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An astrological Act of Remembrance

by astrologer Lynne Carter

Titanic sailed from Southampton (50° 55' N, 001° 25' W) on Wednesday April 10 1912

As 2012 draws to a close, we look back on a year that has seen London on the world stage.  In June we had the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations followed by the Olympics.  Before the celebrations began we must go back to April 2012 to a more sombre commemoration.  I am referring to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

When people think of astrology they mainly focus on the sign and planets but there are other factors to take into consideration, of which the ancient astrologers were well aware.

There are many departments in the field of astrology such as natal, medical, financial, electional astrology (the best time to start something) and horary (answering questions with a chart).

The other factors taken into consideration by the ancients were fixed stars, eclipses and Arabic parts or lots.  For this article I have chosen the subject of Electional Astrology as most people are totally unaware that astrology influences everything they do.  Projects can be started at the worst time, as it was in the case of the launch of the Titanic.  

At the moment of Titanic’s launch, the first component to be considered relates to the eclipses that took place.  Each eclipse has a meaning of its own.  When our own charts are aspected by eclipses the meaning of the eclipse will come to light.

Secondly we look at the fixed stars.  In this case there was only one star involved called Scheat (pronounced S-K-E-E-T).  It is found at 29 degrees of Pisces and is associated with extreme misfortune and drowning.  It has the nature of Mercury and Mars and should either of these planets aspect it the star becomes more volatile.

The last method is the Arabic parts or lots.  These are mathematical calculations based on the houses that rule areas of our lives along with the planets.


The Houses  

There are twelve houses in a chart starting on the left side and moving anti-clockwise around the chart.  The important houses relating to Titanic’s story are the first, fourth, eighth and ninth.

The ideas for Titanic and her sister ship the Olympic were discussed in London in July 1907 and the scheme was publicly announced on 11th September 1907 (note the date).  It must have been shortly after that date that work started on the plans, but there is no information on the date. 

On 18th January 1908 there was a lunar eclipse at 27 degrees of Cancer.  This eclipse is concerned with ending or separation or dealing with a parting from someone travelling overseas, and it was aspecting the fixed star Scheat.  If you take the meaning of the eclipse and add it to the meaning of the fixed star you can see how the ending will manifest.

The next prominent date is the day Titanic was launched from Belfast, which was 31st May 1911 at 12:13pm.  At this time Mars was at the same degree as Scheat.   It is at this point that the first of the houses is introduced.  In the chart for the launch Mars is the ruler of the eighth house which has a connection to death.

On 22nd October 1911 there was a solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Libra, aspecting Scheat.  This eclipse deals with sudden endings and traumatic transformation through news received.  The aspect was at a 150 degrees meaning moving into a new situation.

On the 18th March 1912 there was a new moon at 27 degrees of Pisces next to Scheat.  On 10th April 1912 at 12 noon Titanic sailed from Southampton on her maiden voyage. The chart cast for this time shows how the journey will manifest.  The Ascendant or first house shows what danger, if any, the body of the ship is in.  It is at this point the Arabic parts or lots come into play.  The first house cusp is next to the Part of Peril.  This shows that Titanic was in danger from the moment she left Southampton.  Venus, the ruler of the fourth house of endings is next to Scheat in the ninth house of long distance journeys.

On 14th April 1912 at 23:40 Titanic hit the iceberg.  At that time the Moon was 4 degrees away from Scheat, and on 15th April at 02:20 Titanic sank.  At that time the moon was at the same degree as Scheat.

There have been various television programs on the event which claimed 1,513 souls that night.  Many questions have been asked about who was to blame.  Today’s health and safety issues, such as enough life boat space for everyone on board, would have saved the lives of many of the passengers if they had been implemented at the time of the tragedy.

There were debates and the House of Commons called for an official investigation, but no one would ever have guessed the astrology that lay behind it.


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My thanks to Una Reilly MBE, co founder of the Titanic Society Belfast, for supplying some of the dates.   


These people had tickets to board the Titanic but one of them didn't get their passport in time and they all decided to leave together later.  They survived.


Is the end of the world nigh?

There have been many interpretations over the years of the calendar drawn up by the Mayan civilisation, especially in that it finishes on December 21, 2012.  But what is going to happen in just a couple of weeks’ time?  SoulSeekers asks if we really have anything to worry about or are the doom-mongers over the years worrying unnecessarily?

