes at a price; all would be foolish to think otherwise,
A broken life is a misused life and one that has not been fulfilled,
‘No one understands’ I have heard them say; that would be wrong,
Only they have made the choices here and the light, however sad, accepts that they have free will,
Dark energy has its place; it is the ultimate test to get to the light,
This is because if you can conquer this you have the vision and thus will lead many around to share in the pure energy which you provide.

From Marilyn Taylor
Oh, Great Spirit,
Whose voice I hear in the winds
And whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me.
I am small and weak.
I need your strength and wisdom. 

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset;
Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice;
Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people;
Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock. 

I seek strength, not to be superior to my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy – myself.
Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes, so when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit will come to you
without shame. 

American Indian Lakota Chief Yellow Lark 

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