If there is going to be a great global catastrophe, it might take one of several forms, some of them instantaneous; others over a longer time.

We could be facing an ecological disaster in slow motion. The natural world around us is our heritage but the scientists say we are slowly destroying it.  Already fish stocks around the world are being depleted as some nations feel the sea owes them endless food.

Aquatic mammals like some whales and dolphins species are being hunted to extinction without anyone knowing exactly what will happen when they’re all gone, and most of us have heard of ‘colony collapse’ among bees which, on the face of it, may seem quite a blessing.  However, when you consider that the vast majority of crops are pollinated by bees, the lack of them will seriously hinder the growth of food crops.

The vast forests around the world are being decimated, and while it is appreciated that farmers need the wood to build their homes and the space to herd their animals, these forests act as lungs for mother Earth and without them there is the question of whether she will survive.

One of the biggest problems to be faced in the future is the destruction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere above us.  This has been happening for decades although it is true that recently there have been restrictions in the use of the gasses that deplete the ozone layer and the rate of reduction in the layer, which protects us from harmful ultra-violet radiation, has slowed – some scientists think it has come to a stop.

However, the holes in the ozone layer are still there and although they may be starting to close now, it will take very many more decades before they close enough to protect us completely.

For some time now scientists have been talking about several possible scenarios that could happen over a matter of hours or even minutes, and all these could have a devastating impact on the way we live in our world.

We could experience a cosmic collision.  This is one of the more popular concepts amongst theorists.  There are known to be millions of bodies in the solar system and thousands of what are called near-Earth objects.  There are agencies throughout the world looking for comets and asteroids that could impact with our Earth but it is known that's these agencies concentrate on the larger celestial bodies which might be drawn into Earth's atmosphere and there are many smaller bodies which could not be identified until it was too late to do anything about them. 

Every day thousands of these smaller objects it our Earth's atmosphere and head towards the surface of the planet.  Many of them burn up in the atmosphere and become nothing more than shooting stars.

The larger pieces of space debris sometimes actually reach the Earth’s surface, as has happened in Tunguska in Russia and in the Yucatán peninsula, with devastating effects.  When a meteor hit in Arizona it left a huge crater (pictured right) but if the impact zone were in the sea, tsunamis perhaps thousands of feet high will be sent towards the populated coastal areas of all of our continents.  Low lying areas would be flooded and millions of people would die.

And even if this great collision is predicted by the observers, if it is imminent, perhaps they would not tell the populace as there is nothing that can be done to save them.  The first we ordinary mortals would know about it is when it hits.

Some of the more feasible – and instantaneous – disasters that could happen are geophysical.  The first of these is a mega eruption of the volcano which is Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.  It is known that under Yellowstone there is a huge lake of molten lava and that several times in the past it has erupted, spewing out this lava and hundreds of tons of ash and debris.

Such an eruption – and scientists believe it is long overdue – could not only devastate a huge area of the United States but the ash could block out the sunlight all over the world.  This is known as a ‘nuclear winter’ and could lead to crops failing and mass starvation leading to millions of deaths.

Another geophysical event that could occur is in the Canary island of La Palma.  Here part of an extinct volcano is breaking away from the main part of the island and if – when – it slips into the Atlantic Ocean, the hundreds of cubic metres of rock will cause a mega-tsunami to race across the sea and devastate America’s coast around New York, drowning hundreds of people and the city itself.

And on the west coast of the US the San Andreas geological fault, which last slipped in 1906, could move again.  Just over a hundred years ago, San Francisco was half the size it is now and the death toll the next time San Andreas slips could be in the millions.  It could even cause the whole of the western seaboard of the US to slip into the Pacific Ocean.

Another geophysical disaster that could befall us concerns the hundreds of millions of tons of methane trapped beneath the frozen northern oceans.  Global warming is melting the icecaps and eventually all this methane will be released into the atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide is thought to cause much of the global warming but methane is more than 50 times as powerful and the release of a huge amount in a short space of time would send global warming into meltdown.

Whether climate change is a natural phenomenon or made by man is a matter for debate among scientists.

Another of the other problems which could strike hard and fast would be a plague.  We live in a global society with international travel the norm.  We have already had health scares with bird flu and SARS, both of which have been overemphasized and have faded into history.  But there is still the potential for a new disease to find its way into the human population, from where it could be spread all over the world in a matter of hours.

It is known that some diseases deliberately don’t show symptoms for several hours, or sometimes even days, after their host has been infected and this is so they can be passed on before the host knows he is infectious.  Air travel would allow such a host to jet around the world spreading the infection.

We might just see a breakdown in technology. Can you imagine what you would do if you could not make your computer work?  (There’d be no SoulSeekers for a start!)  If all electricity disappeared, we’d have no computers, telephones or other means of communication, no street lights or traffic lights – there would be chaos after dark.

Our offices and factories would have to shut, food would go off in fridges and freezers that wouldn’t work and how many of us use electricity to cook and heat our homes? 

For those of us old enough to remember, the electricity cuts of a few decades ago were bad enough but if that situation were to become permanent, life would be very hard.  Most new homes are not built with fireplaces and chimneys so would get very cold very quickly.  We would have to revert to using fire to heat and light our homes and all the dangers that brings with it.

All these disasters – and there are many others – are possible.  Some would happen over hours, others would take days or weeks but it is equally possible that the Mayan astrologer who was drawing up the calendar at the time simply ran out of space.  He had to finish somewhere and he realised that he and his descendants were not going to be around hundreds of years ahead so December 21 2012 was as good a date as any.

If this is the case, the next issue of SoulSeekers, covering February and March, will be published at the end of January 2013.

Debbie le May





Does Hopi Ear candling really work?

Ear Candling, originally known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, is a procedure where the client lies on his side and a candle is placed in the uppermost ear and lit.

It is thought to have originated in Ancient Greece and is believed to cleanse, heal and purify the client.  After the candle is place in the client’s ear and lit, the suction that is formed is supposed to draw the impurities or deposits from within the ear.

The candles work on a chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed.  They equalise the pressure in the head and ears, making them suitable for most conditions.  These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes.

The candles are made from the natural ingredients of beeswax, honey extracts, sage, chamomile, beta-carotene and organically grown flax.  Also, the candles are made with a plug inside which prevents anything going into the ear.

But do they really work?  The practice came originally from Native Americans in north and south America, where cave paintings show the practice being carried out.  People in parts of Asia also used the therapy.

Many practitioners refer to the Hopi, a south American tribe which, it is believed, have used ear candling for hundreds of years.

It has to be said that scientific research has shown no benefit from a treatment, but then we all know that science can’t always explain all we do.


Brand new pyrmid/duplex healing

Phil Broome and Angie Fairey are offering pyramid/duplex healing from their home in Stevenage. 

The couple use a pyramid to enhance their practitioner healing and meditation sessions.  The pyramid is an ancient natural structure that has been used to channel and focus source energy for centures, pre-dating the Egyptians, and is referenced to in the era of Atlantis.

Pyramid healing works on the etheric, energetic, non-physical body, where modern day stress and life issues can manifest into physical illness and poor health.

The pyramid/duplex healing is used in an original treatment (unique to their practice the Spiritual Health & Wellness Centre) where the two practitioners blend chanelled Angelic Reiki, Etheric Balancing and Spirit Guide/Helper Energies to work on all levels of the self.  Clients that have had the treatment have reported seeing or feeling additional energies whilst within the pyramid to that of just the practitioners.

Angie Fairey is a gifted medium and spiritual artist with over 25 years experience.  She specialises in:

Clairvoyant readings - providing sincere guidance with 1 to 1 readings, using a blend of Angelic, Fairy and Tarot cards assisted by clairvoyant and clairaudiant mediumship.

Angelic Reiki - A relaxing form of healing where both client and practitioner are connected to angelic energies. An aid to healing on all levels of the self and promotion of wellbeing.

Healing massage - Healing massge differs from a Salon typical service, as a connection is made between the client, the practitioner and angelic/spiritual energies. Thus working on physical and etheric body levels, providing a sense of relaxation, peace and wellbeing.

Meditation - An aid to quiet the mind and still the body. Promoting clarity of thought and a deep sense of peace and relaxation. It also enhances your natural development of psychic awareness and abilities.

Spiritual art - Providing art work that is inspired and influenced by a spiritual connection to client order. Clients can order paintings on canvas, board or paper. Also drawings using pencil or ink and a variety of greeting cards.

She and Phil work out of The Spiritual Health and Wellness Centre, which is dedicated to providing information and access to a wide range of holistic and spiritual services.

The centre can be accessed via its website



I have no hands but your hands

by Ada McKay

We are all appalled at the horrendous things which happen in our world. As Robert Burns put it: “Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn.” We remember the horrors of the holocaust, the massacre of Srebrenica, the 9/11 suicide bombers in New York, Pol Pot, the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians caught between two warring factions and other dreadful things not just now but throughout history.

I know that I rail at God: “Why do you let this happen? Why don’t you send your angels with fiery swords to stop these tragedies?” One day, the answer came right back to me “I have no hands but your hands.”

Now the phrase sounded familiar but I had no idea where it came from. I have now researched it on the internet and discovered it is from a poem about Christ written by St Theresa of Avila (1515-1582). The internet also told many stories of damaged statues of Christ where the hands had been broken off and not replaced. Instead a plaque had been placed at the foot of the statue with the words: “I have no hands but your hands.”  Rather a nice story I thought and words to make you think.

Well God used the words to tell me that if I wanted the world to be a better place then I had to become involved because He could not! When we chose to come into this world we were all given free will. God cannot interfere with what is going on in the world because that would make us all like ‘Puppets on a String’.  However much God wants to stretch out His hands to help us He holds back and I am sure that everyone in the next world must wring their hands in despair as they watch our lives unfold in this world.  So — it’s up to us!

There is nothing that ordinary people like you and I can do about these tragedies in other parts of the world but we can do something about those nearer home — in our own little corner of the world.  A medium once said to me in a private reading: “God does not only want your ability, He wants your availability.”  God wants to use our eyes and ears to see and hear the injustices of life and to do something about them. He wants to use our voices to condemn, our hands to write letters of complaint to draw attention to these wrongs. He also needs our ears to be a sympathetic listener to the sorrows of others, our hands to bring comfort to the sick, our arms to hold close those in despair and our voices to speak out for the wrongs in our society.

We have all heard of the ’silent majority’ who stand back from getting involved in things.  For a long time I also was one of the ‘silent majority’ — “Keep out!  Don’t get involved!” but as I have grown older I have become a bit tougher.  Now I will speak out, write letters to newspapers and just maybe in some small way I can make a difference.  I used to watch the TV series Knight Rider and it used to say in the opening titles: “One man can make a difference.”

Whenever we look at our wonderful charitable institutions and movements we see God’s influence.  William Booth put his religious beliefs to practical use when he founded the Salvation Army. Florence Nightingale and her band of helpers transformed the world’s view of nursing, Dr Barnardo, Lord Shaftsbury, William Quarrier all drew attention to the plight of the nation’s children.  

The RSPCA was founded by a group of men in 1824 and the society is still fighting today to change the law and improve animal welfare.  It was in 1889 that a group of women founded the Society for the Protection of Birds to stop the killing of beautiful birds for the plumes for use in women’s hats.  Little birds were being left to starve in their nests because their parents were being shot.  I see God’s hands in all of these movements and indeed one man (or woman) can make a difference.

As a Spiritualist I know that people who suffer in this world will receive compensation in the next (our 6th Principle of Spiritualism), but that is no reason why we should not try to right the wrongs for them while they are on the earth plane.  It is wonderful to see all these self-help groups where people with mutual problems have come together to lobby government for better conditions for the handicapped etc.  

I find it encouraging today that when a disaster occurs how others rush to give aid.  Forty-five countries offered help to Japan after the earthquake and the tsunami.  Money pours into relief funds.  Those who have been through the mill themselves are ready to help others. There are a lot of good people in the world but sadly we read more about the villains.

So come on everyone, let’s make ourselves available to God.  Let Him use our eyes, our ears, our hands to make the world a better place to live in.  Remember the words of the children’s hymn written by Susan Warner (1819 –1865): 

Many kinds of darkness
in the world are found - 
Sin and want and sorrow
So we must shine
You in your small corner,
And I in mind 

If you would like to know more about my thoughts on Spiritualism then read my book Why I am a Spiritualist. The book costs £5 incl P&P and is available direct from me.

Visit my website

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Ada McKay


The Greys, Cloning and Interdimensional Time Travel

Part II

By Philip Anthony Kinsella

Continuing Philip’s piece on The Greys.


The issue of cloned Greys

Let’s assume through our hypothetical theory that the Greys were, indeed, once able to reproduce themselves.  Through the art of cloning, could it be possible that these extraterrestrials had lost the ability to reproduce, probably through some environmental collapse upon their world, and found that cloning seemed the only answer in order to continue their race?  Or is it possible that the Greys had cloned an army to explore the universe, as many assume?  Whatever the theory, we are in no doubt that the Greys represent some form of cloned entity. 

There are some authors and researchers who believe that the Greys are advanced robots.  Although I will tread lightly upon this idea, and I fully respect other peoples’ thoughts on this matter, this seems unlikely in the event of what the Greys are doing with regards to their so-called hidden agenda. 

Robots would need to repair themselves – however biologically advanced they were in terms of physiology.  They would also need a program to work towards, and depending upon the minds of their creators, there would be limitations with what these machines are able to carry out.  If these Greys were advanced mechanisms, the hybridisation program would not benefit them in any way, seeing as they are not pure, biological creatures themselves.  Which poses our next question: What exactly are they?  And where do they come from?


The soul

If, as we assume, the Greys are clones, then I feel the ethical question of the soul must be brought into question.  As humans, we are in agreement that the physical body does indeed house the spirit: that its main purpose in this life is to experience this third-dimensional realm and that through reproduction we are able to continue this cycle of re-birthing as a means to bring the soul into the Earth’s matrix from its natural sojourn.

The cloned Greys once inhabited a physical form but were only able to experience one single life in that body.  Once its corporeal self died, the question of where its ‘soul’ gravitates to is questionable: namely because clones reside outside the field of creation.  Unlike their masters (the original copies), these clones would not, to my mind, be able to return to a Spirit World like we do because they have not come into the loop of natural conception.  Therefore, with only the experience of one, single physical life, these Greys would have no understanding whatsoever of the continuation of their soul.

It could be argued that if millions of Greys were cloned, then their spirit which would not follow their original masters would gravitate to another dimension.  They may well have grouped together as one-mind-consciousness and have found a way to infiltrate this plane of reality through some form of psychic projection.  It would appear, then, that these cloned souls are interested in the concept of human reproduction and this may be their answer in somehow bringing them back inside the loop of creation through us – as we shall see.


Spirits in a material world

So we can theorise that the Greys are indeed clones, that they were constructed to experience one physical life and are therefore outside the normal process of incarnation and reincarnation which our human souls experience.  Once these Greys died physically, their souls, unable to return to a Spirit World, have grouped themselves together as a united consciousness and have penetrated our plane through a very powerful process of psychic manifestation.  Let’s explore how this is possible!

The process of an abduction is not that dissimilar to a near-death-experience.  These cases whereby an individual has physically died for a brief period of time find themselves removed from their physical body.  In many cases, they see an incredible light and then travel down a tunnel where they are met by loved ones within a higher dimension which we call Heaven.  Communication from those who have ‘passed over’ are performed through a process of telepathy and the individual who is going through such an encounter feels they are able to physically integrate within their new surroundings.  Time has no meaning and the feeling of ‘belonging’ is sometimes reported as something which goes beyond anything they have felt within their physical lives. 

Now, let’s look at an abduction: The individual is taken through the walls of their house or apartment and are met with Grey aliens on some type of craft, who then communicate through a process of telepathy.  Because the Greys have temporarily removed the etheric body of the person away from its physical host, they are, in effect, bringing the spiritual body of the individual into ‘their’ correct vibration frequency, which means they are able to ‘physically’ interact with you, much like a loved one on the other side when death is imminent.  In this instance, any medical procedures being carried out on the etheric body by the Greys on board their ship will invariably affect its physical counterpart which remains within the Earth dimension.  

If the Greys are working as one-hive-consciousness, then their ability to manifest themselves would be tremendous.  Mental projection on their part would be achieved through a united effort, building a platform whereby they are able to penetrate our plane with relative ease.  The UFO would then be created within the minds of the Greys in order that a fixed point of contact be established by them and their chosen subject.  Much like the NDE, the whole experience would be tangible, and interaction is then achieved.         

In order to understand a little more about the etheric body, science is beginning to accept that we have what is commonly known as an aura.  This is the life-force of an individual and carries with it the sum total of all that you have been and will be.  In effect, it is the soul.  What is interesting about the aura is its ability to change colour, depending on its physical, psychological, and emotional state.  In some instances, healers are able to alter the ailments of a person’s physically body while projecting energy through the more subtle layers of the aura.  This proves that integration on a mental level does indeed have a profound effect upon the physical well-being of the person receiving treatment.  In other words, the spiritual body acts as a conduit for the physical.  Why, then, should this be any different for an extraterrestrial species who operate as one-mind-consciousness to penetrate these said layers of the human, spiritual body?

With this in mind, we can now see why the Greys are interested in our ability to reproduce.  They yearn to understand about themselves, being devoid of empathy.  And they would come across like robots, having the experience of only one, physical life and no other memories with which to access.  Is this the reason why the Greys are intent in looking within the minds of their subjects – collecting data on a monumental scale in order to best understand their plight and eventual, hopeful, freedom through us from the clutches of some manufactured creation?

The hybrid program could be their salvation.  Because the Grey clones have no way to reproduce and although they have the spark of a soul, they have nevertheless come together as a group consciousness after physical death in order to find a new passage away from eternal, spiritual stagnation: that the cross-breeding projects of theirs are a way for them to filter their souls into these abhorred mutations in an effort to sling-shot their souls back to their Spirit World.  I do not believe for one moment that these hybrids are the forming of a new race.  Through reports they always appear as weak and sickly, not the type of super-race one would expect!  The Greys have never given any clear indication as to their true intentions and although I have outlined a theory, it is a theory at that.  In fact, the whole of the UFO enigma resides in the realms of speculation.  But it is important for us to try and draw parallels.  I am in no way suggesting, either, that all Greys are clones.  After all, there seem to be other factions of them which have been described within UFO literature. 


Interdimensional time travel

One wonders, then, if the Greys are ‘us’ from the future?  That we have destroyed any means to reproduce and in an effort to rectify this situation have returned to this time using some form of interdimensional time travel as a means to implement the breeding program?  There has been the suggestion that the Greys are, in fact, us after millions of years of evolution!  Somehow I doubt this, but I will not dismiss the theory entirely.

Although there has been much heated debate regarding the ability to bend space-time, I feel sure the Greys are able to do just this.  The hypothesis is fascinating, to say the least, but I suspect that our very own secret governments, along with military, know enough about the Greys and want rid of them.  Perhaps the reason why there is a wall of silence is simply because many of the general public who are not aware of the UFO phenomena, or those who choose to ignore it completely, would be shocked to learn that an extraterrestrial force has indeed penetrated our realm and is using us in a bid to save itself.  The carefully constructed model of society would be toppled by such a revelation.

I also believe the Greys are able to shift themselves through any passage of time using the process of remote viewing but on a much more powerful level.  Remote viewers (gifted psychics trained by the secret American military back in the 70’s and onwards, instructed by the artist, author and psychic Ingo Swann) are able to travel using their etheric body, penetrating beyond the boundaries of time and space in order to view not only the past and present, but future too.  Is this how the Greys employ their method of time travel, one wonders?

So we can see, theoretically, that one faction of the Greys are lost souls, yearning to reconnect themselves through a process of artificial reproduction in order to create a hybrid with which to mould their soul into.  By using a physical host, they hope to bring themselves into the cycle of reincarnation and back to their Spirit World.  But has it been successful?  One can only postulate as to that conclusion.  But there is one thing for sure, they are using the hybridisation program to their advantage and one which they are not revealing to their chosen, human subjects.


Dire warnings

We have to stop and think ethically about cloning.  I’m sure scientists behind closed doors have been performing all sorts of experiments of this nature under the guidance of the military.  And I am also convinced that humans have also been cloned.  The spiritual ramifications would be enormous if we allowed our kind to clone men and women for war – or, even worse, medical purposes.  How would we even begin to explain to the cloned human that we are not sure about their ‘spiritual’ path.  Is there a Heaven for them?  Or will they reside outside the natural laws of creation?  As spiritual beings ourselves, we have to understand that we are not masters of this universe.  There are other forces at work here and instead of covering the facts up, it would be better for us all to share in this knowledge. 

The Greys have tried to conceal their operations.  Perhaps they can see how destructive we are as a species and keep us at arm’s length.  We feel it our duty to experiment on the animal kingdom and proclaim this is right.  Anything which cannot be controlled from our end must surely come under fire.  Although many feel that the Greys’ agenda is dire, I would suggest that we could learn a lot from them.  Their methods through our eyes would appear monstrous, but many who have undergone an abduction are changed by the experience, literally – as though some type of universal consciousness has connected with them.

If, for example, our species were under threat, I’m sure we would take drastic measures to ensure its survival – whatever the cost.  As a society, we seem to become more distant from each other the more we progress technically.  Are we in danger of becoming like the Greys?  Are they trying to warn us of what we may become if we do not change our ways?  Whatever the reason, we are truly on the verge of some type of revelation, and one which might just show us our place within this universe.    



I speak from my heart with regards to my own experiences as a medium and an abductee.  In order for someone to understand something, they must first go through that experience themselves, even if it means going out on a limb.  As an author also, I outline my experiences in my book Believe: Bridging the gap between the Psychic and UFO Phenomena along with my theories.  I have actively studied the paranormal and UFO phenomena for over twenty years, and within that time-frame I have come to understand that we as humans represent something truly incredible.  We have the ability to embrace the unknown, and stand united in gathering our research for further exploration with regards to the UFO phenomena.         

Phillip can be contacted through his website or through

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Channelled by John Chapman:

A young Angel contacted me and wanted to know why some people are so short sighted and can not see the light.  I sent her this and she was smiling and ready to meet them head on.

If you become out of focus with what you believe then remind yourself of who you are and where you have come from.
What this means to you is really going to be up to you.  If you have any spiritual belief you will know what this message is saying, Many will come on to your path and mock.

What they hope to gain is another walking this earth without a clue why.

Advice is all that can be given; outcomes are the result of the individual. 

Being proud means that you are feeling alive.

Do not accept always what you can see, for what you can’t see is very much in the picture too.

The real strength in spirituality is the belief in you, from this energy will flow directly to you to feel.

The light sees this earthly life as a test and it is up to the individual to follow his or her dream.

Having standards is way up there and the building of one’s character the follow on.

The light asks that you be yourself and never deceive, if you can not have it by the truth then it will never last.
Your faith is your strength.  It can move mountains.  If you have taken in the message you will be fine come the moment.
In the name of the light xx amen xx



Inner Peace - a message from The Infinite Beings of Light ~

Channelled through Chiara Irvine:

Make inner peace with yourself; do not allow the resonance of others around you to control the state of your own beautiful vibration.  No other on this planet has been guided to be in your shoes, see through your eyes, or feel with your heart.  Greater alignment is being asked by all to see that the more you become your own vibration, your own creation of spirit on this planet, then the higher your understanding of your being here at this time will unfold.

All that you seek from the outside world for confirmation is but an illusion of what you think you should be.  The truth, the greater being for your existence is that your own gateway to your soul’s light is through your own heart, not through others around you, but your own.  You are not here to please others but by awakening your own heart, your own light, that others shall want to follow you to a greater existence on this planet as a unity of pure balance, harmony and light.  No anger, no fears, no need to take, to steal, but to live as one, knowing that your vibration that you were placed here to be, is of love and that cord, that note of energy is a wave that can break all barriers above all else.

Greed serves no man, for any greater good.  There is no need to be greater than any other on the planet, to prove to another that you are better, to stand on top on another person to be able to reach higher, to take from another for your own gain from fear of not being able to reach the top.  The man who serves from his heart, guided by his own inner connection to the universe and his desire to be the best from within, is the person who shall gain the abundance and light on their path.

Want for nothing, there is nothing that you need to be able to make you a better person, only an open heart, a gift of love and happiness to spread to others at this time.  Reach out your hand to others around you who need a helping hand, do not fear that they shall hold you back, as it is only the shadows in your mind that create this energy of loss, of failure, or not being able to move for the restraints of those around you.

With an open heart and a truly connected cord to light, you will see that the illusions of grandeur, of having to keep up with those around you, of having to evolve at a rate that you feel is expected of you at this time shall slip away into the waters of the ocean of love within your heart.

You are no less of a person for stepping away, for speaking up and saying ‘no more’.  I shall not walk this path of need, greed and fear as my path is one of love, of light and a desire to serve for the highest good, to be the best at who I am, and by being a leader in this society that dictates that above all else, to be the best you must forego the good of all others, and use their energy to gain your own power.

We are all souls of the stars, energy of the universe; we each hold a spark from the collective creator of this infinite space that we call our home.  Tread carefully with respect and love for all that is around you, above you, below you and above all else within you, as you are the creator, the manifest of the energy and light.


From the Galactic Federation, or as you know us, Collective, Ishtar Command.

Channelled by Carol Holmes:

We can look and do take human form.  This is so you humans do not be afraid of us, as we understand it watching and listening.  Most humans would reach for weapons to destroy us, as we do look quite different to you.  All Lightworkers however, will be able to see through our human form and see the real us.  Yes, there will be fear from a few but that is to be expected.  It just means that they have yet to fully ascend.

We have already communicated to your world leaders of our arrival.  That is why there have been so many UN meetings this past year, as we have told them of our intentions for helping to heal your planet.  That is why they called an urgent eco summit earlier this year, so that we could talk to them all.  We know they listened, but we feel they did not take on board the severity of the situation.  They said the right things at the right time but since then, with a few leaders we have seen there has been little or no change in their countries, which is such a shame, as by the time they realise, it WILL be too late for their countries. 

PLEASE, let people know the time is near.  Over the next year, the earth will become slightly smaller but rest assured it is for the greater good.  

For the people that have ascended, people that do not understand will seek you out so that they too can ascend also. So, we ask all Lightworkers to help them as we will not be able to deal with all of the people.  This is because of the major differentiations of your planets movements, and we wish to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.
PLEASE, let your friends know and help us to help you.

Love, Light, & Blessings to you all.

Channelled by John Chapman:


You call my name when you need my help and when I come you believe what you can see and not what you can feel.

It is often overlooked and many believe they have not been heard in prayer or thought.  This may surprise some of you but you are heard all the time.  It’s all about understanding how to channel.

Since the dawn of time our eyes have played many tricks on us and we have relied on them to show us the way.  The light is energy and if you understand me then you all need to feel a little more. 

I have been asked by the light to educate all that want to learn and I will guide you as best as I can.  Ultimately though you have to learn this knowledge and there will be many failures but you must try.

The light is love.  The light is everywhere and knows our every thought.  It knows if you are joking or have malice in your heart.
The power is clear to me and will show itself to all angels that believe in the light.

Goodness will break the will of darkness - there is no future for all if they dwell in the dark.

Give yourselves a real chance of joining with the light by believing in a future, a future that has in it you and all you love.

The light is the way, the truth and the glory, amazing words I know but always with love.

Know more about the light by believing in you.  Once you do, allow your body to be your temple or church, for that is where the light will find you.

With love always xx In the name of the light amen xx


Chanelled through Carol Holmes:


Oh to be

How far, how wide we are, Oh to be, how soon, how near we are, soon to be

We are, we were, we near so far, Oh to be, one and all, we are

We are friends not foes, Oh we be, we love, we cherish, we care, so we be
To love to honour, our bodies and minds.  Oh to soon to be,

There will be no more foes for we are what we are.  We are one, we are whole

We are you, omnipresent beings that we are, so we be

We know all, we love all, regardless, just as it should be

Earth and nature, one and same, come food and sustenance, but such a shame as you pollute, kill & poison.  We are the same

We too did what you do now, but now we can change that, Oh that we shall for you are so fortunate, your planet will be saved.

We come we go, oh so it be, we scream, we shout, oh do we be, no one listens, but they will now, the time is right, shall we do it now?

We are we is, oh so it be, we be excited, oh indeed we be for time is nigh upon us, so we shall appear.  We are friends, we are yours.

We come at night.  Those shooting stars, we tweak bits here, we tweak bits there.

Soon to be able to come into the light.  Oh to be, such wonderful delight.

We be exited, oh so we be.  No more hazards, no more waste

We love, we cherish YOU.  Oh so it be.

By Felicity & Vishnar


From Jeanette Pearson: 


THE VISION PRAYER FOR THE NEW GOLDEN AGE by Diana Cooper - a wonderful reminder of our mission on earth.

I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed,

Every child is loved and educated to develop their talents,

Where the heart is more important than the head and wisdom is revered over riches.

In this world justice, equality and fairness rule,

Nature is honoured so the waters flow pure and clear and the air is fresh and clean,

Plants and trees are nurtured and all animals are respected and treated with kindness,

Happiness and laughter prevail and humans walk hand in hand with angels.

Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage and humility to do my part to spread the light.

May the world ascend.

So be it.


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